well well well tom jones supporter Sharon Abney is a begging bitch

Sick Grandma Needs HELP

I am a single 52 year 0ld grandma with lupus. Chronic and no cure. I raise my 11 year old grandson alone. He is a great boy who helps me so much. Unfortunately, he gets so little in return. I am on disability. Only 1095.00 a month and no insurance. Oklahoma has no expanded medicaid. Some months I skip food to buy my many medications.

I recently reconnected with old family friends who are thriving in Eugene, Oregon. I would LOVE to be able to relocate us to Oregon, and start over fresh. Also am sick of Oklahoma weather. Heat just makes me sicker.

I have a 2004 small car that has 250,000  miles on it. I need a bigger better car to move and drive in Oregon winters. A good used suv with snow tires. I also am in debt to IRS for 8,000.00. That scares me to death. If I die or go to on, Logan is left alone. His mom is on drugs heavily. He also is slightly autistic and has ADHD badly. I have so much sickness and fear. I am desperate. Is there anyone who would help us relocate and start over, please…. i think a good used car and moving, getting settled securely, could be done for around 30,000.00. That included IRS going away, Dear God. I know it is so much, but maybe a wealthy person who needs a great tax write off. Maybe a lot of great people, please… I don’t need scammers. Too sick and too much to deal with to do that stuff. So please pass me by. I do not undersyand pay pal. You can text me. 580 279 2705 or write Sharon Abney

Po Box345

Stratford, Ok. 74872 God Bless you. Thank You. SHARON😢




AYE right   seems fine here





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