quimm goes togo

hahaha quinn goes togo


here quin wries to himself then answers himself…how did those crank calls work out cause it wisnae me quimm

I am unsure why this is found to be so surprising or puzzling. Despite her pretense, former Data Entry Clerk McNeill is not an intelligent nor particularly well educated woman.

You should also reference her advocacy of cannabis; a material that dulls even the sharpest tool in the box. In her disturbed mind she will be cherry picking from the quoted article as was the person who authored what she reblogged . Of course, she seems like a genius when compared to Ogilvy. The entire purpose of his blog is to regurgitate a mass of material to bolster the fantasy he promotes of being a researcher/campaigner. This is a smokescreen of course.

If and when the authorities in Schotland catch up with him we fully expect to hear him to utilise the ‘Townsend defence’. I do not think that Ogilvy will be capable or reading the article in question let alone assimilating what it says! He is a classic domkop or ‘NED’ as the Schots call them locally.

Is all this not stating the obvious?


  • True D.I. True……… The projector is whirring away in full Fregoli mode this weather I see, but everybody knows what he is and what he did and TBH the sooner you lot bang him up the better before he either goes postal or hurts another kid. I do get the “give him enough rope” thing and understand that its much bigger than one wee ned but this is all taking far too long and putting innocent people in real danger. I’m beginning to suspect he’s yet another teflon coated plant myself TBH. Losing faith fast!


    • Unfortunately Alfred I am not based in UK

      note kirknewton is still in the UK


      and cannot take responsibility for the lack of action. However I do now note what appears to be a fresh threat of arson/violence on Ogilvy’s blog, directed at a person he seems to be completely obsessed with. I have therefore telephoned colleagues in Scotland to alert them to this and asked that my call be made a matter of formal record.

      Your frustration is quite understandable, but what exactly is the point in taking action against someone on some trivial charge? We are on the receiving end of these problems over here as much of the material they trade in is originated on the European Mainland. It is no trivial matter.


hahahahaha what threats you fucking plank, you sniviling little lying failed deadbeat dad



your daughter Sinead   really showed you up eh   lulz






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