Best #Pizzagate Child Abuse Network Summary and Explanation so far..

stunning work along with Wildcat and Alice Moore one of the best bloggers on the net PERIOD

cathy fox blog on child abuse

This is from VOAT v/Pizzagate [1] and gives an excellent summary, introduction and detail on what #pizzagate is about and how there is a  child sex ring in Washington and the political classes.

The vested interest of the corporate media, politicians and the CIA are desperately trying, but largely failing, to cover this up with their absurd fakenews psyop which comes up with no evidence of their false claims. They are rapidly diminishing in power before our eyes.

However please keep up the work and the pressure, and thank you to all those who work so, so hard to reveal the truth about these predatory luciferian child rapists.

We have the heart, the numbers and the determination and we will win.


HT Millenial_Falcon


This investigation was sparked by strange emails leaked from John Podesta’s email account, some of which make bizarre references to…

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