Why is it pedophiles scream victimhood against their victims?
We hear it time and time again ole manky bassas saying “a child came on to them” or “that child is lying about me” then they go on the character assassination with the help of their pro pedo lawyers and the protection of the scumbags that hide within the law burying evidence with lies mocking the abused to death literally making them top themselves… That is a few of the facts since 2010 that has been obvious time and time again to me the same old victimhood narcissistic lies it is evident in most cases of injustice and even some that have been brought to justice.
Maybe by screaming victimhood they feel they will not have to answer to their crimes which is usually the case in courts the pedophiles hide behind their briefs gowns and are over protected by the pro pedo judges.
This is the truth that is harder to swallow than a razor blade for many sadly.

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