matt quinn has two goes

Oh dear! I’m just off the phone from speaking to an actual Journalist who follows this type of story. “Tricky Dicky” was further described as “a homophobic Bigot whose character peaks at that point then descends vertically into the bits of Hell”. I am further advised that he spends far too much time and money in a Truro sex shop then complains about his purchases on the internet -which has an interesting effect on his search results. “Yet another clown deflecting from his own perverted ways by projecting them onto others”. -It was also suggested that his training as a “Journalist” was probably received at the same school as Robert Green.

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  • It turns out EC that he is a cleaner. Maybe he once cleaned a newspaper office? But my source, who is fairly reliable, tells me that no kind of background in journalism or media of any kind can be attributed to Carvath.

    Note that he writes;

    “Col. Richard Carvath, 40, has been involved in investigative print journalism since the 1990s.”

    Colonel? Really? I cannot imagine a commissioned officer of 40 having left the services yet, nor that in their early 20s they wouldn’t already have been in the services. Yet, by his own admission, at that age, Richard Carvath was a lavvy cleaner in one of Manchester’s sleazier gay bars. Isn’t it odd how these “types” so often feign a military background? It’s a pity this new claim of his is at odds with what he once told an actual Journalist back in 2010, and what people actually know of him. Additionally, not being a writer myself I’d have thought someone making the claims he does in the manner he makes then would describe themself as Richard Carvath British Journalist, not “British journalist”?


I’m now reliably informed that “Col. Richard Carvath” is what military types call a “Walt”. Apparently if you are commissioned to any rank in the services it’s reported in something called “The Gazette”. Carvath is not mentioned and therefore did not serve.

Oh, this just gets better and better;

“Is it true that you were once a toilet cleaner in the gay village?

RC: “Yes – but I must clarify the detail of that. It was in 1997, part time for 2 months. I was registered with an employment agency – Adecco Alfred Marks on Deansgate – and they offered me Friday and Saturday nights cleaning the bogs at a bar/restaurant called Mash ‘n’ Air which was off Canal Street on the fringe of the so-called gay village. I needed the money so I took the gig. I had to do the men’s and the women’s. It wasn’t really a gay haunt, it was mainly a trendy straight place, a pick-up joint, a few expensive escort girls, y’know the kind of thing.”’

I phoned up a Mancunian friend the who is out, proud, very loud and as camp as Christmas. I asked him if that place was particularly ‘Gay’… “Very much so!” Came the chortling reply! “He must have been the only straight in the village!”

Reading that interview, I think I get a good sense of where his homophobia is rooted.







and  on the same day Quinny his a go here

  1. Alfred the Adequate.

    “Colonel” Richard Carvath dips his toe in the Sea of Cump.

    No Gazette entry, no evidence of any service, claims when cornered to have passed the PRC selection and attested into the Royal Marines Reserve – But IS known to have been putting it about that he was a Royal Marine Command, thus the question put to him by a reporter… See link below.

    In reality in his early 20s was a lavvy cleaner at a Manchester gay bar. Circa mid-90s was involved in a project (roperats ltd) to persuade little boys to come ‘sailing’ with him. Presents now as a rabid homophobe with a predilection for ‘schoolgirls’ experiencing S&M. Hides behind a ‘Christian’ facade.

    Interview here.

    Despite claiming to be an “investigative journalist” he has never attended any media training course, isn’t a member of any press union or association, holds no press card, nothing can be found published or broadcast by him etc.

    Worth keeping a weather eye on IMHO – be good if he could be drawn on his lofty rank. This guy is potentially a real danger to kids.


  3. aye so could you


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