lulz matt quinn exposes himself on Hoaxstead


matt ima never sent anyone to your shitty wee Kirknewton slum, I dinnae need tae

I hiv never phoned never e mailed and you suspect , you divert tae nonces 2 much

Hows that police investigation going?


hows Sinead?






    • With all due respect, you need to dig much much further into this EC.

      I’m very reliably informed by a “third party” that George Kouris of Manchester (the full address is easily found) registered the domain name on the 2nd of April this year – just after Google took down the Blogspot version of the site. The blog itself was and is still mainly the work of Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy – just read what’s written…… Ogilvy is infamous for “not being able to spell the word I” and insists on using the unexplanable “ima” grunting like the chimp he is……..

      “@Holliegreigjust: surely you dinnae believe watkins?” – “Dinnae”, the Scots form of “do not” also commonly used by Ogilvy in his writing.

      Lest we forget – Ogilvy is the very same man who tried and failed the very same scam as Draper and Christie did in an attempt to frame his daughter’s grandfather. the mistake he made was to actually hand the phone over to the police who quickly discovered evidence of him coaching her!

      I also point out that Ogilvy is (I’ve been told to put alleged in here) alleged to have made a number of cranks phone calls and sent malicious emails to someone else who called him out on his nonsense. He made the mistake of using what is a fairly rare thing, a fixed IP belonging to a company near Aberdeen who rent what’s called a “T1 Line” from another company in Yorkshire, this was very quickly traced. The same person who was targeted has also had “certain individuals” turn up at what the hoaxers would believe to be their front door; not for a cosy chat either one would think. The “stalker” was arrested as the place is covered by extensive CCTV.

      I was actually played a recording of one of the crank calls this morning, there is (to my ears) no doubting who’s voice that is, and curiously enough something struck me about the language. The target of this abuse was urged in quasi-pious tone to (quote) “repent” – some similarity there I think to the rhetoric used by someone who thinks they’re in a position to grant “absolution” to Anna.

      Ogilvy is a really nasty vicious thug not averse to sending his stoner mates round to try and put the frighteners on people. Attacking and inflicting psychological torment on dying, paralysed woman is just about his style and level.

      “@AnnaRaccoon2017: oh I believed watkins – but no more.”

      That’s understandable.

      Watkins just isn’t credible. As is pointed out elsewhere……..

      “Watkins is the man who was mainly responsible for promoting the Hollie Greig hoax in the first place. – He wasn’t by any measure “duped”, he wasn’t mislead; he simply promoted a lie for his own ends – which, as all evidence reflects, are always disreputable and dubious. It’s indisputable fact that he was not just ‘fooled’ at the early stages’ (as he later claimed) but in fact led the charge right up to and including the very point where the BBC’s Mark Daly blew the extended allegations live ‘on air’ during a radio programme… ”

      Dig out the recording of the Tony Legend Show and this is pretty-much confirmed – Watkins was “right with the hoax” up until Mark Daly blew the main body of it out the water, he was obviously floundering when he called in to the show.

      “Dishonesty runs to his very core. Where exactly do you start with a man who claims to he was “educated at Kings Cambridge” when in fact he has nothing beyond an elementary education and this boast relate to a primary school he may once have attended…

      Then there were his idiotic claims to be running “the welsh assembly” from his semi-derelict old junk shop in Chepstow… A business which failed, he claimed, in part because the local town council invested in and regenerated the area. – One can only assume making his eyesore even more obvious than it had been previously.

      And of course there is the three hours of video of this flatulence-filled balloon claiming (among other perverted lunatic fantasies) that Sarah Brown – the Ex-PM’s wife – is effectively a live-in prostitute hired to mask Gordon’s homosexuality and predilection for under-age rent-boys!

      And let’s not forget his tales of daring-do ‘secret missions’ to fly blood samples out from American airbases during the foot-and-mouth epidemic and what “Her Majesty” taught him at Sandhurst… The tales related by Watkins in this video are all complete and utter bollocks, a pack of silly lies from beginning to end. ”

      ……..These are all claims which can be very easily checked out and confirmed. For instance Search YouTube for “The New European Soviet – Greg Lance-Watkins – MRG 9-23-07” – Watkins spends two-and-a-half hours on his feet talking the most ridiculous shite you can imagine! He’s a nutter!

      The claims to be (quote) “educated at Kings Cambridge and Clifton he went via The Green Jackets to Sandhurst, quit the Army on political grounds opposed to the possibility of British invasion of ……..” are right here —

      Watkins never attended any university let alone Cambridge, and it emerges his claims relate to Kings College School – his old primary school supposedly! Even then at one point he was claiming the headmaster (whose name he couldn’t even get right) “spanked him” in a “sexualised way”. On that basis he’s supposed to have returned to the school as an older teenager with the intention of killing the man in what’s been described as a “pre-echo of the Dunblane massacre” …. It was apparently Hamilton’s original intention to kill the headmaster in front of the kids. It turns out the real Mr Butters (headmaster of KCS at one time) was a war hero, distinguished service with the RAF and may well have beaten Watkins’ father to a plum post at one point. There is no evidence of Watkins ever having attended KCS, although there are some accounts of a nutcase turning up at the school and getting themselves arrested and sectioned which do tie in to some extent with Watkins claims.There is no credible record of Watkins having served in the army. And curiously enough the only person to try and convince a researcher he was is now banged up for raping little girls, some as young as nine. That individual is also known to be the author or various forms of child pornography.

      I’ve been asked to stress here, and I’ll quote as I don’t feel able to paraphrase…..

      “Believing that Hollie Greig was abused does not mean that one also believes any aspect of what was promoted by the hoaxers. The findings of the CICA are perfectly clear and based on a professional examination of the facts. They go as far as the law can go in the circumstances. And they illuminate a ‘tiny grain of truth’ which is, and Mark Daly observed, washed away in a tide of nonsense.

      And that is, in my view the thing that is at the heart of the purpose Hollie Grieg hoax, the obfuscation of that tiny grain of truth which, if further illuminated, will cause a ‘can of worms’ to be opened.

      For the avoidance of doubt; those CICA findings do not, for a microsecond, support anything beyond what is the sickeningly-prosaic abuse of a vulnerable child by close relatives; as is so often the case where child abuse is concerned. – For clarity, that means the report does not support Robert Green’s claims. Equally well though the notion of there being “NO EVIDENCE” that Hollie was “EVER” abused really doth have a touch of the ‘Player Queen’ about it… Truly, queen Gertrude walks here, rattling her chains loudly! ”

      As some have been saying all along, the Hollie Greig case/hoax is just not as “binary” as it’s usually painted. Had that “tiny grain of truth” been pursued it might well have lead to a whole nest of vipers being uncovered. And personally I’m 100% convinced by those who say that both hoax and counter-hoax were part of one and the same operation to obscure that “tiny grain” – with a lot of innocent people sucked in on both sides. That’s particularly well-illustrated in the rotund shape of Greg Lance-Watkins who, as a matter of inescapable fact, has attempted to lead the charge ( and gain status for himself) from both sides! As Lincoln said, you can fool all of the people some of the time and I don’t blame Anna for being taken in by Watkins in the first instance, many people were and still are. But you don’t have to dig very far into him to discover what a complete and utter fraud he is – right up there with Belinda McKenzie! Fortunately, it seems that (as predicted) that nest of vipers is being dug out from another direction. And I for one hope that the inmates in certain Scottish prisons who don’t like nonces apply a little pressure for two particular scumbags to start talking. What we do know for sure though is that many roads lead to Morocco and Portugal.

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      • Many thanks, Alfred. I realised my error too late, and didn’t have access to a computer until now. However, I’ll correct the article, and thank you for the additional info.


        • You’re very welcome EC……

          I’ve been asked to make something else “crystal clear” about the Hollie Greig case. The people who suffered most from what are being called the “extended allegations” -that is everything beyond what is in the CICA report, are viewed as simply being used as “decoys” by those (on both sides) with an interest in drawing attention away from that which does perhaps warrant further investigation. Whilst it’s beyond any reasonable doubt that they are completely innocent of what they were accused, it’s unfortunate that wasn’t actually explored and set in stone by way of a court judgement. All Robert Green was jailed for remember is “breach of the peace” and some follow-on technical breaches that followed on from that, and all that has really achieved is “status” for him among the conspiritard set. It’s viewed as a real pity that Sheriff Buchanan didn’t proceed with the defamation action as it would cleared these people’s names beyond any kind of doubt, real, imagined or fabricated. However, no-one legitimate who continues to maintain a “watching brief” on the Hollie Greig case has the slightest “interest” in those who were falsely accused as they were “eliminated from enquiries” some years ago. The focus of the people who continue to keep this case in their sights is those who abuse children and those who make and trade in child pornography, nothing else.


    • Further reading on Watkins, all accurate, all checkable……….

      Link to the Telegraph article –

      And if you search for “Swedish politician’s death 13 years ago mirrors murder of UK lawmaker” you’ll find a CNBC article that highlights the comparison between Ms Lindh’s murder and that of Jo Cox. From elsewhere comes this too…

      “Worse still, Greg Lance-Watkins is a man who has blood on his hands…

      This twisted grotesque who was once quite boastful of his terrorist-style firearms convictions is, irrefutably, the piece of sub-human vermin that, on learning of the murder of Swedish pro-EU politician Anna Lind, urged ‘other patriots’ to carry out a copy-cat killing.

      To be clear here, what the deranged idiot Watkins applauded was the cold-blooded slaughter of an innocent middle-aged professional woman as she enjoyed the simple pleasure of shopping for clothes in a high street store. What manner of madman supports such a thing under any circumstances?

      I quote Greg Lance Watkins directly and accurately here;

      “I suggest the first patriot to take direct action is remembered by putting his or her statue on the remaining plinth in Trafalgar Square.”

      Perhaps not-quite believing anyone could utter such insanity he was challenged on these comments by a journalist;

      “Yes, I do support the execution of elected politicians when they seek to betray the electorate and their country,” he said in interview…

      Execution? – Cold blooded murder in the street an execution? Is this not the same rhetoric we now hear from Islamic State and was previously spewed out by the IRA. Terrorism is the word! Greg Lance-Watkins actually encourages and incites terrorism here.

      Please do bear in mind that Watkins used those words when speaking to an experienced journalist who had entered into a conversation with him in order to ensure there was not any mistake or misunderstanding. To encourage others to commit a copycat crime, to speak of ‘execution’ when the reality was cold-blooded murder – the words of a psychopathic madman and a coward of the first order. There is no shadow of a doubt as to their authenticity and I do invite readers to cross-check and confirm what I have written here.

      This madness of his is proven… The link to the original newspaper piece is contained herein and you should note its date… 2003. Proving beyond any doubt that this lunatic has been spewing forth his nonsense for many years!

      Those sickening words of his lead directly to further tragedy as one of his apparent ‘fans’ carried out his wishes; and it cost a young mother – Jo Cox – her life.

      I make no apology for levelling the charge directly at Greg Lance-Watkins that he has Jo Cox’s blood on his already filth-stained hands. He is – palpably and irrefutably proven to be a dirty-filthy-minded failure of a man who is just as responsible for leaving that woman’s children motherless as the lunatic who is now behind bars for doing what he encouraged…

      Then there is the way he deliberately lead the Hollie Greig case into absurdity. For it was him – and not actually the bungling Robert Green – who released the names of Hollie’s alleged co-abused to the world. And it was he who first libelled all those named in the ‘smoke screen’ fairy story which buried the credible facts surrounding Hollie’s probable abuse and helped make her probable abuser ‘flameproof’.”

      ……Greg Lance-Watkins is truly “out there” with the very worst of the hoax promoters.


      • Well I’m disappointed if Anna had any dealings with this loathsome creature but sadly, I can believe it. Anna is a Libertarian at heart and a virulent Brexiter – I have no problem with her beliefs in that even if I don’t agree- but both camps are riddled with some of the craziest scumbags known to man. Those who support both ideologies have had a bizarre tendency to simply accept known nutters as fellow travelers.


        • I’m not sure disappointment is necessary. Watkins does, before you drill into him, present quite a convincing front….. The slightly eccentric ex-book dealer with a posh accent, claims of a military background and claims to various “contacts”. The misleading hint at being a Cambridge graduate for instance; who, before the Hollie Greig thing, would really drill as far into that as was done? I’ve been told he used some such influence to get the Hollie Greig case mentioned in the News Of the Worlds or somesuch other rag, this was before Mark Daly “blew it up”. To discover what we now know about him took quite a bit of drilling and research. As always it’s the tip of the iceberg as the policy of the individual concerned is to wrote up only what the reader can cross-check for themself. His reaction to it all has been as priceless as it is desperate.


      • Well [NAME REDACTED], that little diatribe off your post-menopausal chest now? For all your distraction / coverup BS – you are simply a paedo abuse enabler n apologist – n the likes of you prevent Hollie Greig from ever achieving justice for her abuse – and her rapists walk free and continue to abuse.
        Dante marked a perfect spot for your ilk – in the Ninth Circle of Hell.


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