question to the child snatchers in the pre-birth case conference of Willow Eve Roberts.

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Published on May 22, 2014

They’d already kidnapped (without a court order or consent) and forcibly adopted my 2 eldest daughters in the court that uses gossip and opinion to justify what they are doing. A couple of years after, my wife was pregnant again because we want a family (just like these adopters want a family). This is taken from the pre birth case conference of my youngest daughter Willow that led to my wife being induced for no medical reason 2 days before the due date so that the UK Waffen SS can kidnap a baby from birth. Yet another forced adoption.
If it was about parenting then why didn’t they offer to give us parenting classes?
Or is it about breaking up families for profit? The foster agencies are paid around £2k per week per child, the kidnappers get a cash bonus, expert witnesses are paid between £6k and £18k to write damning reports based on opinion only, solicitors charge whatever they like, and the kangaroo court judge is paid by the same people who pay the kidnappers.

Here’s an example of a typical family court case. The judge doesn’t want this to be made public, so please share it.…

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