quinny loses it

LOL! Is there a single one of her so-called “broadcasters” that isn’t either an out and out con artists or completely off their fucking trolley? I have to hand it to her though, it’s a rare wheeze scamming the scammers!

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  • Media does attract some of the most damaged people, who think that they can use media to justify their perceived shortcomings and perceived purposeless existence. I sure have had my fair share of con artists, wackos and egomaniacs to deal with during my time in media. There are however some true gems that just always shine, because they are authentic and real. Sad that you are dismissive of these amazing people. They inspire me everyday, and are of so much value to the greater good. Broadcasters come and go from our network at all times, that is just the ebb and flow of media. Not everyone is cut out for media, as it requires a large amount of emotional maturity to last any length of time, and do it with dignity. But a rare few truly do set a very high example for others, and they should be acknowledged for that, as they show us how to shine from a humble space. As for scamming, I have never scammed anybody. We run a perfectly legitimate project / business and all our dealings are upfront and transparent. Let me just state that CCN is one of the very few long running projects, that is NOT scam. We never raised funds promising something to work which never materialised… in fact, our project has run successfully since 1 January 2015 and it is still going. Not only did we manage to successfully launch it, we kept it going all this time through much adversity. I don’t know if any one of you can fathom just how tough that has been, and how much we have to deal with in the background. But in all honestly, I don’t expect much understanding from nasty or negatively polarised people who have nothing going on in their own life, so they pick on others out of ignorance. Truly grateful I am nothing like that.


    • You’ve a right bloody cheek lady! I don’t know who you imagine you’re trying to kid Mel…… I’ve a trade to my hands and earn a good honest living with it; which is more than can be said for a cheap tawdry con artist like you who lives out of the begging bowl and wouldn’t know an honest day’s labour if they were slapped across the legs with one. You’re not a broadcaster or anything else to do with the media. You’re just another amateur fantasist nutjob with a youtube channel and a brass neck. A cheat, a liar, and a fucking crook! I’ve seen the complete and utter rubbish you put out and it’s a cheap shoddy shambles. The only remarkable thing is that you’ve conned the other con artists into handing their cash over. But don’t imagine for a second you have any credibility with anyone who has an IQ north of 40! Sitting there in your daft gold-spray-painted throne against a wall that needs painted lit by a table lamp! Broadcaster my arse! I know people that are the real deal when it comes to broadcasting and media, and you madam are nothing but a complete fucking laughing stock! – Now off you go and boil your silly bleach-bottle head – dried up old fraud of hell that you are!

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