zoompads thoughts on Quinn

Zoompad said…

I was blocked from going onto Robert Greens blog for about 9 months, and I moaned and moaned and moaned about it, I told Robert Green I couldn’t access his blog, and moaned and grumbled about it on Facebook. After Robert and his solicitor parted company, I was able to post on Roberts blog again. I am now getting bullied like fury for asking too many difficult questions, they are calling me a nutter Matt Quinn and another man, and using the excuse that I am being self centred because I keep mentioning that I was abused in a Pindown childrens home.

I’m not being self centred at all, I am simply refusing to be gagged and feel that if I keep mentioning my own bad experience in Pindown it might help other child abuse victims to feel they too can speak out, if they want to. Plus, it says on Hollies blog for people to please come forward if they are victims of abuse, so thats what I am doing, and noone, not Matt Quinn or even the devil is going to bloody well gag me any more, and if they want to bully me they can jolly well do their bullying in front of a big Internet audience!!!!!




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