ha ha broom broom

Oh, and just so as we’re crystal clear on this…… I’m a motor mechanic from Livingston. And the main reason I’m interested in what “that guy” has to say is that my daughter, now in her early 30s was a pupil at the school where Hugh Mitchell was a technician about 20 years ago. So she may well have been one of the girls in the video “that guy” caught Mitchell watching, reported to the police, and they did F-all about it! She certainly remembers what a creep he was! It’s funny how Ogilvy and his mates are silent on that one eh? An actual real cover-up and where the fuck are they? Blowing smoke to protect their pedo-pals that’s where!



matt ima put up about yer boyfriend  Hugh as soon as i read about it ima no the daily mail ya nonce prick



Pity you let him nonce yer daughter , I reported the fuckers that did mine

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