Quest for Justice for Survivors from Bethany Homes, Ireland

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Derek Leinster has done a massive amount to bring attention to the Bethany Homes.

The problem he has had is that Bethany Homes was Protestant mother and baby home in a Catholic Country with a Government and Church which disgracefully wanted to distance themselves from almost any responsibility whatsoever.

The 2015 Baby & Mother Commission is the first time that Protestants will have been included in any of the Irish State Inquiry’s, in the history of the state. All the 6 state Inquiries since 1970 included only Catholic Homes and Institutions.

Derek has written two books on his childhood to bring attention to the plight of survivors in  Bethany Homes

2005 Derek Leinster  Hannah’s Shame: True Life Story[4] 

2008 Derek Leinster – Destiny Unknown[3]

The government has always tried to say that the Bethany Home was a private B & M home and did not come…

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