quinn as alfred at home in Hoaxstead

      • Funnily enough Sam I was over at the office of the very same bloke who told me to go and watch Bill Maloney’s rubbish when I noticed that HE had a couple of big medals from one of the New York film festivals in his cabinet, along with some BAFTA stuff (not the big head things, but minor trophies) and other varuious other bits of memorabilia. When I asked him why he didn’t advertise the fact (good for business surely?) he told me he’d be “too fucking embarrassed” to admit to his perfectly legit awards thanks to this sort of crap. Apparently the “award” Maloney claims is named to sound confusingly like two legitimate festivals that ran in NY. I’m told there is a similar “group” in Glasgow that run award scams too! You basically pay to attend an awards ceremony and if you buy enough seats/tables you get a prize. They publish shitty trade magazines too and apparently they’re not averse to handing out “gongs” to their own titles! I got some crap through from them the other day asking if I wanted to attend (i.e. buy a £1500 table at) some sort of motor trade dinner and enter for their award! I think I’d get better mileage treating the lads to a couple of crates of Tennants and a fish supper each! Maybe we could mount some old brake discs on a wooden stand and polish them up a bit? 😉

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  • Thing is Mik, you need literally hundreds-of-thousands of subscribers and to be putting out two or three videos a week that are guaranteed 20,000+ views to make even minimum wage; I know of an electrician bloke who has just such a channel as a hobby – he just sits there dismantling stuff and talking about it! 250K subs and it makes him about a grand or so a month. I had a look at that CCN thing the other day (as an example) its got about 12500 subscribers and the videos rarely get into three figures. The far more successful (and better made) UK column is at about 15K subs and maybe averages 3-4000 views per video. It’s just another delusion of theirs thinking they’re going to make any real money out of this sort of thing.

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