lulz poor mank caught

They could only make their mind up if they had one! I had a look at Ogilvy’s crappy blog. It seems because I quoted “a certain bloke” I AM that bloke! I know I don’t write at all well but FFS just how uneducated and stupid can one person be???????? Go back take a look Ogilvy ya Muppet! The Queen Gertrude thing? See the quotation marks? I actually open the paragraph with the words “I’ve been asked to stress here, and I’ll quote as I don’t feel able to paraphrase…..” In other words I didn’t feel able to re-phrase what he’d sent me in an email! Too complicated for you? Or are you just so dishonest and desperate you’ll twist anything anyway to wriggle off the hook! As for your denials over the crank phone calls, pull the other one! “That bloke” actually published the numbers in partially redacted form – the cops know fine well you used PAYG SIMs instead of the number at your flat! Likewise when you used the factory Wi-Fi to log on and post abuse. Changed their password and locked you out now have they? – You make the mistake Ogilvy of assuming the rest of the world is ow life druggy shite living off benefits like yourself!




aww hate people unable tae work and on benefits how very Tory of ya MAnky


Its you we know it fuck up lulz


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