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Britain’s new top cop is no stranger to the destruction of compromising files



Newly-appointed Metropolitan Police Chief Cressida Dick oversaw the investigation into files leaked by Edward Snowden to The Guardian. She also authorised the arrest of David Miranda, who was travelling via Heathrow to Brazil, carrying hardware the British authorities assumed included Snowden’s files. And Dick took charge of the operation that saw the unlawful killing of Charles de Menezes. De Menezes was a Brazilian living in London, who was mistakenly identified as a terrorist. On Saturday 20 July 2013, officials from GCHQ attended the offices of The Guardian. Their mission was to oversee the destruction of a computer that included files leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden. But the entire episode was a farce, as journalists elsewhere held copies of the files.

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Scottish Limitation Abolition Bill

BLM Abuse & Neglect News blog

Having received 15 written responses to its call for evidence on the Bill to abolish limitation in cases of childhood abuse, the Justice Committee of the Scottish Parliament will hear its first oral evidence on the Bill when it meets tomorrow (Tuesday 21 February 2017).

That evidence is scheduled to be given on behalf of: APIL (the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers); FBGAQH (Former Boys and Girls Abused in Quarriers Homes); Rape Crisis Scotland; Victim Support Scotland; ABI (Association of British Insurers) and FOIL (Forum of Insurance Lawyers).

Written by Frank Hughes and Siobhan Kelly, partners, Glasgow

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List 2 – Social Services Inspectorate Deposited Papers House of Commons Library


cathy fox blog on child abuse

In 2016 I posted this SSI, SSI/Audit Commission, CSCI and NCSC Reports in House of Commons Library [1] which was a list of all the SSI Reports held in the House of Commons Library.

I never got round to posting a two more lists, the exact difference of which  escapes me, and the titles of which may not now be the exact.

2016 Feb 23 Cathy Fox Blog [List 1] [1] SSI, SSI/Audit Commission, CSCI and NCSC Reports in House of Commons Library{List 1 }

2017 Feb 12 Cathy Fox Blog [2]List 2 – Social Services Inspectorate Deposited Papers House of Commons Library

2017 Feb 12 Cathy Fox Blog [3] List 3- Social Services Inspectorate Reports held by the House of Commons (plus deposited)

I publish two today in separate posts, one after this information:

A report may enter the House of Commons Library in one of two ways, as…

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