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    Tweeted 12am last night. This is the sort of thing I wake up to every am – this is the price of speaking out against false allegations.

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    Walking and listening! Fascinating. Night, night.

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    I fully intend to – just Mr G, the river, the birds, and me. Thank you.

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    It seems the Twitter account of has just been reactivated. An even wiser decision.

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    Reactivated when awake, deactivated when asleep! Can’t tell which day I’ll never wake up again, not tomorrow, nearly made it to birthday.

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    again to switch it off, so switch it off before I go to sleep. No candle from you?

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    Not quite yet, two hours and five minutes to go – but may deactivate my twitter feed before then – can never tell when I might not wake up

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    Again, like yesterday, it has been deleted. A bit like a child playing knock and run. I am not going to post it for reasons already stated.

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    Thank you!

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    So did Jonathan King lie to Anna Raccoon by telling her the charges against him had been NFA’d?

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    Submission is made by Margaret Jervis, Legal Affairs Adviser, of the British False Memory Society 2002

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    A blog posting by Mark Smith making no reference to Anna Raccoon or Duncroft. In what way might I find that helpful?

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    Wounded person that you decided to wound further with professional precision and timing, says a lot about you. How’s it working out for you?

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    It’s definitely ‘her’, but not as people know her for the most part.

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    She is doing it out of spite and, in doing so, has proved your point that she was just using you.

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    ICYMI: Barbara Hewson, the kind soul who fights tooth and nail to protect @AnnaRaccoon2017 from cyberstalking posted her email address!

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    of a parliamentary candidate going now Ms Jervis. Working out as you expected?

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    Ah, well I hope Thursday is comfortable for you and you spend it with those who are really important to you. Those that matter.

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    Nothing suspicious, just if I leave it too late, it will be ‘too late’.

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    Just my husband – that is all I need. I am going to have to close my Twitter account soon, don’t know how much longer I will last.

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    No 1st June – it’s on my profile, I don’t hide anything. No false names, no false dates, no false locations.

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  22. the paints last year, for my birthday. I don’t think it was too bad for a first effort. This was ‘me’ before all this happened.

  23. Oh, look what I’ve just found. This is a painting I did last year, actually the first time I had ever tried to paint anything. I was given

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    some document on line on his site with nfa scrawled over it. I believed him. I’ve been such a fool.

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  25. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Dame Alun Roberts

    he was the one who alerted me to it first of all. He knows. Big shock for me. Same as JKs 18 charges, he said he’d been nfa’d and even put

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    Can’t remember which way round it went now – but one relative was convicted for underage sex came out in divorce hearing – ask MWT he was

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