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Friday, 6 January 2017

Pedophile Loving Twitter Trolls and victim stalkers are being arrested

Another Twitter troll and stalker arrested  Simon Just leader of ‘the Honourables’ who scoured twitter using tweets to get people banned from football grounds. Just is a  vitriolic troll, hater of child abuse victims and whistle-blowers  joined by buddies Darren Laverty and Anna Racoon.   The only one not yet arrested in Anna Racoon who claims for the  fifth time she is retiring from her career of abuse.

Add Accused of being a pedophile
Image result for darren Laverty
Darren Laverty  of Llanfaipwll PG North Wales accused of sexually abusing younger boys in North Wales children’s Homes, nasty twitter Troll and Stalker  Friend of  pedophile chief policeman Gordon Anglesea
Anna Racoon, Pedophile and Jimmy Savile lover, claims to be ex Duncroft girl
who trolls child abuse victims and whistle-blowers

Simon Just’s  behaviour became so abusive that he was arrested for harassment in a joint police operation between Avon & Somerset and Cumbria constabularies. He Lives at 4 Castle Green Lane. Kendal. Cumbria. a picturesque part of England.

It is reported that:- Police arrested a 51-year-old man on suspicion of stalking.
He was taken to a police station in Cumbria for questioning.
He has been bailed to return on a date in mid-May.”
The Met Police yesterday morning arrested a 51 year old man in Kendal after obtaining a warrant to search his property  under the Harassment Act.
A statement from the Met Police said : “Officers from the Metropolitan Police Service carried out a warrant under the harassment act at an address in Kendal, Cumbria, on the morning of Wednesday, 4 January.
The man was Simon Just and the person who was being allegedly stalked was Esther Baker, who has publicly disclosed that she is an abuse survivor.
The arrest comes while there is a separate police investigation by Staffordshire Police into  historic child sex abuse allegations involving the abuse of Esther Baker and other people. Staffordshire Police have referred the investigation to the Crown Prosecution Service.
In a separate move  earlier another  man –  Darren Laverty – has also been arrested  and charged with stalking Esther Baker and another woman, a journalist.

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