How was she allowed to kill? Seven-year-old Katie Rough’s killer, 16, was on mental health medication and ‘suffering psychosis’ before she suffocated the little girl with a gloved hand and slashed her dead body with a Stanley knife

16-year-old girl admits to stabbing Katie Rough to death

The teenager had been assisted by mental health services for over a year before she killed Katie Rough (left), and doctors had queried if she had been suffering from psychosis just a month before the attack. Leeds Crown Court also heard today that police searching her bedroom found a toy Simba from Disney film The Lion King with ‘its ears ripped off and stuffed inside the animal’s chest through a large gash’. She had been self-harming and was under the care of Child Adolescent Mental Health Services. The teenager was prescribed fluoxetine for anxiety and depression in December 2016. The next month, Katie was found with severe and large cuts to her neck and chest on a playing field in York – before the teenager was arrested and charged with murder. Pictured (right): Katie’s mother Alison arrives by car at Leeds Crown Court today.

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