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Thursday, 27 April 2017

A Robert Green update about Hollie Greig case

(That was a quick recap of the Hollie Greig case from 2012)

“Host Samuel William(s) helped to expose the corruption and abuse of power which started in the Aberdeen area and then spread throughout the UK.”


An update published from another source on 23 April 2017 shows that five years later Robert Green has not been silenced by imprisonment; and, like a terrier for the truth, hangs on and still pesters the Scottish authorities that would neglect a disabled child by covering up that girl`s abuse.

The sound quality is not the best but Robert does provide video evidence of letters that have gone back and forth to the Scottish government and their agents, as well as evidence of judicial corruption.

View here

Friday, 21 April 2017

A few Announcements

There was another announcement about VAXXED on yesterday`s UK Column News. The location of the film will be put out on the day, 27 April 2017, it is to be shown in London in order to avoid harassment from government sources.

Brian Gerrish then gave some advertising time to the new Holliiegreigjustice website… The previous site was taken down, it would appear, by the Scottish government putting pressure on Google.  Gerrish wondered whether it was just a coincidence that the website got taken down within a couple of weeks of an election being called.

“Something in it? We don`t know.”

“And remember that Portland Communications is the firm that Google is using to advise it; and Portland Communications headed up by a man previously very close to Tony Blair; so strong government connections. And go have a look at this website because on it it`s got an update of the trial – the Heather Capital trial – where huge amounts of money disappeared from a hedge fund and unfortunately that hedge fund was linked to Peter Watson of Levy & McRae solicitors, law firm, the very firm that started to threaten people in Scotland to get them to close down any sites talking about Hollie Greig; and of course the very man who phoned UK Column to attempt to pressurise us into dropping our reporting on Hollie Greig.  I`m pleased to say we never did.”

“And we`ll also give this up and coming site some air time. This is Fresh Start Foundation and this is an initiative by Andy Peacher who`s been working extremely hard to expose child abuse over many years – a big event on Wednesday 3rd May. So that`s coming up at the Station Hotel, 1 Leonard Street in Perth.”

“Get on the website and if you`re able to go to that, there`s some really excellent speakers and Andy and the other people there of course will be very glad to see you.”

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Hollie Greig supporters tackled by Google

BBC News

“I just happened to catch this little bit at the bottom,” says Brian Gerrish on UK Column News: “This is what it said: `Europe is now the hub for child abuse content` and I was fascinated that the story which is essentially about the abuse of children is now pushed sideways into the category of technology. It`s nothing to do with children being abused, it`s simply to do with what is circulating on the internet and we should be concentrating on what`s circulating as if the content is not actually child abuse. It`s a fascinating piece of spin and propaganda by the BBC and I found it deeply offensive particularly as this is going on in the background.”

Google to tackle terrorists online

“Now just a reminder here that we`ve had a lot in the news that Google and Facebook and other social media providers are going to tackle terrorists and extremists online. So we`ve just chosen the Telegraph article here but what they`re saying is: `Google and some of the world`s biggest internet companies agreed last night to create new technical tools to identify and remove terrorist propaganda in the wake of the Westminster terrorist attacks`.”

“So this is all Google doing good work to protect the public and the Guardian here: `Amber Rudd showdown talks with tech firms on extremism are pure PR`.Well the Guardian is being a bit more cynical. It`s saying that `meetings between UK government and Facebook are more ritual than battle as they avoid subjects that both parties disagree on`… tax is obviously an important thing – more important than cleaning up the internet.”

“Well, we were informed over the weekend of this, and the information is that the holliegreigjustice.blogspot has been taken down by Google. It was taken down on the evening of 31 March 2017. Apparently, no reason has been given and the site itself has had 1.7 million ordinary views and 5 million google + views.”

“So what is the holliegreigjustice site about? Well, of course, it`s about justice for Hollie Greig and in striving for justice for Hollie, striving for justice for all other survivors of child sexual abuse. So we find it interesting that Google has suddenly turned its attention to this website… Remember that the focus of this is on Hollie on the left hand side and the mother Anne and of course Robert Green who`s been to prison twice trying to achieve justice for Hollie. So we wondered why Google would suddenly get tough on child abuse extremists.”

“Well the good news is that there is a replacement site up at the moment but it`s very thin on the ground and I know that the people working behind the scenes are desperately trying to get … the content they had previously up, but this is causing them some problems.”

“Now one of the questions that`s been raised – it`s speculation but I think it`s very interesting speculation – is what would have caused Google to take this action? And our attention is turned to these letters which Robert Green`s MP David Mowat has actually been sending out. There`s three of them, and this gentleman has stood up to be counted on behalf of Robert and let`s have a look at what these letters say.”

“So basically, the first one is to the Permanent Secretary of the Scottish government and it says: `Mr Green my constituent recently came to see me to discuss a number of issues and during the discussions he made reference to the fact he had requested copies of correspondence from your office and that not only had this been denied but that no satisfactory explanation had been provided as to why his request had been declined`.”

“And then the letter says well `I am therefore asking you, if you will tell me why the material has been denied and why you have made this decision`. Now for an MP to do this, that`s a lot of weight behind Robert Green`s original request…”

“So we`ve got another letter here. It says that `I understand that the aforementioned constituent has been in recent communication with your office in order to secure the transcript of a case in which he himself was involved. I understand that Mr Green has subsequently been provided with a transcript as per his request. However, Mr Green has advised that the transcript is incomplete and that a section of the proceedings which he feels particularly significant to his case has been excluded from the text and so Mr Green is asking for that to be provided – and they are being asked why this has been excluded.”

“This is the key tape from one of the court cases that Robert Green went through. So the Procurator Fiscal in Scotland is now being asked to provide the tape which Robert Green has been attempting to get and we say again this is really marvellous to see an MP standing up to be counted and now asking himself.”

“Right well … let`s just bring this up… well this is a question being asked on the website that basically on the 4th December 2009, Google got a letter from the Scottish government legal representatives threatening to take down the site. That was overcome but what the website supporters are saying is that in 2017 they may have done the same thing again.”

“So the inference is that the letters that have been sent to the Scottish government have been so dangerous that the response has been for the Scottish government to contact Google.”

“Now there is another letter and this is probably the key one because of course what we`ve got here is Mr Mowat writing to Nicola Sturgeon and what he`s saying is that his constituent Robert Green has come to see him and pointing out that the Scottish child abuse inquiry has now had a number of individuals resigning and surprisingly the Scottish government has simply replaced them with one individual and how can that possibly work?  How can you take an investigation which was supposedly going to have a team of people working and then you simply replace it with Lady Smith?”

The aforementioned constituent has been in contact with me over a number of years and keeps me abreast of his endeavours to secure justice for Hollie Greig. I understand that he has written to you on a number of occasions regarding this and related matters. However the purpose of my writing to you today is in respect of the Panel that has been set up for the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry.”

Mr Green recently came to my office to discuss a number of issues and during our conversation he mentioned that of the three persons originally appointed to the Panel: Ms Susan O`Brien QC, Professor Michael Lamb and Mr Glen Houston, all have now stepped down from the inquiry. I understand that the first two cited interference from the Executive as their reason for so doing.”

However, my concern is not so much that all three of the panellists have determined not to continue in post; albeit that this is not a particularly helpful state of affairs, my concern relates to the fact that three panellists have all been replaced with a single person; Lady Anne Smith.”

Given the important work that this inquiry is required to undertake it does seem rather unorthodox to appoint a single person to take matters forward, when initially it was considered necessary to appoint three people to share the load. Furthermore given that Lady Smith was nominated to post by Mr John Swinney MSP, a member of your Executive Team; does this not open the Executive up to potential challenge?  As such it would appear to me to be a risky strategy to pursue.”

“So the inference is that these letters have upset the Scottish government and particularly Nicola Sturgeon… to such an extent that they`ve called upon Google to take down the whole of the history which of course has been up on that website about the Hollie Greig case. I think there may well be some merit in this because obviously the Scottish government has been prepared to act and attack Robert Green in particular every time he started to make headway with questions about the Hollie Greig case.”

“Now just for completeness: I spoke to Google media team this morning [3 April 2017] and followed up with this email simply saying `We understand that you`ve taken this website down. Please confirm that. But also is it correct that this `take down` action is at the behest of the Scottish government? So we sent that email off just before we became live. We haven`t had a response yet but it`s going to be extremely interesting to see what Google says.”

“So Google, publicly tough on terrorists, but behind the scenes the inference seems to be that if you get too close to criminal activity at the government level you`re going to be taken down as well.”

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Investigation into former PM Sir Edward Heath

“A £1 million ($1.25mn) taxpayer funded child abuse investigation into former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath has been closed by police, reportedly due to a lack of evidence.”

“The inquiry, codenamed Operation Conifer, will be closed in the coming weeks, but the report on its findings will remain confidential, the Telegraph reports.”

“The huge bill has been criticized as a waste of taxpayer money since it was launched in August of 2015. Police have also been slammed for damaging the reputation of the late ex-PM, who cannot go on trial.”

“According to sources who spoke to the newspaper, private investigators that were hired by police to help conduct the inquiry have been told that their contracts will not be renewed…”

“Friends of Heath, who died in 2005 aged 89, insist that the inquiry found no evidence implicating the Tory politician, saying the questions police put to his former staff members and sailing friends were so lacking in detail that there appeared to be no hard evidence.”

“The investigation was launched after at least seven allegations of child sex abuse were brought against Heath, including one claiming that the former Tory MP abused a boy on his yacht before throwing him overboard.”

“Heath was also examined in a now defunct investigation into a suspected VIP paedophile ring at the heart of Westminster dubbed Operation Midland.”

So that is RT reporting on the Telegraph report.

The UK Column News took the story up on Tuesday 21 March by referring to the Mail on Sunday and calling it a false article. [about 42.27 minutes] The investigation into former PM Sir Edward Heath has NOT been closed.

“A source for UK Column spoke to the police who said this was not true,” Gerrish informed viewers. “So we have something that the police are saying is untrue but then we notice this in another Daily Mail article:”

Yesterday, Lord Armstrong, the former Cabinet Secretary and Sir Edward`s principal private secretary from 1970 to 1974, said: `I simply don`t understand how the Chief Constable got himself into such a position.`”

“So the Daily Mail are helping the former Private Secretary of Mr Heath to gently undermine the police investigation.”

Brian Gerrish points to another article in the Mail in Scotland from a couple of years ago which reports:  “`Mandarin who can`t help being economical with truth: Lord Armstrong at centre of accusations of child abuse cover-up.`  And basically what this story is about is this gentleman working with MI5 –  bring in the security services again – and what were they doing?  They were pushing the child abuse under the carpet in order to protect the state.”

“So this is some of the comment from that article:”

Lord Armstrong – who was Margaret Thatcher`s Cabinet Secretary for eight years – is now at the centre of accusations of a major establishment cover-up of child abuse by leading public figures in the 1970s and 1980s.”

“It has been revealed that he was urged by MI5 to help hush-up abuse allegations against a senior MP so as to avoid political embarrassment for the Thatcher government.”

“Even today, despite years of official investigations into the claims and a top-level review into the loss of hundreds of Home Office files relating to the original allegations, Armstrong defiantly refuses to identify the suspect politician or even say if he is alive or dead.”

“So I`m going to put a label on that and say: why does the Daily Mail want to use this man to help undermine a police child abuse investigation?”

“Any clues Mike?”

“And indeed they seem to be undermining their own reporters. There`s a difference…between the Daily Mail and the Mail in Scotland.”

Gerrish then reads from a letter by Robert Green to Mr Paul Dacre, Editor of the Daily Mail.

With regard to previous correspondence, I was disturbed to read today of yet another attack on Chief Constable Mike Veale by your crime correspondent, Rebecca Camber.”

“It was of great concern on two counts.”

First, the article quotes the opinion of Lord Armstrong, who clearly seeks to undermine the competence of the Chief Constable. It was a curious choice by Ms Camber to quote Lord Armstrong as less than two years ago, the Scottish Daily Mail published a withering attack on this individual for his apparent attempts to cover up child abuse by another senior Conservative MP, Sir Peter Morrison. I am sure that your readers may have formed a different view of Lord Armstrong`s attack on the Chief Constable had details of the Mail`s earlier article been revealed.”

“Secondly and possibly even more seriously, Wiltshire Police has confirmed that the Daily Mail has indulged in fake news: the investigation into Edward Heath has not been called off.”

In the next paragraph there is a reminder that Tim Fortescue MP, Chief Whip to Edward Heath, admitted covering-up for Members of Parliament who were child abusers.

“Finally, I have provided expert witness evidence regarding Edward Heath and others that has been accepted by Wiltshire Police. Included in those named are two of your most senior journalists.”

“The reputation of your newspapers could hardly be at more risk over this issue. I trust that the readers will be treated to more balanced and truthful journalism over this issue in future.”



21 March is World Down Syndrome Day

It was not forgotten by the UK Column team that there has been no support for Hollie Greig, the down syndrome girl who was abused in Aberdeenshire.


Sunday, 26 February 2017

State secrets

Robert Green is in conversation with Richie Allen and they talk about Melanie Shaw. “She is heading for two years in prison… None of the time she has already served on remand will be taken into account. Yet nobody knows what it is about.”

The secrecy is the main element thinks Robert Green. It seems the state has taken action against her because she has had the courage to speak out… and she has been isolated and her mail intercepted. One way round that is to send mail to her through her MP, Chris Leslie.  Robert has succeeded in doing just that.

For those who are interested in writing to Melanie the address is:
Chris Leslie MP,
12 Regents Street,
Nottingham NG1 5BQ.

Robert then went on to talk about the Hollie Greig case and the failure of Grampian police to investigate the serious allegations of child rape involving a number of perpetrators.

He quotes Dr Boyle who was totally supportive of Hollie:

“In general the research indicates that children do not make up false stories of sexual abuse although obtaining information from children with learning difficulties is very difficult. The perpetrator in all cases has enormous motivation to deny and make accusations such as the child is lying…”

Robert reminded listeners that he had personally handed over all the relevant paperwork about the case some years ago to Alex Salmond himself before he entered the conference centre in Perth. [The video is on Youtube]  Salmond is heard to say that he would look into it, or words to that effect. It was not the first time Salmond had received this information.

Robert is convinced that the former First Minister`s colleagues, Nicola Sturgeon, John Swinney and other Scottish cabinet members  are well aware of the Hollie Greig case but they are covering it up and have suppressed the media with legal threats.

“They insist that the Scottish people have to be kept in the dark about this,” he says.


Here`s a blast from the past

Friday, 2 December 2016

An update about the Glasgow meeting

When David Scott is asked on Friday`s UK Column how the Glasgow meeting had gone, he tells the audience that there was a packed hall again: “About 70 – 75 people were there, standing room only…” There were three speakers, one of whom was Robert Green who came up from Warrington… “He rather wowed the audience I would have to say and they were all delighted to see him looking so well and speaking so … bravely. It was a good night.”

“There was quite a lot of discussion in the chat box yesterday about Robert`s impending visit from the bailiffs,” says Mike Robinson.  “Can you give us an update on that?”

“Well they haven`t been yet. There`s a lot of strange unknown elements to this, one of the oddest is: who`s actually pursuing him? When the bailiffs are asked – they`re receiving instructions from the Scottish government. Now remember this is a private civil case; but the bailiffs have been instructed directly by the Scottish government. So this is a political prosecution. This is using the civil law to hound political opponents.”

“When… the Scottish government legal directorate [was asked] who they were being instructed by, they said the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service. An organisation which has no part in civil legal proceedings are apparently instructing the civil legal proceedings. And then when … the Crown Office [was asked the same question] the lawyer for the Scottish government got extremely nervous and refused to answer the question.  So we don`t really know who`s doing it… We don`t really know what will be done or when it will be done. So much of it is in secret. They went to the High Court and got an order against Robert –  Robert never knew anything about it – he had no opportunity to defend his position…”

Brian Gerrish joins the conversation: “David correct me if I`ve got this wrong but I understood from Robert yesterday that he had challenged the bailiff company on what was actually going on and they had said to him well actually this action is coming from Elish Angiolini but it`s being fronted by the Crown Office of Scotland… If true, this is a very interesting situation because, of course, Robert has the letter from the Crown Office where they say they have no power to act or intervene in civil cases. So if you put these little pieces of jigsaw together it would appear that Elish Angiolini is able to use – what – friends that she`s still got within the Crown Office?”

David Scott then explains that Robert Green had defended himself successfully against previous attempts by Elish Angiolini using two different sets of lawyers.

Begins about.11.40 minutes

There was no mention of the Docherty family. I hope that means that the authorities, who must be aware that many eyes are watching them, are allowing the parents to have contact with the children but have instructed them to keep a low profile, or else.

That is not an ideal situation but what parents would not capitulate and stop fighting in these circumstances?

Otherwise I dread to think that mental health services have got involved. That was always the threat.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Robert Green threatened with bailiffs

In the event of violent entry into his home and seizure of his property, Robert Green called on the assistance of Cheshire Constabulary and quoted Section 6 of the Criminal Law Act 1977.

The main body of the letter explains:

  • The Court of Session in the legal jurisdiction of Scotland found in favour of Dame Elish Angiolini in her suit against me for defamation.
  • No damages were awarded but the court decided to undergo a diet of taxation to allocate Dame Elish Angiolini`s expenses to me.
  • As it has been established that Dame Elish Angiolini`s expenses were in fact paid for by the UK taxpayer via a secret fund operated with the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal`s Service, I served notice via the Court of Session Auditor requiring evidence the Dame Elish had, or would, suffer any financial loss.
  • Dame Elish either would not, or could not, provide any such evidence.
  • I gave ample time… absent which Dame Elish would be abandoning any claim against me.
  • This notice period expired on 24th December 2014. And with it expired any liability I might have to Dame Elish Angiolini.


That letter was drafted a year ago and things have moved on.
Coverage begins at 44.50 minutes:

“Robert Green has received a communication that shows he`s still being pursued by the Scottish state. This time they`re chasing supposed court expenses –  court case run by the Scottish government while trying to make out that a private individual was responsible. But they are now threatening to send bailiffs to his Chester home.”

“So if anybody can be available to help support Robert, please let [UK Column] know and [they will] give further contact details.”

See here

Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Glasgow meeting

Great concern has been expressed about the Docherty family and there has been a wonderful response in terms of contributions made to their cause.
Regardless, as UK Column and David Scott explain communication with the family is spasmodic and uncertain.
Meanwhile the announcement was made of the Scottish Meeting in Glasgow on 30 November 2016.

Despite everything going on in his life, including family problems, it was pronounced that Robert Green, who has done some sterling work on behalf of the Dochertys, will be appearing at the WEST in Glasgow. [He may have to leave early at that meeting.]

David Scott said that they did hope to have the Dochertys at this meeting but due to a breakdown in communication that may not be possible.

Friday, 28 October 2016

The plight of children in Scotland, UK and elsewhere

Scottish child abuse inquiry

David Scott is on Skype link with Mike Robinson in the UK Column studio and they begin Friday`s programme by talking about the Scottish child abuse inquiry headed by the Right Hon Lady Smith. “She was appointed in July this year,” explains David Scott, “After the previous head resigned under huge pressure from the Scottish government where there seemed to have been a trumped up character assassination attempt. One of the other three members of the panel also resigned citing government interference.”

Robert Green

“So Lady Smith is the latest person to head up the inquiry and is a very interesting name to anyone who has followed the Holly Greig case, ” says Scott, “Because she had a hand in the appalling treatment of Robert Green at the hands of the Scottish judiciary.”

“So you wrote to her then,” prompts Mike Robinson.

“Yes, we pointed out that when Robert was sentenced there was an outrageous and bigoted anti-English outburst from the [sheriff] in the case, Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen, and this showed prejudice but was entirely omitted from the official court records. Robert took this as a complaint and Lady Smith oversaw the complaint. She interviewed Robert; she interviewed Sheriff Principal Bowen and his clerk but none of the witnesses who were in the court and who heard the outburst… She wouldn`t talk to any of them. The official court record did not show the offending statements that had been made and although the entire proceedings were recorded, Lady Smith said she had listened to the recording and the phrase was not there. But she wouldn`t let Robert listen to the recording. So it was all very unsatisfactory. We had multiple witnesses who had all reported more or less the same thing, not necessarily word for word. The reports came in but they were almost identical and it was all to do with Robert`s nationality. And `How dare you come up to Scotland and tell us how to run our justice system. We know how to run the justice system in Scotland`. And these comments were stricken from the record as they would have been grounds for appeal.”

“So we asked Lady Smith for comment on this and how we can trust her to enquire into child sexual abuse when we couldn`t apparently trust her to enquire into the mistreatment of a campaigner against child sexual abuse. This was the detailed response we got:”

Hi David,

A spokesperson for the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry said: “It would not be appropriate to comment on individual cases.”



Plight of child migrants

The next item deals with an article in the Telegraph: France rebukes Britain over plight of children left stranded after destruction of `Jungle` camp at Calais.

Mike Robinson clarifies: “They are saying that between 100 and 200 children spent the night in a makeshift school at the edge of the `Jungle` after sleeping rough the previous night and Bernard Cazeneuve who is the equivalent of Amber Rudd – so he`s the French Home Secretary – and he told Amber Rudd he wanted to stress the need for children who remain in Calais to be properly protected.”

“Well David we`ve been highlighting on this programme for quite a number of months that bringing them to Britain doesn`t guarantee that they will be properly protected. Does Scotland have a better reputation for this?”

“Clearly not. And neither does anywhere in Europe. I was seeing reports were coming in from Greece where some of the child refugees and migrants are on the street involved in prostitution. And you fear for their safety either in Britain or in France but particularly in Britain. Would they end up in the same horrible situation?”

Mike Robinson reinforces his view: “Look it`s increasingly clear to me that what`s going on here is an industry being established which is running along the same type of business model as the drugs industry. So we`ve got this notional ban on drugs from governments while in the meantime governments directly benefit from the trafficking of drugs. The same thing seems to be happening with people increasingly. So we`ve had an announcement from the Ministry of Defence, in the last day or so, they`re going to send troops over to Libya to train Libyan patrols off the coast of Libya to try to prevent people being trafficked through Libya. But of course this is the same kind of scenario: deliberate underinvestment in what you might call enforcement while in the meantime the trade continues and in this case it`s a trade in humans. It hasn`t worked for drugs and it isn`t going to work for this… The intention is that these people continue to be trafficked.”

David Scott agrees that the war on drugs has been horrendous. “In the case of drugs it`s most certainly been government intervention that`s promoted it both in terms of overseas and poppy growing areas and in the trafficking of drugs particularly into America where drugs were coming in and guns were going out and … they were getting American kids hooked on heroin, cocaine and crack in order to fund the illegal wars overseas. It was just as cynical as that. And it`s become such a huge industry that without the liquidity, it brings the entire banking system – Wall Street etc would likely collapse –  So it becomes an essential component of our corrupt system that we live under and therefore it keeps manifesting itself generation after generation and nobody really does anything to stop it. To consider human trafficking becoming something on that scale is truly horrendous.”

United Nations

“Well here is Fillippo Grandi who is UN commissioner for refugees and he`s highlighting the word `invisible.` He says it`s the word most commonly used to describe what it is to be without a nationality … And what he`s doing is promoting this campaign from UNHCR. It`s #IBELONG. Today ten million people around the world are denied a nationality. They often aren`t allowed to go to school, get a job, open a bank account, buy a house or even get married. You can help change their lives and it says the main reason people are stateless is because of discrimination, because of ethnicity, because of their religion, because in some countries women cannot pass their nationality on to their children. We believe it`s time to end this injustice. With enough courage we know it`s possible. Governments can change their laws and procedures and give stateless people their rights and a place to belong and in ten years we can ensure everyone has a nationality because if we don`t they suggest it`s going to get worse. And you know I thought it was a little ironic that the United Nations which is working so hard to abolish the idea of sovereign nations is now demanding that people belong to them. But you pointed out the graphic on the right.”

“Yes… when you look at this #IBELONG when the man is crouching down pretending to be a globe. So it seems to me to be saying `I belong to the globe`; it`s a unitary planet-wide identity … seems to be suggested there even though they are talking there on the surface about nation states.”

The Named Person scheme

They move on to the Named Person scheme where the headline on NO2NP website is: Swinney accused of snubbing concerned parents and constituents.

“Yes he was, and people were asking to meet him. He went public and said we want to have a discussion; we want to consult; it`s going to be an enormous consultation but we don`t want to consult with people who don`t agree with us. You have to agree first in order to be included in the consultation. So some concerned parents wrote to him and asked him for some time to meet and discuss the issues surrounding the Named Person and the following letter was the … reply: And we see here reference again to `We are only willing to talk to people who accept the sovereign will of parliament` essentially. So it`s the divine right of parliament rearing its ever uglier head again and the sovereign will of the people is irrelevant because parliament has spoken. And that is what is being told without a hint of a smile is democracy…”

“It is a pretty spectacular approach both from the Scottish parliament and the Westminster government that really we cannot comment or criticise or change the mind of parliament because the will of parliament is supreme and in fact if we go to court in order to try to force them to behave in a particular way, well the court can be ignored as well. This is a staggeringly unconstitutional position to take,” says Mike Robinson.

“On a happier note the NO2NP campaign was nominated for Political Campaigner of the Year in the Scottish Political Awards 2016… and NO2NP won…”  David Scott reports that the news was not received well by opponents.

The Highland Investigation

“Now the Highland Investigation, you had a meeting in the Royal Highland hotel last week. How did it go?”

“It was very good, very good turn out, very interesting conversations which lasted for quite a few hours and extremely worthwhile.  So thank you to everyone who came along to that…”

David Scott is asked to remind viewers and listeners what the Highland Investigation is setting out to achieve.

“Highland Council has been held up as the testing ground for the Named Person and the whole GIRFEC approach which surrounds every aspect of the state`s interaction with children and families and it has been held up as a wonderful success. And the apostle of GIRFEC [Getting it Right for Every Child] is a gentleman called Bill Alexander from Highland Council and his constant refrain is: `Come to Highlands and see how well it`s working. No-one could have any problems with this. It`s been proven to work so well on the ground.` So we started to make some enquiries and we found an entirely different story.”

“We found Council officials behaving in the most dreadful way towards loving parents and what we`re doing is we`re gathering information; we`re gathering stories; we`re gathering accounts and we`re seeing patterns. So it`s not just one or two stories, we`re seeing patterns as to how GIRFEC and the Named Person really operates. One thing that came out of Wednesday night was the realisation that almost nobody in Highland Council who was a child or who had a child during the GIRFEC Named Person trial – and remember Named Person we`re told is a single point of contact; so parents know who to talk to if there`s a problem – almost nobody knew they had a Named Person because Highland Council simply didn`t tell them. It was secret. So they didn`t get many complaints because nobody knew the scheme was actually running. How can you have a single point of contact if you don`t know they exist?”

Mike Robinson interjects: “So effectively what was going on there was somebody was spying on families and children and they had no awareness of that.”

“That`s exactly correct. It was a single point of contact about families, not for families.”


Returning to the account of the nine-year-old girl who tried to commit suicide in front of her classmates as a result of bullying, David Scott points to a statement made by local councillor Roddy Balfour in the local press: “There`s no doubt there`s been problems with bullying but I`m satisfied that it has been addressed by the school.  So nothing to see here. Now it transpires that Roddy Balfour has quite a lot of other connections to quite troubling cases. We had one where the parents were involved, again with severe bullying, and they went to Roddy Balfour for assistance and they took with them lots of documentation to justify their case that they were being badly treated by Highland Council. And he was shocked; he said he`d do something; he was right on their side and extremely supportive. And off he went to meet the council officials and nine months later the parents hadn`t heard anything from him and they contacted him and he said he`d been warned off.”

“So we wrote to him. We said, Mr Balfour, we`ve been passed information regarding a request constituents made for you to intercede on their behalf with Highland Council Education Department. I understand you visited this family in the home and expressed outrage and disbelief at what they were going through. Armed with documentation from the family that supported their view and claims, you attended a meeting with Mr Hector Robertson and Mr John Bruce of the Highland Council Education Department. You had no contact with the family following this meeting until nearly nine months later when one of the parents telephoned you. They asked you why you had abandoned them to which you responded you`d been warned off at the meeting with Mr Robertson and Mr Bruce. I understand that the family`s advocate also contacted you over your remarks and you told them you had been advised to walk away from it… Clearly some pressure was brought to bear on you. Could you explain how and by whom and if known to you why this was done?  Could you also explain why you complied?”

“So that was the question that went in to Mr Roddy Balfour and a similar one went in to Ms Glynis Sinclair who had a similar lack of response once interacting with the Council. Now the reply that came back was essentially that Mr Roddy Balfour had no recollection of these events…”

Despite more correspondence with Mr Roddy Balfour there has been no further response.


A number of other topics were discussed for those who are interested. See

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Joining the dots at UK Column

UK Column 22 April 2016 [continued from previous post, and going through an excellent piece of work by David Scott.]

Speaking to David Scott, Mike Robinson says, “David, we`re starting off with GIRFEC here.”

On screen appears a letter to Sally Ann Kelly, Chief Executive of Barnardo`s from the Local Government and Communities Directorate, Third Sector Unit.

“And this is a grant? £750,000 is it?”

“Yes, just under 3/4 of a million pounds and that`s gone to Barnardo`s and a few other charities and they`re running a system of integrating the third sector with the general GIRFEC framework… So this is the system of looking after children in families, through education, in healthcare, that permeates every aspect of the Scottish Government.”

“We`re now seeing the third sector, the charitable sector, brought into that fully in detail. So they`re involved in the planning of new developments – they`re involved in every aspect of it – there is in functional terms no difference between the government and these charities.”

Mike Robinson asks: “And this is the gentleman who`s done this; is that correct?”

“This is Gareth Allen of the Scottish Government.  He`s all over this. If you google, you`ll find a lot by him encouraging charities to come on board and talking to charities and you can even look at his slide show presentation which explains exactly how it`s all done and how wonderful it`s going to be in the new Scotland. Now the letter there, that award letter was written to the, then, head of Barnardo`s Sally Ann Kelly… Martin Crewe is now head of Barnardo`s… She`s moved on to another charity and this is also a charity dealing with children in Scotland, receiving Scottish Government grants, backing the Named Person scheme wholeheartedly overall for the state snooper scheme… And they are entirely in the pocket of Government. And this lady is running the show there and I`m sure she has lots of contacts which will ensure the Aberlour Trust here will see a great deal of financial support from the government.”

Brian Gerrish interrupts: “David I`m fascinated by that website because again we`ve got this look. The website is very childish but, of course, it`s not designed to be read by children. It`s designed to be read by adults and so we`ve got this inversion going on; silly, childish writing about a very serious subject to do with children.”

“Yes and little piggy bank for the donate button. It`s all very jolly and as though it`s child friendly but you`re quite right. It`s not there to be read by children.”

Mike Robinson puts another document on screen. Funding for the Getting it Right for Every child GIRFEC third sector national project.  “And you wanted to highlight this:”

“This project will work with CPPs to develop an approach to GIRFEC in which there is full recognition and contribution of the Third Sector.”
“There are three aims which include:”
“… to embed the role of the Third Sector in GIRFEC at local and national level…”

“To conduct a three year project in which the Public Social Partnership will work with the Community Planning Partners to reinforce and embed the role of the Third Sector in the implementation of GIRFEC.”

“Right. What that means, because it`s a bit, you know, central government gobbledygook; what that means is that there`s going to be a whole series of things called Community Planning Partnerships. They will then enter into formal written agreements with central government. They will involve, not only local authorities and police.. NHS and other services but they will also involve… integrated… third sector charities …Barnardo`s and Aberlour. So they will have a seat at the table. They will form these written agreements with central government. They will then apply government policy, including [the] Named Person, data gathering and complete state surveillance of the family.”

“Now the effect of this is that there is nowhere to go. If you then go to any major children`s charity in Scotland with any sort of problem – and those of us who follow the Hollie Greig case know the sort of problems those might be – then you`re dealing with the Scottish Government. You`re dealing with the state; you`re dealing with the great big singular entity that is the Scottish model of government. But it`s not just that there are no functional departments within the government …almost the entire third sector … has been rolled into government as well.”

Gerrish responds: “This is the third sector or the Third Way which, of course, Tony Blair was absolutely boasting about back in 2001/2002 – if I`ve got my dates right. So unaccountable people in the NGOs` quasi-government systems. Now it`s all being rolled in together. This is Big Society…It`s communitarianism is the closest description I think we can get to it.”

Mike Robinson continues: “Well David, tell us about Joining the dots.”

“Right, so Joining the dots is the core document that underpins GIRFEC. This is the Named Person and all of these things. So this is the defining document. Now you will be pleased to hear it was an independent document; it was an independent report, so that`s ok and it was headed by a former Labour MSP but she clearly didn`t write it. The person who seems to have written it is, in fact, this lady, Laura Meagher. [James Hutton Institute] Now she`s a very interesting lady… She came to Scotland … from America, and she came to Scotland at a very interesting time, 1999.  And this is not the first time I`ve found this. When you look at the people who are actually generating the ideas, they all arrive in Scotland in 1999. Why? Because we`re getting a new parliament.”

“What happened was people came from all round the globe – globalists if you like – to influence the policies of that new parliament because it was a clean slate. So where Scotland thinks it received a degree of independence, what`s actually happened is we`ve got globalists, think tanks and people influencing the policy behind the scenes and the change from Westminster to the Holyrood parliament simply opened up a new opportunity for these people to control what we actually do. And we`re seeing the policy of the Scottish parliament actually being set by people such as Laura Meagher.”

“And we`ve got a number of other people involved in producing this document. One is the Centre for Confidence and well-being.  Now the Centre for Confidence and well-being is meant to be Scottish because Scots are meant to lack self confidence, ok? I don`t know if you noticed that; that`s the allegation…. [It] is in fact Common Purpose sitting on a thistle because all of the people seem to have huge Common Purpose links, including Mr Alf Young here. Very friendly looking chap. I like the smile …and what`s his background?”

Mike Robinson says: “Well from 2007 he chaired the Glasgow Advisory board for Common Purpose.”

“Yes… so what you`ve got is the import of the ideas from America [and] the UN via American universities. That`s brought in. We`ve got Common Purpose providing the organisational infrastructure to actually get everything set up and … then we have assorted charities and quite a few PR companies … Charities give cover and the appearance of it being from the people and the PR companies get the message out. And that`s what we`ve got. That`s the origin of GIRFEC. That`s the origin of the Named Person. It did not come from Scotland. It did not come from our politicians. It came from elsewhere.”

The ideas also came via Westminster: See

Friday, 8 April 2016

The Scottish Government cover-up

From the UKColumn Wednesday 6 April 2016:

The programme begins with the sad story of Genette Tate which was reported by the BBC on Tuesday.

” `A file of evidence against a man suspected of murdering a schoolgirl almost 40 years ago has been submitted to prosecutors, the BBC has learnt.` “

“`Robert Black – who died in prison in January – killed four young girls and was believed to have murdered 13-year-old Genette Tate in Devon in 1978.`  The Mail picked up on this story with the headline: `Serial killer Robert Black DID murder 13-year-old Genette Tate 38 years ago, police conclude.` “

“It is not true,” says Brian Gerrish. “There is no evidence that Robert Black murdered Genette Tate. The UKColumn can reveal that Devon and Cornwall police were presented with evidence about a suspect who was not Robert Black and met with hostility and stonewalling of mainstream journalists who started to ask penetrating questions.”

The impression Brian Gerrish got was that the police thought pointing the finger at Robert Black was a good way to wrap up the investigation after 38 years.

Genette Tate who had been witnessed riding her bike disappeared into thin air. What is puzzling is that the police at the time put out images and posters of Genette as a much younger child rather than the 13 year old girl that she actually was. Another mystery is that a body, washed up on the beach about a year ago, could have been the body of Genette Tate according to a retired police constable. Thirty eight years ago the technology to deal with DNA testing was not available but exists today. The police have DNA material on one of Genette`s sweaters, says the retired constable; but have made no statement about it.

“We need the public to keep digging to get the truth up to the surface.”

The programme continues with the theme of children and ends with another look at the Hollie Greig case as Robert Green is in the studio.

Recalling that Sheriff Peter Watson of Levy & McCrae was suspended from office on Monday 16 February 2015 in relation to the Heather Capital fraud case, his clients included First Minister Alex Salmond and Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini who had Robert Green arrested in 2010 and subsequently took out a private civil case against him for falsely accusing her of covering up the Hollie Greig case.

Robert Green, who was denied legal aid in a country with a legal system that was foreign to him, has since been trying to establish where Elish Angiolini obtained the money to pursue the private civil case against him and presents Gerrish with a number of documents. If Elish Angiolini obtained funds from the public purse this is a matter for the whole of the UK because it is not a devolved issue.

“This one is from Angela Cullen, Director of Audit Scotland.” says Gerrish.

” `Ministerial Code Civil Legal Proceedings` ”

” `11.16 Ministers occasionally become engaged in civil legal proceedings in their personal capacities but in circumstances that may have implications for them in their official positions. In all cases where Ministers become engaged in civil legal proceedings in their personal capacities, they should consult the Law Officers before consulting their own solicitors, in order to allow the Law Officers to express a view on the handling of the case so far as the public interest is concerned, or, if necessary, to take charge of the proceedings from the outset. (Sent 07 January 2016)` “

What caught Robert Green`s eye was this line: `Subject RE: Official Sensitive – Civil Cases`

“It`s an interesting dialogue between Audit Scotland and the Crown Office and deemed to be `official sensitive` Why would it be sensitive?” asks Gerrish.

“It`s not sensitive to me,” says Robert Green.

The next matter is the public interest test which is used to decide if the information requested should be provided.

“Well what do they say?” asks Gerrish.

” `Issue of concern raised by you. Disclosure into the public domain of the requested information gathered as part of these enquiries would substantially prejudice Audit Scotland`s ability to effectively carry out its role and remit going forward. Therefore on balance Audit Scotland is of the view that the public interest in withholding the requested information outweighs that in disclosure and this information is therefore exempt from disclosure under sections 36(1) and 40(b) of FOISA.` “

“They are saying…telling the truth about where public money went would undermine their role to look after public money.”

“Are they empowered to cover up criminal offences?” asks Robert Green.

“Or perverting the course of justice? We think what we are looking at is a massive cover-up. Was it used for private civil actions?”

Gerrish continues: “Here`s a very measured article from the Press and Journal dated 18 November 2009 which landed on your doorstep. It seems to have disappeared from their website although it may still be there.”

” `Grampian police last night confirmed the force was investigating an allegation of historic sex abuse `and the article also said that `Crown Office spokeswoman said late last night we have not received any report from the police. If we do receive a report it will be carefully considered in due course.` So a detailed article there which tells us some things. It tells us the police were investigating and the Crown Office was saying `well we have not received anything yet.`”

Robert Green says: “I just want to say one thing – if people get a chance to look at this article which I hope they will – it is a very sympathetic and accurate article and I can say that because I was there when Hollie gave her statement to the police. The only obvious mistake in the article was it mentioned that Hollie had accused twenty four men. No she didn`t. She accused 22 men and women and said there were 7 child victims that she had observed being abused at that time. So right from the start, let us say that quite apart from all the medical evidence including the former chief constable of Grampian police, Andrew Brown, there were straight away 29 potential corroborative witnesses to a crime. And, of course, it has been agreed that Hollie suffered from a crime. So a crime had indeed been committed. So there has to be at least one perpetrator. ”

“But we don`t have a crime,” says Gerrish ” because the police didn`t fully investigate. Just remember how we started today and what Devon and Cornwall police are not doing. ”

“Well let`s have a look at this document: We`re into 4th December 2009 and we`ve got a communication here from the Procurator Fiscal `s Office and we`ll just bring out a couple of paragraphs here.”

” `Having reviewed all of the circumstances of Hollie`s case, including Hollie`s statements and all other available evidence, a report was prepared for the consideration of Crown Counsel. The conclusion is that there is insufficient evidence to allow criminal proceedings to be taken against any person in respect of these allegations.` “

“So you don`t investigate and then you say clearly there is no evidence. And we`ll just bring in one more and then I`ll let you comment on that.”

” `During the course of this investigation, it has been alleged by others that the Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini QC, had in some way covered up Hollie`s allegations. These allegations are unfounded and this has been supported by a careful scrutiny of the case. All key decisions in relation to prosecution in Hollie`s case in 2000 and 2009 were taken before or after the Lord Advocate`s time as Regional Procurator Fiscal in Grampian and were taken by other senior prosecutors, not the Lord Advocate. In addition the Lord Advocate has not had any involvement in the recent decision not to proceed `…”

“So it`s saying here repeatedly that Elish Angiolini had no involvement in the Hollie Greig case. ”

“It is very curious because if the article that we talked about from the Press and Journal is correct; and we have no reason to suspect that it isn`t; then needs would indicate that the decision not to take any action against what happened to Hollie took place between the 18 November 2009 and 4 December 2009 because the prosecutor had not had any documents on 17th November 2009. Of course, this makes it very curious because later on in my trial it was established by the police officer who conducted the interview of Hollie, Lisa Jane Evans, that under cross examination she admitted that the police had not questioned a single one of the twenty nine people that Hollie had named…. None of them were questioned, despite all the expert evidence supporting Hollie that the police had in their possession at my trial. ”

“Right,” says Gerrish “And if we just come back to social worker Carol Woods when she steps forward and says she was asked to falsify reports so children could be stolen – we don`t know what those children are ultimately used for – she couldn`t get any involvement with the police until one police officer stepped forward to help her. That was Mike Todd, and within a couple of weeks Mike Todd is dead.”

“Yes, well I think it is very important at this stage to bring in the most sinister aspect of this case and that is satanic ritual abuse, almost too horrific to describe publicly. She has been described by everyone as a thoroughly truthful witness. No-one is saying anything other than Hollie is saying the truth… ”

“This brings in a remarkable similarity with what came out of the mouths of the young boy and girl in Hampstead and what happened in Hampstead? No full and proper police investigation of those who were identified…So let`s follow through because the Scottish Government is telling us clearly that former Procurator Fiscal is not involved. Now we`ve got another document here; this is Press and Complaints Commission; and what are they saying?”

” `We have been asked by the Lord Advocate to make clear the following: there was an allegation of a paedophile ring contained in the police report to the Procurator Fiscal at that time; that there was no allegation about a Sheriff or a policeman in the report; that the decision not to prosecute was made before the Lord Advocate took up post as Regional Procurator Fiscal and on the basis that there was insufficient evidence in law; and that she was unaware of the claim at the time and has never had any involvement in the case. We are happy to make the position clear and did not intend to suggest that she had acted in any way improperly.` “

“We`ve got to be really fair here because Dame Elish Angiolini is saying to the Press Complaints Commission that she has never had any involvement in the Hollie Greig case.”

“There was an action against the Firm magazine, a well known and respected legal magazine in Scotland, who more or less made the same allegation as I have made, that Elish Angiolini was in fact involved and covered up the Hollie Greig case.”

” This is the important thing,” says Brian Gerrish. “She says she wasn`t involved.”

“Then we have this letter 6 August 2014 – this is the Scottish Government making a statement about the Hollie Greig case. It is the Criminal Directorate which was led by Secretary for Justice, Kenny MacAskill, many people south of the border would have known about, Robert…This is the head man, secretary for Justice in Scotland, and this is what he has to say about Elish Angiolini in relation to the Hollie Greig case. Remember what you have just heard. We`ve heard very clearly so far that she wasn`t involved. Let`s hear what the Scottish Government says. We`ll bring this up on screen.”

” `I understand that a Mr Scott in the audience asked the Cabinet Secretary a question about the Hollie Greig case. In answering the question the Cabinet Secretary made clear that the allegations Mr Scott referred to were investigated by Grampian Police and reviewed by the then Lord Advocate, Dame Elish Angiolini, and were found to be false.` “

“So I`m very confused Robert because either the Scottish Government doesn`t know what the left and right hand or their feet are doing or else somebody is lying or somebody has got some mental cognitive limitations or what we`re looking at is a cover-up here. ”

“At the highest level,” Robert Green interjects.

“Now I think this is particularly interesting,” says Robert, “because Mr MacAskill wasn`t caught on the hop over this. He had been fully informed many many times including direct questions from me at a public meeting about this precise issue, about Elish Angiolini and her involvement in the case. In fact, in a hustings meeting on the 11 April in Portobello, which is just north of Edinburgh and which happens to be Mr MacAskill`s constituency, he actually told me categorically that she had nothing to do with it. So this was a very curious thing. So if anybody thinks Mr MacAskill was mistaken and caught on the hop he wasn`t. He already knew all about this. He would not have made that statement at that sensitive stage had he not known that this was factual about Elish Angiolini being involved in the case. ”

“I think we should also just go back briefly to the Press and Journal article that we referred to and the letter of 4 December 2009 to Hollie`s mother wrapping up the investigation because it would seem that within that period of just over two weeks the decision was made not to go ahead with the case and I maintain that that decision was made by Elish Angiolini, possibly overruling the police.”

“Maybe the police weren`t telling her the truth Robert.”

“It seems very unlikely. Whatever the situation, she had said she wasn`t involved, and she was …”

“To give just clear detail about the case, this was the opinion of eminent expert witness psychologist Dr Jack Boyle and he said this: Now this is is a general statement which, of course, is very important because it doesn`t just apply to Hollie. It applies to all cases where children are abused, Hampstead, for example.”

” `In general the research indicates that children do not make up false stories of sexual abuse although obtaining information from children with learning difficulties is very difficult. The perpetrator in all cases has enormous motivation to deny and make accusations ,such as the child is lying, misunderstands normal behaviour or has been primed by mother.` “

“It could not be clearer. He has given evidence in a thousand cases in Scotland. So this is a man who knows what he is talking about.”

“Yes, we see these accusations against mothers and fathers, time and time again, and I spoke to a lady in New Zealand who had her children taken away from her. What did they do ? They tried to brand her as mentally ill. A common tactic is to say the mother is going to kill the children and then commit suicide. So, from my limited experience compared with this psychologist, I totally agree with what he`s talking about.”

“In fact, if I can just come in there, Brian, and expand on that a little a bit: when the Hampstead case came about which is obviously something I know nothing about, apart from the fact that the same judge that was involved, Justice Pauffley, was also involved in the … English case with Hollie Greig in an attempt to silence her in England as well. When I recall this letter from Dr Boyle which was one of the two letters used to convince the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority that Hollie was a genuine victim, I sent a copy to James Munby who is the head of the family court and I asked the question: how could Justice Pauffley overlook a professional opinion such as this? Because obviously they did everything to try to destroy the credibility of the children concerned … Here we have one of Britain`s top experts giving that opinion. It`s a case I know nothing about but I was very surprised that the opinion of Dr Boyle, and I would suspect of other experts of his stature, could possibly be ignored. Why would she do that? James Munby has not responded to my letter.”

“Well what we do know happened is exactly what Dr Boyle was talking about. It is that Anne Greig was accused of being mentally ill… She was put into a psychiatric unit. We`ve talked about this horrible procedure happening to other people, including former social worker Carol Woods . So you cause trouble with the state; you try and expose the abuse of the children; you are vilified; you`re put into a psychiatric unit.”

“So this was a report on Hollie Greig`s mother and what does it say? Well actually it says that there is nothing wrong with this lady at all. Look at the start of this. It is referring to Hollie`s mum. `Ms X, in this case, has faced family trauma on an unbelievable level. Instead of being helped to deal with the pain she has experienced, she has faced the worst injustices that the Scottish legal system is capable of. Nobody within the helping professions comes up well from this decade of sustained attack and discrediting.` But it then goes on to say that `Ms X is a strong woman and capable of dealing with the traumatic events without becoming vengeful, violent or hysterical. ` And, er, there`s nothing wrong with her.” [Clinic for Dissociative Studies]

“But we`ve got this juxtaposition haven`t we, of the worst the Scottish legal system is capable of – what had this lady done? She had simply tried to protect her daughter and she`s attacked by the Scottish legal system and what were they trying to do? They were trying to brand her as mad, where this psychologist says absolutely nothing wrong with mother at all.”

“You have to give great confidence in the last sentence there.”

“Let`s see if I can read it. `She`s able to marshal her thoughts and feelings in a coherent way and has emerged as a woman of great substance. It was a privilege to meet her.` So somebody doing a psychological assessment, and as you say Robert, totally reinforcing the fact that Hollie Greig`s mum is a wonderful lady who stood up to that abuse. What was her crime? Trying to protect her daughter. ”

“That is absolutely correct. And Dr Simpson is one of the leading experts in her field, just to reinforce that. ”

“Well we`ve got another document here which we think is relevant. This is from the Down`s Syndrome Association and particularly pertinent to Hollie, of course. and what did they have to say? Well they said this:”

” `Hollie has made a number of very serious allegations of sexual abuse, both against members of her family, and against people working in social services; allegations which I find entirely credible, having seen a psychologist`s report on Hollie, and knowing the prevalence of abuse of people with learning disabilities. In spite of this, the allegations have not been fully investigated; for example, members of staff whom she has named in her allegations have not been interviewed by the police.` ”

“How much evidence does the British public want that what we`ve got here is an orchestrated cover-up of the abuse of a highly vulnerable young girl . Who is involved in this cover-up? We`ve got the Scottish police; we`ve got the judicial system; we`ve got the Procurator Fiscal`s Office.”

“The documents that we have been talking about today have all been placed in the hands of Theresa May, David Cameron and also Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister in Scotland. The predecessor, of course, should not be forgotten in this case. We have documents linking Mr Salmond with the case from 2007, not in any personal way, but he knew about what was going on; and, in fact, on 20 May 2011 he was found by the Information Commissioner to have twice breached the law in trying to cover up the Hollie Greig case and subsequently he sent a letter to his own constituency office dated 14 February 2014, quite clearly in an attempt to even deceive his own constituency secretary at the time, Mr Neil Bailey. All that information is in Parliament. I`ve asked [Angus Robinson] to acknowledge that he`s seen the documents. I`ve also asked Nicola Sturgeon if she`s received and read the documents condemning Mr Salmond. I think that was in November and so far Ms Sturgeon`s office has sent a letter, January, confirming that they`ve got the information and they will reply to me. Still waiting.”

“I`m going to put a qualifier in there Robert because we have to be very careful because Ms Sturgeon at the moment is trying to say the only people capable of bringing up your child is the Scottish Government, the Named Person scheme.”

“That`s one million Scottish children and this is being enforced on the public at the moment by a government that cannot even protect Hollie Greig. Would you trust them with your child?”

“I certainly wouldn`t.”

“So we`ll just round off here. This is back to Audit Scotland. Follow the money is always a good trail. This is a nice little dialogue between Audit Scotland and the Crown Office Procurator Fiscal Service.”

” `Hi I hope all is well at COPFS. I`m currently working with somebody on investigating a complaint we`ve received in relation to payments made by COPFS. The payments were in respect of expenditure to cover employee costs when legal action was necessary as a result of actions they had taken in the course of their public duties. Can you advise please if there is a separate code in the ledger to enable us to easily identify such expenditure? The complaint refers to expenditure as far back as 2009.` “

“Can you just tell us the ledger number? But what have they said to the public? They`ve said we can`t tell you.”

“Let`s come back to that aspect because this is where we started out. We`ve got the public interest test, which is we can`t tell you because it would substantially prejudice Audit Scotland`s ability to effectively carry out its role and remit going forward. We can`t tell you because then you would know what is going on and then everybody would know that what we`re really dealing with is a Scottish Government cover-up of child abuse. “

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