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Teacher who watched porn in class, shoved pupil and told kids to ‘p**s off’ is banned from profession

Paul Stanbury looked at pornographic images whilst covering a lesson, grabbed and pushed a pupil and swore at children while covering a PE lesson

Teacher Paul Stanbury watched porn while teaching at Aldenham School, Elstree (Photo: Googlemaps)

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A teacher at a boarding school has been banned from teaching after watching porn in class.

Paul Stanbury looked at pornographic images while covering a lesson, then grabbed and pushed a pupil and threatened to destroy his earphones after telling kids to “p**s off” while covering a PE lesson.

The 51-year-old looked at sexual material at home, but through the school’s intranet, then at school while covering a lesson at the £10,000-a-term Aldenham School in posh Elstree, Herts.

He received a warning for watching pornography on a school computer in 2014 while covering a lesson, despite receiving a warning for the same offence seven years earlier in 2007.

In a confrontation with “Pupil A” as he was referred to, the youngster was listening to music through his headphones which were plugged into the school’s computer.

Stanbury told the students that he was going to take the register and called Pupil A’s full name but Pupil A corrected him with his shortened name and said that he was present in the lesson.

Stanbury looked at pornographic images while covering a lesson (Photo: Getty)

The maths teacher then called Pupil A’s full name again and said, “I have marked you all absent, none of you answered your names, you can p**s off”.

Stanbury then walked over to the pupils and took Pupil A’s headphones out of the desktop computer and Pupil A’s ears.

As Pupil A went to retrieve the headphones from Stanbury, he grabbed both of Pupil A’s arms and pushed the pupil backwards.

When Pupil A blocked the classroom door for Stanbury to exit, he went back to the teacher’s desk and said “If you threatened me I will cut your earphones up”.

Dale Winton was a pupil at the prestigious school
Dale Winton (Photo: ITV)

He taught at Aldenham School, Elstree from September 1995 to September 2016 and admitted he was guilty of “unacceptable professional conduct” and apologised for his actions.

The top school has produced many household names, including Baroness Karren Brady and Dale Winton .

But Stanbury continued to teach at the boarding school where fees can be more than £10,000 a term until the end of the school year and even led a week-long residential trip for 28 pupils.

He was found guilty by a panel from the National College of Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) in Coventry, in a hearing on May 22.

Deputy NCTL director, Alan Meyrick, agreed with the ruling and decided to allow Stanbury to appeal in two years because of his apology and positive comments from the head teacher of Aldenham School.

Stanbury grabbed and pushed a pupil (Photo: Getty)

Alan Meyrick said: “In light of the panel’s findings against Mr Stanbury, which involved accessing inappropriate material on two separate occasions, receiving a police caution for common assault and acting in an aggressive and intimidating manner on 21 June 2016, there is a strong public interest consideration in that the panel considered that public confidence in the profession could be seriously weakened if conduct such as that found against Mr Stanbury were not treated with the utmost seriousness when regulating the conduct of the profession.

“In this case the panel has found the allegations proven and found that those proven facts amount to unacceptable professional conduct and conduct that may bring the profession into disrepute.”

A disciplinary hearing was held on September 8, 2016, and Stanbury was dismissed from his post September 9.

However Stanbury could be able to teach again after two years if he successfully appeals the ban and a panel deem him fit to teach.

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