Doubt on rules ends bid for sex abuse Inquiry 


7th May 2017

22 hrs ago / Stephen Naysmith, 

SCOTLAND’S social care watchdog has refused to take action against a worker who failed to protect a child from abuse in the 1980s because it says it does not know what the rules were at the time.

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC), which registers and regulates social care workers, has told Richard Tracey it will not take his case further, because there is no record of how social workers employed by Strathclyde Regional Council were expected to respond to child abuse, while he was in care.

Officially, the SSSC says there is insufficient evidence to pursue 49-year-old Mr Tracey’s claims about the abuse he suffered from the age of five when he was placed in a large Ayrshire foster family by Kilmarnock social services.  

This is despite evidence in notes by Hugh Quinn, the social worker responsible throughout his time in…

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