Sharon Abney loon ball

  1. Hey, old man, do you remember me? Sharon who came to Vegas fron age 14 to 28? Any good memories of us ever cross your mind? I THINK OF YOU ONCE IN AWHILE.


Dear Tom, So so sad to hear about your loss. My heart aches for you. I know it has to be a big loss to your heart and family. I pray you find the strength to go forward and have happiness in your life ahead. You have brought so much joy to millions of people in your lifetime with your voice and showmanship. Life is about life and unfortunately loss. Linda will be waiting for you in heavan. She has no more pain now. God Bless you and stay strong. You are always in my heart. Even though I haven’t seen you in 24 years. Much Love, Sharon Abney






Sharon Abney says:

Good luck girls. This is almost 50 years old now. All you have are your stories. No dna, no evidence. The beads look nothing like what he was wearing. But polish them up daily since you proudly display them. He had a Miss World in his suite. So he chose a girl with her sitting there waiting on him. Really?

  • Nastywoman says:

    Gee Sharon. It seems like you were there since you apparently know everything. What if these women were raped? You don’t know him, nor them, you weren’t there so how can you be the judge and jury?
    Who’s to say Miss World was with him? Or maybe he moved on like most famous musicians after a conquest. I imagine if you had been raped as a child and no one believed you because you waited “too long” to come forward you would feel hurried by your own comments. Sad to be you.

  • Michelle says:

    Miss World was probably not his vintage. Too old for him.

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