lets look deeper at quinns lies


I also point out that Ogilvy is (I’ve been told to put alleged in here) alleged to have made a number of cranks phone calls and sent malicious emails to someone else who called him out on his nonsense.

ima never made a call tae quinn or sent e mails , never been questioned by the cops LIe 1


He made the mistake of using what is a fairly rare thing, a fixed IP belonging to a company near Aberdeen who rent what’s called a “T1 Line” from another company in Yorkshire, this was very quickly traced.


I hiv had the same nr at my flat fir 20 years ….thats a company addrees nae emails


The same person who was targeted has also had “certain individuals” turn up at what the hoaxers would believe to be their front door; not for a cosy chat either one would think.



The “stalker” was arrested as the place is covered by extensive CCTV.

hahaha where is this evidence , where s the cctv where is the arrest record

Your cctv of the garage break in has the wrang time code



I was actually played a recording of one of the crank calls this morning, there is (to my ears) no doubting who’s voice that is, and curiously enough something struck me about the language.


whit matt Quinn let you hear HIS tapes?





Image result for matt quinn hollie greig








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