cleveland the appologists trying tae hide Saville

I’d like to end by reminding you of the words of the Honourable Mr. Justice Holman.

The difficulty lies in being positive about a negative.
Another remark he made seemed even moor worthy of repetition.
This has been a very fact-specific judgment after a very fact-specific hearing.
Perhaps a New Year can lead to some New Thinking about Sir Jimmy Savile.
Any thinking at all about this whole civic fiasco would be a welcome relief.

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  1. Happy New Year Everyone – Here’s to a successful 2014 ! xx


  2. We could almost claim the following to be a FACT already : What happened in the UK October in 2012 was NOTHING to do with Jimmy Savile and NOTHING to do with protecting children, end of !


  3. Rabbit Away ‏@rabbitaway 1m

    All those child abuse experts and all those studies in Jimmy Savile’s home town 1985 – 1987 Moor Larkin’s latest !


    3:18 AM – 1 Jan 14 · Details


  4. Looking forward to making the first blogpost of the new year – coming soon… 🙂

  5. Don’t forget what’s on tonight at 6.24 pm !! Looking forward to your first post too Sir ! 🙂

  6. As an aficionado of witch hunts, I can tell you that they never, never start with the Great Unwashed. Contrary to the popular image of the pitch-fork wielding mob bent on the destruction of some poor innocent who doesn’t “fit in”, the plebs usually react first with cynicism, then with bewilderment and finally a sort of glum acquiescence to the dominant narrative. Witch hunts are always driven by the so-called “experts”, whether theological, medical, political, or journalistic. The public assumes they must know what they are talking about. Well, no one so deluded as an expert.


  7. Your description of the Pleb’s Progress pretty much sums up how I felt, until I read Anna Raccoon and then Sally Stevens…… Then I knew that not only were the experts bull-shitting me, but far worse they explicitly deceiving me. Gradually, I started to get angrier.

    Now it’s the experts I’d like to pitch the most….

  8. “The Culture of Fear – Why Americans are afraid of all the wrong things” by Barry Glassner (1999). Glassner discusses the role of media and (frequently) self-appointed experts in stoking the Great Satanic Panic which gripped the US in the 80s, as well as other, lesser scares such as teen moms, “crack-babies”, “road rage” (remember than one?) and multiple allergies. Dated in some respects, but worth the read. Essentially, you have a perfectly murderous combination of lazy, superficial journalism which is based on screaming loudly to get attention, one-issue merchants from the groves of Academe, and con artists many of whom are completely unqualified (rather like Mark ). Glassner makes the interesting point that the difference between a humongous panic (such as Satanist child-abusers in primary schools) and a minor one (like “road rage”) is the extent to which people feel there is some real problem out there , even if not the one which the media is serving up to them, plus the amount of attention paid to it by the authorities. In the US, at the time Glassner was writing, approximately one third of children were at risk primarily from poverty and family break-down (not widespread sexual abuse by mysterious “rings”) but rather than look at how the prevailing economic model was contributing to this, it was simply more psychologically comfortable to displace this very genuine disquiet onto a Satanic Underground. Especially when the media and experts all concurred that this was so.

    Nothing new about this. You’re doing the right thing, Moor, the only thing that works. Keep pointing out the sheer unlikeliness of so many of these allegations and supporting your points with evidence. Evidence. It’s the only thing that matters in the end.

  9. Keep at it, Moor.
    All the best for the coming year.


  10. One of the defence expert witnesses in the Leeds ‘abuse’ case was Astrid Heger, a prominent prosecution expert witness in the McMartin trial. Older and wiser?


  11. Yes – Heger did a remarkable about turn. It was the McCann paper that demolished many of the earlier presumptions regarding medical evidence and this deflated the Californian bandwagon that had been adopted by Hobbs and Wynne. Interestingly the RAD test was an old canard previously used to ‘detect’ adult homosexuality. William McGrath, the Orangeman convicted in the Kincora case and since then continuously linked to conspiracy theories had originally maintained his innocence of charges against him re the hostel. Bizarrely he was given a medical examination and tested positive for RAD and was told that this was ‘proof’ of his sexuality. He was then forced to plead guilty though he never accepted his guilt in fact. This was prior to the the use of RAD in child abuse cases and of course it was eventually shown that this ‘sign’ was not diagnostic of anal intercourse. How might history have been changed had this been known to McGrath at the time?

  12. New entries into statements of the 21st Century – “but I never saw a thing” – “”he was hiding in plain sight”” – “but he was such a kind man, the country and establishment loved him” – “”he groomed a nation”” – “but think of all the money he raised” – “”proceeds of crime, he did charity work to get close to his victims”” – “we knew him for 50 odd years, we saw nothing or suspected nothing” – “”he groomed you too and was hiding in plain sight, also he intimidated you and you were scared of him and his powerful friends”” – “but, but……………” – “”just leave it mate, remember he spent every waking moment thinking about………….. (you know the rest)” – Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  13. You just have to look at what’s going on with Starmer …. REMEMBER, no one just appears on the New Y Honors list, and thanks to Jimmy we know that they are TOLD some time in advance that they are to be honored …. what a bunch if F’ing C’s !! Hi Anon (;) xx


  14. Another excellent piece of research and analysis by Moor. It really is about time a statistical analysis was performed on the probability of all these retro claims being overlooked at the time of the alleged offences given the variables. In Shelbourne Nova Scotia in the 1990s a single case of an abuser in juvenile homes (similar to children’s homes for delinquents here) resulted in a compensation programme that resulted in many hundreds of claims when only a handful were envisaged.. An investigation was commissioned as part of the programme to look into the the extent of past abuse headed by retired police officers. It was determined that it was impossible for the.abuse on this scale to have taken place and instead looked at the relationship between the open-handed compensation programme and how claims had proliferated. This lead to the judicial Kaufmann enquiry which endorsed many of the investigation findings. This investigation, not based on sequential ‘narrative’ allegations, but on rational analysis demonstrates how quickly and effectively false claims can snowball given incentives and means.


  15. Oh well that proves he’s innocent then


  16. @Anonymous
    Isn’t the principle supposed to be that someone has to prove him guilty rather than that I have to prove him innocent? This Post was an illustration that there would have been copious reasons for him to have been rumbled in his own hometown thirty years or more ago, and by people who had no reason to fear him and every reason to want his scalp – if they had had even the vaguest notion that he was what has been claimed about him, since October 2012.

    In terms of proving someone innocent is concerned, that can only be done in respect of a specific charge. Certainly he has been proven innocent of the original Duncroft allegations at the BBC since he was not in the buildings where the assaults were claimed to have occurred at the times the offences were claimed to have been made. The same would apply to the story of the boy-scout, which launched the “child” accusations. So yes, he has been proved innocent.

  17. Jim’s better off dead. I quite liked the environment I was brought up in – the 21st century Idiot Britain is absolutely wretched.

  18. I referred in a previous post to the Lanning inquiry of 1992, regarding alleged Satanic abuse in the USA. I found it online and it is especially worth a look.

    This paragraph in the conclusion is prophetic:
    “Overzealous intervenors must accept the fact that some of their well-intentioned activity is contaminating and damaging the prosecutive potential of the cases where criminal acts did occur. We must all (i.e., the media, churches, therapists, victim advocates, law enforcement, and the general public) ask ourselves if we have created an environment where victims are rewarded, listened to, comforted, and forgiven in direct proportion to the severity of their abuse. Are we encouraging needy or traumatized individuals to tell more and more outrageous tales of their victimization? Are we making up for centuries of denial by now blindly accepting any allegation of child abuse no matter how absurd or unlikely? Are we increasing the likelihood that rebellious, antisocial, or attention- seeking individuals will gravitate toward “satanism” by publicizing it and overreacting to it? The overreaction to the problem can be worse than the problem.”


  19. That proves he’s innocent too


  20. I lived in Leeds in the 70s and worked in the mental health community. I never heard about any of this. We were more concerned about the Yorkshire Ripper at the time.


  21. It hadn’t been invented in the 1970’s Vasco. It was all a decade later.

    “In June 1986… Dr Hobbs and his colleague Jane Wynne introduced young Marietta Higgs to this new way of diagnosing child molestation during a Leeds’ medical conference.”

  22. just remember the words of anna raccoon

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