The Rochdale horror goes on:

The Rochdale horror goes on: Abuse is STILL rife 10 years after 50 under-age white girls were groomed and raped by a Pakistani gang – and police remain hidebound by political correctness

Rochdale horror goes on as abuse STILL rife 10 years on

The Rochdale (centre) child rape scandal rocked the nation and was even turned into a harrowing BBC drama, but an investigation has revealed abuse is still going on ten years later. The scandal, which culminated in ringleader Shabir ‘Daddy’ Ahmed (bottom left) and eight accomplices, many of them taxi drivers, being jailed for a total of 77 years in 2012, was the subject of the three-part drama Three Girls (bottom right) watched by around five million shocked viewers last week. Greater Manchester Police (GMP) would not comment on the claims but said they wanted to ‘reassure communities our priority is to protect children and young people, prosecute offenders and prevent further offences.’ The news that seven of the nine men in one of the biggest child abuse scandals in recent memory have returned to Rochdale after being released on licence or completing their sentence will do little to reassure them.

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