The SNP will soon learn why denial eventually turns into grief

Stephen Daisley

In 1969, the psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross published her theory that, after a shocking loss, grief comes in five stages.

First, there is denial, which gives way to anger, and then to an attempt to bargain away the pain. After this, comes depression and finally, when the truth can be postponed no longer, there is acceptance.

The SNP is still very much in denial about what happened last Thursday. Losing 12 seats to the Conservatives and a further nine to Labour and the Liberal Democrats has left Nationalists traumatised. They are wandering around in a daze, pinching themselves and hoping to awaken and find that no, of course Alex Salmond didn’t lose Gordon to a Tory. (A Tory!)

Rona Mackay, Nationalist MSP for Strathkelvin and Bearsden, is mourning in her own unique way. The SNP backbencher has lodged a question to be asked in the Scottish Parliament today. It reads: ‘To…

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