hahaha MAtt quinns favourite subject



12 Apr 2017 – The Truth About MATT QUINN – By His Daughter Sinead … grown up in attitude but showing him as an ignorant and disturbed inadequate.


  • Alfred the Adequate    
  • Justin…. I believe you will find Bertie is referring to Hugh Mitchell. Read up on the case, it emerged in court that Mitchell ( an ex-TV cameraman) had been shooting videos of his victims. He also infamously authored a fictionalised account of how he raped one of his victims which his wife (an MBE no less) hid for him at her office in a children’s charity. Obviously he didn’t do this without a market! About 20 years ago Mitchell was given his marching orders from the school my own daughter attended where he was a technician; he’d been caught filming the girls in their gym clothes and quietly pushed out the door…. Personally I’m still raging as my daughter was one of those kids and the school just didn’t do the right thing, it was all hushed up. I only learned about it when the cunt was had up for raping kids! Mitchell is, quite genuinely, an ex army intelligence officer, you’ll find both his army number and reference to his service from his colleages (see the regimental website) if you dig around. There are a number of different sources from where the background can be corroborated. And it’s certainly true that Roy Greig was up for embzzlement. On the day he died (IIRC) he’d been to Glasgow to see his union about the disciplinary charges he was facing. It’s amazing how silent the conspiritards are on the Mitchell case, but the facts are there. I think Bertie is just being cautious naming names because he’s not in the UK and many stern warnings have been issued about not doing anything that could ultimately lead to a mistrial – like naming ‘A’ for instance.


  • Sgt Hugh Mitchell, 24101157 Ex B♭ Clarinet player with the 1st Bn Royal Highland Fusiliers and latterly a photographer with the Intelligence Cell of that regiment. He served in the army between 1966 and 1990… Was posted to both Berlin and Belfast at various times and blotted his copybook in both places. You can cross check much of this with many of the Army forums or the regimental forum – I’ll let you research these yourself as I don’t want accused of gaslighting here! News of the conviction………….


    Dig around and you’ll find that one of his victims father confronted him in 1998 and he was additionally reported to the police, the Scottish Daly Record has reports he’s a known associate of another convicted nonce called Ian Samson who was running a porn/pedo ring in and around Edinburgh. “A” is believed to be an ‘friend’ of Mitchell’s. It’s a bit obscure but you should be able to establish “A” trying to inveigle himself into the video trade at one point despite having no background in it!


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