Sheriff tells Kluk trial of prints on hammer…..aye right

Sheriff tells Kluk trial of prints on hammer 01:03 Share this article Key quote If I had been asked, ‘Precisely where did you see her?’ I would have thought about that and the very precise detail would have been, ‘the back of her disappearing in’.” – KIERAN MCLERNAN Story in full A SHERIFF went to the police after learning Angelika Kluk had met a violent death because he feared his fingerprints could be on a possible murder weapon, a court heard yesterday. Kieran McLernan said he had handled a hammer in a garage at St Patrick’s Church in Glasgow, where it is suspected Ms Kluk was killed before her body was hidden under the church floor. At one point in his evidence, Mr McLernan clashed with the defence counsel, Donald Findlay, QC, and accused him of misrepresenting his answers and of misleading the jury. He insisted it had been “pure coincidence” that he made a comment about Ms Kluk possibly being struck on the head with a hammer when, in fact, she did suffer head injuries from a weapon. The court was also told that fingerprints from the man accused of murdering Ms Kluk were found on items dumped beside her body. Mr McLernan, a sheriff in Aberdeen, attended St Patrick’s while spending weekends at his home outside Glasgow. He met Ms Kluk and taught her the basics of a golf swing and took her to a driving range on Saturday, 23 September last year. He told the court that he had waited for her in the garage, where Tobin was constructing a garden shed. There was a discussion about tools and Tobin recommended a particular type of hammer. “I picked it up and banged it on my hand and made polite noises about, ‘Yes it is a nicely balanced hammer’,” said Mr McLernan. In the following days, he heard that Ms Kluk was missing and the police were appealing for someone who might have gone to a golf range with her to contact them. He said he gave officers a statement in Aberdeen. Later, it was announced that her body had been found and that she had met a very violent death. Mr McLernan said his wife was concerned that Ms Kluk might have suffered badly. “I said if somebody hits you over the head with a hammer, then perhaps not. Then suddenly it struck me … I had picked up the hammer. I phoned the police within five minutes,” said Mr McLernan, adding that he had supplied a DNA sample for elimination purposes. The jury viewed CCTV footage from the street outside St Patrick’s, which showed Mr McLernan and Ms Kluk spending around 15 minutes in his car, after he had taken her back to the church from the driving range. He said they had been discussing doubts she had about her religion. Mr McLernan agreed with Mr Findlay that in his statement to the police when Ms Kluk was a missing person, he had mentioned speaking for a minute or two. “That is too truncated,” he conceded. Mr Findlay also pointed out that it did not appear in the statement that Mr McLernan’s last sighting of Ms Kluk had been as she left his car and walked towards the driveway of the church. Mr McLernan said the issue had never arisen. The focus had been not on detail, but establishing that he had taken her away from the church and had delivered her back there. Mr Findlay asked: “You as a professional judge may not have thought it relevant to tell the police precisely where she was the last time you saw her?” Mr McLernan responded: “That is really a quite improper way to put it. It tends to mislead the jury. If I had been asked, ‘Precisely where did you see her?’ I would have thought about that and the very precise detail would have been, ‘the back of her disappearing in’.” On the subject of the hammer, Mr McLernan agreed that he had known only that Ms Kluk had suffered a violent death when he made the comment to his wife. Mr Findlay said that of all the possible forms of violent death, Mr McLernan had “plucked out of thin air” a head injury and it transpired she had suffered head injuries. “What, if anything, did the hammer have to do with her death?” asked Mr Findlay. “I have no idea,” said Mr McLernan. Mr Findlay: “Is it your position that it is just pure coincidence that the comment came about and it transpires Angelika Kluk suffered significant head injuries?” Mr McLernan: “Absolutely.” The court also heard that fingerprints from Peter Tobin were found on items dumped with her body under the floor of a church. Tobin’s prints were on a plastic bag and a sheet of green polythene tarpaulin, an expert witness said. Tobin, 60, denies raping and murdering Ms Kluk, 23, and concealing the body in a 3ft-deep void under the floor of St Patrick’s. It is alleged he bludgeoned her about the head – a table leg with her blood on it was found propped against a wall in the garden of the church – and stabbed her 16 times in the chest. A knife, in a plastic bag under the floor with blood-soaked clothing, a towel and a sheet, is thought to have been used to stab her. A second bag and a tarpaulin were also discovered in the void. The jury has heard it is suspected that Ms Kluk was attacked in the garage of the church and her body may have been dragged on the tarpaulin to the hatch in the church floor, down which it was dropped. Catherine Boyle, 49, a principal fingerprint officer, told the High Court in Edinburgh she checked prints that had been taken during the police investigation and compared them with samples from Tobin. She said a print on a plastic bag that had been down the hatch matched identically Tobin’s right thumb. Also, prints on the tarpaulin matched his left and right palm and the middle and ring fingers of his left hand. The trial continues. Sponsored Video by Taboola   by Taboola Sponsored Links . Only 43% Of Americans Can Guess All Of The Countries. Can You? JOETEC NETWORKS Moody’s warns Scotland exit could leave country facing junk rating INVESTMENTWEEK.CO.UK Get This New Device Before It’s Banned TVFOX 42 Rare Photos From History – You Wont Believe Your Eyes! STANDARDNEWS Glasgow Residents Are Swarming To Try This SURVEY COMPARE They Thought They Were Alone, But The Deputy Didn’t Know A Secret Camera Was Filming Everything OMG LANE Is VW’s Chunky SUV Crossover More Than Just a Big Golf? 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