Robert green and Noam Chomsky

One thought on “Robert green and Noam Chomsky

  1. Chomsky is a wise old man as far as I am concerned. I don`t agree with everything – nobody should – but he has a very long memory and quotes sources again and again even in his old age. I was very impressed with his interview which I think I have mentioned on my blog. It was an interview in the Google talks. Possibly this is what you are referring to.

    I didn`t know about the Robert Green and Chomsky connection before. I find that very interesting – also sad – but interesting – that a campaigner has to go that far to get some kind of admission that there was something rotten going on, in of all places, my homeland of Scotland.

    It`s people like Robert Green and academics like Chomsky that allow me to feel that there is still hope for humanity.

    Because I understand that abuse continues to this day

    Alice Moore


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