RAINS (Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support)

RAINS (Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support)


Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support

Patron – Joan Coleman


RAINS was established in 1989 by a small group of professionals who were working with children and adults who had experienced ritual abuse (RA). Since then it has supported more than 500 professionals and survivor supporters, including psychologists, psychiatrists,  paediatricians,  GPs,  social workers,  NSPCC, counsellors, rape crisis  workers,  psychotherapists,  psychiatric  nurses,  probation officers,  prison  officers,  solicitors, barristers, police, teachers, clerics, carers, foster carers and supportive journalists.

Some members do not wish to identify themselves publicly. Confidentiality is therefore strictly adhered to within the membership and members are asked to respect this and to agree to the membership conditions and rules of confidentiality of the organisation.

RAINS is a nationwide network that is organised by a group of voluntary committee members who aim to:

  • Facilitate support for those working in the field of ritual abuse and/or are supporting survivors.
  • Encourage research into the features and practice of ritual abuse and the effects upon child and adult survivors and those working with them.
  • Raise awareness of the prevalence of ritual abuse to other professionals, including police, lawyers, politicians and journalists and also to the general public, by writing papers, discussing with colleagues and organising conferences. 
  • Disseminate information throughout the membership by Internet, general discussion, newsletters, and presentation of papers.

Professionals and survivor supporters currently involved with this work may apply to join RAINS by contacting the membership co‑ordinator on rains@rains-home.org.uk who will then discuss membership requirements prior to sending the application forms.

RAINS is not a support group for survivors, but a network for those working in this  field to be supported and kept updated with relevant information that supports their work with survivors. However there are special circumstances when the committee will consider a request by a survivor to join RAINS. 

RAINS does, however, organise occasional conferences that are open to anyone who has an interest in the subject. We can also recommend reading material but do not advise this for survivors in the early stages of therapy. 

Membership Subscription is £10 p.a.                                                                           January 2014

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