well well well tom jones supporter Sharon Abney is a begging bitch

Sick Grandma Needs HELP

I am a single 52 year 0ld grandma with lupus. Chronic and no cure. I raise my 11 year old grandson alone. He is a great boy who helps me so much. Unfortunately, he gets so little in return. I am on disability. Only 1095.00 a month and no insurance. Oklahoma has no expanded medicaid. Some months I skip food to buy my many medications.

I recently reconnected with old family friends who are thriving in Eugene, Oregon. I would LOVE to be able to relocate us to Oregon, and start over fresh. Also am sick of Oklahoma weather. Heat just makes me sicker.

I have a 2004 small car that has 250,000  miles on it. I need a bigger better car to move and drive in Oregon winters. A good used suv with snow tires. I also am in debt to IRS for 8,000.00. That scares me to death. If I die or go to on, Logan is left alone. His mom is on drugs heavily. He also is slightly autistic and has ADHD badly. I have so much sickness and fear. I am desperate. Is there anyone who would help us relocate and start over, please…. i think a good used car and moving, getting settled securely, could be done for around 30,000.00. That included IRS going away, Dear God. I know it is so much, but maybe a wealthy person who needs a great tax write off. Maybe a lot of great people, please… I don’t need scammers. Too sick and too much to deal with to do that stuff. So please pass me by. I do not undersyand pay pal. You can text me. 580 279 2705 or write Sharon Abney

Po Box345

Stratford, Ok. 74872 God Bless you. Thank You. SHARON😢




AYE right   seems fine here




One thought on “well well well tom jones supporter Sharon Abney is a begging bitch

  1. Hey this woman Sharon Abney NEVER Met me at all. If she did there would have been Photos or Autographs or Souvenirs or something….anything. She got Nothing. Sharon’s making out she ‘Tom’s Girl’ but she isn’t. She claimed she had sex with me in 1979 in Harrah’s Hotel Las Vegas. Not True !
    Also that she had a long term 14 year relationship with me – absolutely Not True.
    People say she’s delusional too and lying here about her grandson and her health to dupe money from hard working people is disgraceful in my opinion.
    She’s also on youtube attacking the alleged victims of abuse at 14 years of age back in Minnesota 1970 and Chicago 1970, and also in Cape Town South Africa in March 1976
    Covering for me they say, until she got exposed as a particularly nasty TROLL
    Go figure that one out, that’s all i’m saying.
    Gotta run now, back to my Sound Check for my new Album. Just setting the record straight as they say.
    Signed Sir Tom Jones.
    PS – I’m not the Real Tom Jones, well I am, but I am also an Impersonator of Tom Jones as well
    as his 4th Cousin twice removed called Tom Jones.
    So my real name is Tom Jones, related to Sir Tom Jones, after a bang on the head after an online car collision several years ago.


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