NONCE gets community service despite having abuse images of kids as young as 4yrs old.


A paedophile who stashed horrific images of children being abused in the living room of his home has avoided jail by a “whisker”.
David Peacock was told by a sheriff that he was only spared a prison sentence because of sentencing guidelines laid down by the High Court.
Paisley Sheriff Court had previously heard that the 52-year-old had two laptops containing 42 sick images of children – some as young as four – in his living room.
He appeared in court for sentencing yesterday and was placed on a Community Payback Order for three years and ordered to carry out 250 hours of unpaid work.
Sheriff David Pender told his defence agent: “If I follow the guidelines then he misses custody by a whisker.”
He added: “The High Court has passed down guidelines for offences of this type.
“Considering the number of images involved, imprisonment would not be an…

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