CNN Issues Disgusting Instructions On Anthony Weiner, Now Taking A Stand For Pedophilia

CNN Issues Disgusting Instructions On Anthony Weiner, Now Taking A Stand For Pedophilia


Pedophile pervert and disgraced ex-congressman Anthony Weiner on CNN.

CNN takes things to a new low by issuing a disturbing set of instructions in regards to the developments in the case against Anthony Weiner. Editor at large Chris Cillizza wrote an article begging readers to “stop talking” about Anthony Weiner. In the article headlined “Can we now stop talking about Anthony Weiner? Like, forever?”, stating that “there’s literally no reason to write or talk about [him] anymore.”

The disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner pleaded guilty to a charge of sending obscene material to a minor. The charges alleged that Weiner had sent a 15-year-old girl nude pictures, discussed rape fantasies, and encouraged her to take part in sexual activities.

The scandal which has become known as “WeinerGate” has been ongoing for years, starting in 2011 after the late Andrew Breitbart of Breitbart News had reported that Weiner, who was at the time a New York congressman, had been sending nude pictures of himself to women online. At the time Breitbart was derided for the story and media outlets said to ignore it.


The scandal eventually led to Weiner’s resignation from congress in 2013. It was thrust back into the public sphere in 2016 when his laptop was confiscated in relation to the investigation of Hillary Clinton. More images and information on Weiner’s pedophile leanings came out. It was on the same day that Weiner pleaded guilty to the charges that Cillizza made demands that readers and media no longer devote any attention or stories to Weiner.

Chris Cilliza readies himself to take the fight to “hateful” right-wingers that don't approve of pedophilia.

This creates a long trend of Cillizza demanding the cessation of articles and stories that could be problematic for the democratic party. Such as when he demanded people not pay attention to Hillary Clinton’s health despite her passing out. The CNN network also famously tried to intimidate readers to not read WikiLeaks emails from the DNC and Podesta, falsely claiming that doing so would be illegal. They have also often been caught taking people off the air for saying things that they dislike, even leftist hero Bernie Sanders was taken off the air when he used the phrase “fake news” during a segment.

The other worrying trend is that of CNN attempting to normalize or defending pedophilia and pedophiles as a whole. In an attempt to start this, CNN had posted a controversial article titled “Do pedophiles deserve sympathy?” In the article, they cite that “a number of studies is changing that view”, that pedophiles are child molesters and don’t deserve sympathy.


CNN is not the only leftist news outlet to attempt to normalize pedophilia and claim the opposition is just “right-wing hate”, either.

CNN attempts to argue that pedophiles are “just born that way”, which should sound familiar to anyone who remembers when homosexuality was being normalized. They claim without any evidence that it’s only a small minority of pedophiles who actually rape children, which again parallels the attempt to normalize Islam by claiming that only a small minority of Muslims believe in any of the core tenants of Islam.

It would seem that the opinion at CNN is that pedophiles, some of the vilest, most despised criminals in the world, are actually victims. In fact, it would seem that all of CNN’s anchors tend to hold this view. In response to the Jerry Sandusky trial in which at least 10 minors were raped, CNN anchor Don Lemon stated that he felt bad for Sandusky and that it was unfortunate this his “life was over”. This is also exemplified in a tweet made by Christopher C. Cuomo, another one of CNN’s anchors. Cuomo responds to a tweet made after President Trump revoked the Obama decree that ordered public schools to allow transgenders to use the bathroom of the gender that they “identify as”.

Don't be intolerant! This is the new normal!

The tweet reads, “What do you tell a 12-year-old girl who doesn’t want to see a penis in the locker room?,” to which Cuomo responds “I wonder if she is the problem or her overprotective and intolerant dad? teach tolerance.” After taking criticism for the tweet, Cuomo doubled-down on his stance, insisting that there were no such cases, reinforcing the narrative that CNN is fake news as several events of such a thing arewell documented.

Indeed, is it any surprise at all that when the focus of CNN seems to be to protect the democratic party and normalize sexual deviancy, they want you to ignore the scandals of pedophile Anthony Weiner?

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