The world as seen from a Norfolk bedside.

And when you go looking for it to find something else to steal – it just ain’t there!

Try rabbit’s blog – she’s the expert….I just write ‘fiction’ – or I did in the good old days….there you go ‘tdf’  – I referenced rabbit’s blog just like you wanted.

Ring a ring of roses…going to leave a comment on her blog telling her to reference me?

Oh, you can’t of course, because she just deletes comments she doesn’t like. Blocks anyone who disagrees with her. Me, I used to let any old fool comment on mine.

Switches from being an expert on Duncroft (that she’s never set foot in), to being an expert on the NHS – in the blink of an eye. Well, the blink of two or three eyes, after the rest of them had done their dirty work.

Ask her about Cleveland and Savile if she’s an…

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