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by BOB HARTLEIN, June 26th 2013
HILLARY CLINTON has been caught in a sex scandal cover-up – and sources say it could destroy her White House hopes for 2016! In a blockbuster investigation, The ENQUIRER has learned that the ambi­tious former first lady squashed a series of shocking sexual shenanigans during her stint as secretary of state. While Hillary has flatly denied the whitewash, sources say she even hid it at first from her husband, ex-president Bill Clinton. But when he found out about the corruption at the State Department, he advised Hillary to distance herself from the sordid mess. Now pals fear the stress of her under­handed behavior being made public could trigger serious new medical issues for the 65-year-old politico, just five months after she suffered a life-threaten­ing skull blood clot. “Hillary broke down in tears and made a stunning confession to Bill about what she said she thought was going on under her watch,” revealed a close source. “She cried, ‘It’s a f****** mess!’ “Bill directed Hillary to ‘steer clear’ of it and keep her head down. He thought that if the scandal blew up in public at the time, it would hurt her chances to get into the White House. “Both Bill and Hillary thought she’d escaped with the sleazy secrets buried when she left her post as secretary of state. But now they’ve reared their ugly head thanks to a whistleblower, who has others backing up his claims. “Despite Hillary’s public demeanor that she’s done nothing wrong, behind the scenes she’s shaking over fears that her knowledge of the scandals will be­come public, and it will cost her the 2016 election.” Hillary watchers were recently stunned when former State Department inspector general investigator Aurelia Fedenisn wrote an official memo stating that eight State Department sex scan­dals were swept under the rug while Hillary was in charge. Those cases in­cluded shutting down an investigation into Brett McGurk, President Barack Obama’s first choice for U.S. ambassa­dor to Iraq, for an alleged extramarital affair.
Another cover-up involved U.S. Am­bassador to Belgium Howard Gutman allegedly soliciting prostitutes. Gutman, a major Obama fundraiser, has denied the charges. Meanwhile, several members of Hillary’s security detail received only a slap on the wrist after hiring prostitutes while on official trips in foreign countries. Worse, they alleg­edly brought the women to their hotel rooms while traveling with Hillary on State Department business. Another whitewash involved a se­curity official stationed in Beirut who engaged in sexual assaults against foreign nationals working as embassy guards, according to investigator Fedenisn. The scandal exploded in mid-June when a pub­lished report claimed that during Hillary’s tenure, a female U.S. consulate worker was hounded out of her job after complaining about a boss’ office trysts with subordinates and hookers. In a bombshell declaration, Kerry Howard said she was bullied, harassed and forced to resign after she exposed U.S. Consul General Donald Moore’s alleged sexual shenanigans in the State Depart­ment’s office in Naples, Italy. Just days after Moore landed his job, which pays up to $179,700 a year, he allegedly bedded a consulate employee, a single mom. When she became pregnant, Moore insisted the woman get an abor­tion, according to Howard. While Hillary has denied any wrongdo­ing, a State Department spokesperson said: “We take allegations of miscon­duct seriously and we will investigate thoroughly.” But Fedenisn’s attorney, who has provided The ENQUIRER with shocking documents related to the scandals, has blasted the State Department. “It’s a coverup! The whole agency is impaired,” declared lawyer Cary Schulman. In an exclusive interview with The ENQUIRER, Schulman added: “While there is no evidence, ei­ther in handwritten or electronic memos, that Hillary had prior knowledge of these grave and disturbing incidents, it’s possible she could have been apprised of them verbally. And I personally feel some people will go to jail, especially if the FBI gets involved and a proper and thorough investiga­tion is done.” Meanwhile, the allegations have Hillary’s critics champing at the bit. Lucianne Goldberg, publisher of the conservative website, told The ENQUIRER: “Was Bill pulling any strings behind the scenes by advising Hillary NOT to investigate the State Department sex scandals on her watch and to plead ignorance? “It’s early going, and that could come out if a thor­ough investigation is conducted.” Now, sources close to Hillary fear her already pre­carious health could suffer under the pressure. “The anxiety and stress she’s under could easily make Hillary seriously ill, and even put her life in jeopardy. After all, she’s no spring chicken,” said an insider.
“She turns 66 this year, she recently recovered from a critical blood clot next to her brain, and she’s strategizing to run for the White House. Now she’s becoming entangled in State De­partment sex scandals that could put her back in the hospital, and destroy her political future!”

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