British Intelligence bought information about US Child Abusers


cathy fox blog on child abuse

Quality independent media site “Disobedient Media” has received information in response to their Freedom of Information request.

102 pages from the New York State Select Committee On Crime from 1982 have been released [2]

The evidence was given to the New York State Select Committee on Crime, its causes, control and effect on society, in the matter of  “A Public Hearing to consider the Boy Prostitution and Pornography”

Senators Ralph Marino, Abraham Bernstein, Howard Babbush, Owen Johnson, as well as Jeremiah McKenna and Lilli Scott were on the Committee.

Witnesses describe children, probably way in excess of 400, being trafficked round a circuit which encompassed Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, New York, D.C., and Florida, spending a few weeks in each location.

The circuit included bars, burlesque houses, pornographic movie joints where abusers rang up between cities to arrange a child and paid by credit card. This was linked…

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