Statement Analysis ®: Missing 5 Year Old Boy’s Father Statement

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Missing 5 Year Old Boy’s Father Statement

The father released this statement through his attorney:

I am desperate to find my son, Aramazd Jr., and need the public’s help. I hope and pray for the safe return of my only child, my namesake, who has been missing since last Saturday morning, April 22nd,”

It is interesting to note that the language of concern (“desperate”) regards the father, himself.

It is also interesting that the boy is his “only child” and “his namesake”, with emphasis upon the father, himself.

These references point to the father, not the son.

If the attorney wrote this statement, it would show the attorney’s concern is about the father, not the son.

In the statement, Andressian Sr. said he last saw his son on Saturday morning at Arroyo Park near his South Pasadena home.
“There has been a great deal of speculation regarding the timeline around his disappearance. The last time I saw my son was on Saturday morning, the 22nd, at Arroyo Park near my home in South Pasadena. After breakfast Aramazd Jr. wanted to go to the park before we were to meet his mother for a custody exchange at 9:00 a.m.
Note the use of the name “Aramazd Jr.” and not “he” after already introducing him as “my son.”
Andressian Sr. was later found passed out at the park; the child was reported missing by his mother after the two failed up to show up at an arranged meeting point that morning, authorities said.
The passive voice employed here is of concern.  It does not begin with the pronoun “I”:

Missing 5-year-old Aramazd Andressian Jr. is seen in family photos released April 24, 2017, by L.A. County sheriff’s officials.
“In one moment, I was at the park with my son, and then I found myself waking up in Huntington Memorial Hospital hours later. I was told that a good Samaritan found me unconscious on the ground near my car, with young Aramazd nowhere in sight. I can only speculate that I must have been attacked in the park, given my unresponsive state and subsequent physical condition.”

Note no concern for the child, but lots of details about the father.

Even with an attorney prepared statement, the focus is not on the missing child.

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