the madness of quinn

  • quinn writes then answers himself
  • images63MAX7TV

    Sadly, I’m not sure it will ever be possible to completely remove this nonsense from the internet. It has proved impossible in the past (not just with Hampstead material but generally) despite court rulings and EU law. Companies like Google seem almost to make a sport out of trampling all over people’s rights and flaunting their contempt for the law, the people they employ as “moderators” seem almost to take pleasure in inflicting pain on innocent people. They are abuse enablers.


  • I am afraid I must agree fully with Alfred. It seems unlikely this material can ever be removed from the internet. There are too many crazy people only too keen to promote it.

    I also fear for the future/psychological wellbeing of these two children as they move forwards towards adulthood. The way they were robbed of their innocence alone, by having their heads filled full of these insane sexual fantasies, is a terrible crime to commit against any child, in my opinion.


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