I should have mentioned that the little “bumper sticker” above emerged about six or eight weeks ago from an unknown source but is free to use… It’s being made up into t-shirts, mugs, car stickers etc.

For me Facebook falls entirely on a couple of those statements:

“We do not action photos of child abuse”

“We allow ‘evidence’ of child abuse to be shared on the site to allow for the child to be identified and rescued, but we add protections to shield the audience”

…..Not in a million years. The “defence” of accessing child abuse images “for research” or to “allow detection” is entirely discredited as simply an excuse child abusers give when caught. There is never any excuse for sharing an image of abuse and never any abuse for not reporting such a thing.

To me this is hard evidence of how Facebook facilitates and cynically monetises child abuse and indeed other human miseries. It doesn’t matter how “soft” the images are, or even if the material is simply text. child abuse is child abuse and there is never ever any reason to propagate it. It’s the same with many of the conspiritard sites – that “Fresh Start” thing a few weeks back for instance using a completely sickening image to titilate its audience of perverts. Sick perverted bastards the lot of them!

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