Matt Quinn as Alfred not Bertie loses it

now matt you sad fucking failure , failed buisness man failed  lecturer failed father we all know its you , ima have had it confirmed  🙂
If I was a nonce surely I would have been charged….but but
We all know who the Nonce is Manky  LULZ

And another thing “Walter”….. What real part did Gerrish play in the hoax? I know he supported Green but apart from that? It was Belinda McKenzie who was pulling Green’s strings for the most of it after Greg Lance Watkins bailed on it. I’ve just had a look at looney Malcolms barmy blog. The sad ass is still obsessing that everybody is M…. Q…. including Bertie! The drugs have got this clown’s solitary brain cell well fried. and he’s still trying to push some fake story about Q having another kid? Funny how he jumps into bed with Greg Lance-Watkins when it suits him! The pair of them well butthurt! Well so fuck what if he did have another kid Malclown? Don’t get me wrong! I don’t believe this attention seeking freak show tale for a split second second but how does being a divorcee or even as you claim a dead beat dad compare to what you did you dirty filthy cunt? Filling your own wee girl’s head full of your weirdo stoner drug sex fantasies then trying to frame her grand dad? Face it Ogilvy, you’re a fucking nonce and the world knows it! And it’s well-strange how Malclown the big shot anti-pedo campaigner isn’t remotely bothered about the god-almighty coverup surrounding the Mitchell case! …..Too scared if it get dug into it’ll expose more of your mates eh Malc?


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