Cyngor Gwynedd’s Secure Mail Fail.


In March 2016, a letter addressed to an Aled Gibbard (Senior Operational Manager) at Cyngor Gwynedd was hand delivered to #SiopGwynedd at the Caernarfon offices and placed in their secure letterbox.
It contained confidential and sensitive information relating to an Official Complaint and raised questions relating to a letter from Aled Gibbard dated 11th March.
Mr Gibbard, who was dealing with the complaint himself, and, even though repeated reference was made to this letter, alleges the letter was never received.

Margaret Kenealy Jones, refused to acknowledge that hand delivering a letter to Cyngor Gwynedd shop in Caernarfon and physically dropping it into their secure(?) letterbox means it was delivered and… “We have conducted a search; unfortunately this has come back negative….we do not feel that failing to respond to a letter which we did not receive warrants…investigation.

How many letters to the council posted in the secure letterbox get lost…

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