Ritual Abuse Survivor Speaks Out. #Scotland



The following is written by a Scottish ritual abuse survivor, who was one of the many lovely people I was talking to yesterday.  An INCREDIBLY BRAVE man. Who I am delighted to have met.

It is far from easy for survivors to speak out & it is so much harder if they are a ritual abuse survivor. They are ridiculed, verbally assaulted, called liars, fantacists, WRONGLY locked up for being “insane” etc etc.. You name it, it is thrown at them.

After many years of research, blogging & talking to survivors.  I am yet to find even one single person that is “making it up”  nor have i come across anyone that suffers from “false memory syndrome”  FMS is a croc of shite & was the brainchild of paedo.. Bullshit invented by paedo to protect paedo & it does not exist  * FACT *    {I better stop there before…

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