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  1. 1m1 minute ago

    2/2 taking over Greys Inn Chambers ahead of the announcement.

  2. 2m2 minutes ago

    For the record, they were about her praising the Real Troll Exposure blog site for “stepping up to the plate” and about Mansfield 1/2

  3. 2m2 minutes ago

    I knew in advance that if the account was fake it would attempt to say the emails were about Old Holborn. They were not.

  4. 4m4 minutes ago

    The fake has been blocked btw. Whoever it is needs to explain themselves to others (allegedly).

  5. 7m7 minutes ago

    Run along Anna Fake. You would know if you had those emails wouldn’t you? 😉 Gotcha.

  6. 8m8 minutes ago

    Ladies and Gentlemen. AnnaRaccoon2017 is NOT Anna Raccoon.

  7. 24m24 minutes ago

    Rumbled eh?

  8. 27m27 minutes ago

    People are worried for the safety and reputation of the real Anna Raccoon. Justifiably so on the basis of today’s events.

  9. 33m33 minutes ago

    After all the opportunities she’s had to put all of this out there over the years and months, she’s chosen to change allegiances now? Why?

  10. 34m34 minutes ago

    So that’s a no then. We have our answer.

  11. 10h10 hours ago

    Replying to

    People who make false allegations of rape/abuse destroy, even take, lives & should be named & prosecuted. We must stop this plague of liars

  12. 41m41 minutes ago

    Coz at present it’s like tweeting a pre-arranged story in stages. A little like a hostage reading out a ransom demand in a way.

  13. 41m41 minutes ago

    And the longer those doubts remain, the less likely that day has actually come.

  14. 42m42 minutes ago

    Never thought I’d see the day “Anna Raccoon” turned into a professional victim. Except … major doubts remain.

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