Dean Wilson – Cleethorpes/Grimsby

May 2017: Wilson has been released and is living in Grimsby

May 2012: Wilson sentenced to four years and nine months

Wilson jailed just one month after he was released from prison. In his latest trial he admitted robbery, affray and possessing a knife as an offensive weapon 

He had brutally “battered” and kicked a defenceless man in a “savage, unprovoked” mugging in the street

April 2012: Wilson has been released

June 2009

‘Callous’ rapist took advantage of victim

A rapist has been locked up for four years after “callously” taking advantage of a 15-year-old girl.

He left the girl “crying hysterically” on the ground after targeting her because she had been drinking, Grimsby Crown Court heard.

Dean Wilson, 17, of Daubney Street, Cleethorpes, admitted raping the teenager on November 8.

Helen Hendry, prosecuting, said the girl had been out with friends in the Cleethorpes area when she encountered Wilson, who knew she was very drunk. He told her: “I’ll make sure you are all right.”

But, within minutes, he started kissing and hugging her.

“He appreciated she was drunk and took advantage of that situation,” said Miss Hendry.

The girl later told police: “He just got on me. I tried getting back up, but he wouldn’t let me and he pushed me back down.”

The girl kept saying “no”, but Wilson persisted and raped her.

He left her slumped on the ground, but, within seconds, two passers-by returning from a night out spotted a male leaving the scene and heard a female crying.

They went to investigate and found the partly-undressed girl crying hysterically behind wheelie bins.

They alerted the police and one of the passers-by then took her for safety to his flat.

Wilson had spent 48 days in custody.

Judge John Swanson did not impose reporting restrictions on naming Wilson.

Judge John Swanson told Wilson: “You clearly made up your mind you were going to rape her.

“When she was on the ground, you undressed her and raped her. What you did was to callously use some young girl as a sex aid to satisfy your lust.

“It was the utterly callous selfishness of what you did.”

After the hearing, the girl’s mother, who was in court, said: “I am pleased with the sentence.

“I am pleased he is off the streets for a while. He didn’t look sorry to me.

“At least my daughter didn’t have the ordeal of a trial.

“It has been an absolute nightmare. 

“She is still very traumatised by it and has nightmares, but she will get over it, with support.

“I am glad the judge told him what he thought of him.

“All I can do is thank from the bottom of my heart the two boys who found her.

“It was very brave of them. 

“So many people would not have wanted to get involved. They were very kind.”


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