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Trying To Shut Down Pedophiles Will Get YOU Shut Down: PayPal Against @CraigRSawyer w/ #V4CR


Craig “The Saw Man” Sawyer, a TV Personality and ex-Military man, has started an organization to go after pedophiles far and wide.

You can find more information about Craig’s mission, and help fund the organization, on his website,

You’d think this organization would be openly praised, yet the opposite effect is being felt from many power players. Craig’s organization seems to run into online funding roadblocks non-stop.

Recently, The Saw Man was on Alex Jones’ radio show, Info Wars[link], which garnered much attention to his GoFundMe account, and donations started pouring in. During that broadcast, as the funding was on an extremely steep climb, GoFundMe decided to shut that funding down and cancel the account.

Vets 4 Child Rescue was also suspended from their YouCaring campaign. I guess YouCaring isn’t really “caring” about the abuse, trafficking and deaths of children across the world.

Craig has found multiple different avenues to raise funds online for his organization but one common attribute to most online funding is the use of PayPal.

The unfortunate need to have an intermediary payment system, such as PayPal, has proven to be a new roadblock being used to fight against Craig and his team at V4CR, as PayPal has now suspended Craig’s account and ceased $46k of his organizations funds, seemingly without explanation.

As shown here:

Soon after this tweet, Craig was made aware of PayPal founder, Peter Thiel, being involved in the science of blood transfusions for possible life extension. This blood transfusion process is directed at studying the blood of young healthy specimens transfused into a donor for a longer life.

Shown here:

As many know, the trafficking of children is widespread and happening more frequently than you can ever imagine.

Life extension research, using children’s blood, is not an open and acceptable method of research on this subject, so you can only imagine the amount of “dark research” happening using trafficked children to satisfy the needs of billionaire life extension buffs.

Pedophilia along with satanic rituals involving children has been widespread among political elite, top businessmen and the ruling class society for a long time. They protect each other and go after their common enemies, such as people like Craig Sawyer.

Unfortunately Craig and his team have now been reduced to taking donations solely based on mailed-in funds, since all online sources have shut him down for trying to fight problem of pedophilia and child trafficking issues that is so wide spread.

Support Craig and his team at by donating at the address found HERE.


UPDATE: 6/22/2017 4:56pm

Craig has stated, in a Tweet earlier today, that PayPal has released his funds.

Shown also in an email received by Craig, from PayPal.

Great work to all the supporters and Patriots out there that showed Craig and his Organization the support they needed!

Keep up the good fight!

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