Pizzagate, the Victims

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Pizzagate, the Victims

One of the reasons Pizzagate continues to grow, is because real evidence exists. It raises legitimate questions and until we’ve gotten some legitimate answers it’s going to keep growing. I’ve noticed a common argument is well if it’s as big as they say it is, then why aren’t there any victims…? The sad truth is there are, a lot of them. I’m not going to go into detail on every victim, truthfully there are too many and by the time most can speak out, because of these abuse methods and their similarities and crossover to monarch mind control their psyches are anywhere from dissociative to fragmented to shattered which makes it difficult to separate fact from fiction.
In the case of Pizzagate, victims are especially important, because as humans, once we can put a face into the equation it becomes something different entirely. We can see that someone, in this case a kid, a real little child’s life could be in danger. Suddenly all the lies the media has been propagating, Pizzagate as fake news etc, these petty faults they find, the distractions all begin to dissolve, and we are left with a choice, will we let our doubt, our stubbornness, or our pride stand in the way of this apparent truth and getting these kids the help they desperately need? This post will follow the victims specifically. I’m sure I will not do them justice, but I will try. For every victim we hear from, there’s hundreds of thousands we don’t, even many who’ve tried to stand up and been silenced.
On one hand I’m dreading writing this, firstly because it’s such a great responsibility to try and give these ppl a voice who don’t have one. Secondly it is all so incredibly sad, the only redeeming qualities being these victims incredible bravery. These are heroes. Here we are, our lives comparatively paradise. Though they have gotten out and have had an opportunity to live a safe normal life. They still choose to go back, face their abusers and relive these horrors, simply to raise awareness, and what do we do? We ignore them.
  Melanie Shaw is one great example of a victim who has had to pay the ultimate price.  She is a U.K. resident and because they have an even more Orwellian state than us, w.o the safe guards of the constitution etc. When she stood up and spoke out about the satanic ritual abuse she had experienced from a very young age, she was further victimized. Falsely accused of arson and criminal damage, jailed, put in solitary confinement, and sexually assaulted by the guards. After she was given probation for that, and was still not dissuaded from her fight. They held a suspicious private trial for her where of course she was found guilty and thrown back in jail, where she remains. This is unacceptable we as humans need to protect and look out for one another, she recongnized this, but apparently we cannot, this is clearly her enemies making an example of her.
In order to make this post practical, because there is so much information, and different types of victims. I will post general stats and sources, that all point towards this being an actual epidemic and one of the most lucrative black markets. Some of the cases I will focus on, are not necessarily because they are more or less important, but because these victims could still actually be in danger, another reason I’m not exactly taking my time w this.
If I want this post to accomplish anything, I want it to add a human element to this investigation. It is much too easy to generalize pizzagate or because of its horrible implications see it as absurd or implausible w.o even looking at the evidence, we forget if there is even a small chance it could be true, it should be taken seriously. These are our public servants, we should demand answers. Imo unless you have seen some of the worst Instagram posts and comments, you really don’t deserve an opinion. In any case some of you say there’s no proof that it’s connected to the business. Well here’s a video of James Alefantis defending it  he seems guilty to me, rather than being ashamed, hes saying nbd. Wtf, he says we have 100’s of children here all the time, as if thats not worrisome… Recently a customer at CPP filmed a video of Trump’s inauguration party, where random children are seen dancing suggestively surrounded by adults and alcohol. So I think its safe to say this is a reality or culture of CPP. One of the children Im going to focus on here, has had reoccurring photo’s within this channel. Many internet investigators believe this girl could be in real danger. While James is defending a pic of this girl, he says she is his god daughter and she was just playing, apparently convinced of it’s harmlessness; which just goes to show his faulty logic.
 Whether this girl, Caris Cummings is actually James Alefantis’s god daughter I’m not sure, regardless the more I find out about her, the more genuinely worried I become. Hopefully we can create enough awareness of her situation, then provide some pressure on the parents, to find out where she is and if she’s alright.
She is the daughter of Corey Woolman and Scott Cummings, they ran a somewhat sketchy day care center in Oregon called Childroots for two years before the mother Corey got a job at Comet Ping Pong as an event organizer and they moved to DC.
Dad, Scott Cummings holding an apparently screaming girl on their business website.

So some photo’s her family posted of her can be found between 2013-2014 but not many some of her and her siblings, then after this one in 2014, there are no more photo’s or mentions of Caris on fb. I believe she was a common face around CPP while her mother worked there, and because of this strange fascination w babies this group shared, she became especially popular, with many more pictures posted on CPP’s instagram, starting when she was basically a new born and following her as she grew up within those few years..

oddly enough many sharing this same #Carisjames hashtag
The mom and Dad were both participants in this bizarre instagram account. Here’s a fucked example when jimmycomet or James Alefantis posts this picture of Caris then tags Ccwoolman her mother Corey, to make sure she see’s it, and proceeds to call the baby a hotard, so yeah pretty unsettling

Heres another notable example this one is chilling considering the widely referenced word chicken within the context of sacrifice

An example being this email forwarded to Hillary Clinton from Cheryl Mills.
So after her families posts of her were done, pictures kept appearing on the instagram channel for a while this one being the last, this picture is especially revealing,,,and heart breaking. Jimmycomet first tags both the mom and dad. Now notice the dark circles under Caris’s eyes, she is not healthy, almost look like bruises, also she is playing with electrical tape. Commonly used in child abuse because it leaves no marks, all very scary!
These accusations are sickening, so I dont wanna point my finger at anyone specifically but her parents should protect her, so this all makes me mad beyond belief. Something here is wrong. If they have nothing to hide why haven’t they cleared this up already? Seeing as many of the theories are based around this girl and her pictures, it would be by far the easiest way to put the conspiracies to rest. As a mother what could be a worse accusation than what many are implying online, why wouldn’t she prove these theories regarding her family false?  Yet they have gone silent, moved back to Oregon, and switched all their accounts to private. So theres actually even more troubling details surrounding this family and Caris, I could write an entire article about this but I don’t want to straight up accuse her parents. So Im gonna hold off on the blame for now, but just ask what gives?
 Lastly I will point out one more connection, to a different group of children. What I’ve found to be interesting from studying this strange culture that surrounds this community. Is how painfully casual everyone is about all this, which I believe is proof these activities have been commonplace for 20+ years, probably much longer. This last email I will point out in relation to different siblings we’ve found, will be one of the emails from the podesta leaks.  It discusses a planned meeting at “the farm” which is itself a commonly mentioned topic within these suspiscious instagram and emails. It is forwarded from the nanny of these siblings mentioned, who was Hillary’s chief of staff Tamera Luzattatto, which is sadly too often the story you hear behind these abused children, their own family members exploiting them.

Notice, it specifically lists their age, says they will be in the pool for sure and refers to them as further entertainment. Now its all so casual that some would find it hard to believe, I know I did at first. Once you really think about it though and in relation to the rest of the evidence, this is obviously another example of what this group considers normal behaviour.

Here is an article that goes into further detail showing these kids as actually listed online on a pseudo new age website that lists children, and mentions her siblings w same names, then even show’s a picture of James Alefantis at Maeves birth, which is further suspicious because prior to this there was no known relation between the two. So sorry if this info is scrambled I gathered it in a hurry and I will hopefully be editing when I can, thanks for reading, lets spread awareness and save these kids!

Here’s James Alefantis with Caris referencing the farm, saying she loved it….really? Come on guys this isnt that hard to figure out. smh
Edit: heres a powerful testimonial just posted by David Shurter, who was a victim of the Franklin scandal, and his views on pizzaga

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