Coleman Cliff Richard is taking the piss


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Cliff Richard is taking the piss

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Raisin-in-a-wig, Cliff Richard, has apparently been the
victim of a media ‘witch-hunt’, following the police raid on his
Berkshire apartment by officers investigating historic child-abuse

Cliff’s predicament has even managed to bring comatose chat-show host Michael Parkinson back to life.

Parkinson, who was last seen on TV flogging bespoke coffins, has
joined condemnation of the raid and even went as far as to accuse the
BBC of ” behaving like a tabloid “.

Oooh, get you Parky.

Of course, none of us should be too quick to judge Cliff either.

It may well be that all the rumours about him are indeed false.

Maybe he didn’t visit sordid boy-brothel Elm Guest House after all.

Maybe he hasn’t had an affair with bisexual scum, Tony Blair.

Maybe he isn’t implicated in the death of his close pal Jill Dando.

Maybe he didn’t buy himself a new Barbadian identity to avoid justice.

Maybe he hasn’t hoodwinked us all, Jimmy Savile-style, for the past 5 decades.

You see, Cliff might really be the wholesome, celibate Christian singer he’s led us all to believe he is.

Sadly though, he isn’t.

The whole of the UK media know who Cliff really is and so does the music industry.

Its about bloody time the public found out the truth as well.

Oh, and by the way.

Some people have asked what vile hobby Cliff shares with Melvyn Bragg.

Well, the truth of the matter is this:

They both like lads to urinate in their mouths.

How sickening.

But it goes to show one thing.

Cliff Richard really has been taking the piss all these years.

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132 thoughts on “Cliff Richard is taking the piss

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    • My word that sort of talk wouldn’t
      be allowed today! Just goes to show how brainwashed and censored we have
      become. Whether you agree with MA or not , long live his human right to
      verbalise what he believes. Great video clip.

      • Thanks re the vid clip.

        Re what we are ALLOWED TO SAY. Once you understand that there are NO
        REAL LAWS to stop us saying what we want when we want please or offend,
        so just carry on regardless.

        Acts and Statutes are just corporate rules and regulations of The UK
        Corporation of which Clegg and Cameron are joint CEOs. In effect they
        need our consent to be in authority over us and the same for their Acts
        and Statutes – fictional laws for corporate fictions.

        The only real Law is The Common Law which came into being in Saxon
        times and not to be confused with English Common Law under William the
        bastard from 1066 onwards.

        A flesh and blood man or woman are not corporate fictions.

  2. A real man who talks about real
    life, he made Parkinson look like the disease he’s named after, a
    horrible abomination that no one wants! Good old Ali!

  3. Ali, one of the greats. A straight talking guy. Isn’t it ironic that he succumbed to that tragic disease called Parkinsons.
    Do you think he caught of that twat non entity Parkinson?

  4. Dear Colman, If a picture paints a
    thousand words then you should look at my face after reading your
    description of Cliff and Melvyn having a night out on the piss. Yuck!
    Can imagine the two of them asking for a hot dog as afters.

      • Dear Coleman,
        Once upon a time there was a porno bookshop in Frankfurt airport.
        Curiosity got the better of me during a delay so I ventured in for a
        quick gander. One of the sections was given over to your ‘hint hint’ .
        I couldn’t believe it. I really couldn’t. It put me off my
        bratwurst for the rest of the week. There are some very very very
        peculiar people (aliens) walking this planet. What must their breath
        smell like?

      • Dear Coleman, how can I send you
        information and evidence pertaining to a celebrity written about on this
        site possibly being involved in a conspiracy to murder?

    • Maybe Cliff believes it’s some sort
      of elixir for eternal youth. Only got to look at that horrible wrinkly
      skin on Cliff’s face and neck to know it isn’t!
      Nothing wrong with being wrinkly all you oldies but when you’re touted as being the ‘Peter Pan’ of the music industry you’ve got
      to look the part if you don’t want to be laughed at.

  5. Just curious to know what your
    sources are that Cliff and Melvyn enjoy youthful urine splashed in their
    mouths. I am in no way attempting to defend or condemn him. I’m more
    than aware of the Elm House allegations, which have at least some
    corroboratory evidence (in the names list with ‘Kitty’ on), and I have
    my personal opinion which has felt that all is not what it appears to be
    regarding Mr Harry Webb.
    But I would argue that a claim like the one you made requires some
    substantiating, wouldn’t you agree? ‘Some sources suggest’, is a far cry
    from: ‘Well, the truth of the matter is this:’ Wouldn’t you agree?

  6. I see that one of the ” living dead ”
    aka Parkinson has put his 5 eggs in. I hope we are not looking at the
    beginning of a cover up. But Harris was hung out to dry, despite his
    closeness to the Royals, so hopefully the dirt will come out over our
    illustrious singer. Better fly straight to Barbados from Portugal.
    Perhaps your mate Blair is waiting for you there?

  7. Decades ago, when young, I went
    through the born again christian phase. I couldn`t understand how he
    could be SO wealthy AND a sincere christian. I don`t mean christians are
    meant to live in dire poverty for their faith, but none I came across
    believed it christian to be wealthy much over and above the normal needs
    of a reasonable home, income and sensibld savings. Whenever I tried to
    raise this with other christians – young or elderley adults – the mere
    mention of his name an they would become so silent it was ominous. I
    figured it was that he may be homosexual (there was a lot of anti gay
    then). Now, I realise that if it had been just that, some would have
    said so and (don`t laugh) in all sincerity would have suggested we pray
    for him. I now realise the reason not one suggested praying for him was
    that they knew or had heard rumours I hadn`t, and kiddy fiddlers were
    too rotten for them to pray for. All those decades and the (confirmed)
    bachelor boy used religion and celibacy as a very effective cover.
    Churches should sue him for fraud. Poor kids that may have trusted him
    and been entrapped simply because they believed his claims to be a

  8. Makes me want to throw up! The thought of innocence being taken away from children.
    With absolute impunity these dirty, stinking bastards can destroy
    peoples lives forever, but the thing that gets my goat, is that we “pay
    them” in one way or another to continue their filth. We also pay the
    huge burden of ineffectual police inquiries, and of course, the court
    case itself. Ermmm……. forgive me if I’m wrong about this, but does
    anyone know how much money (from the taxpayer) goes into looking after
    the victims, as opposed to an offender per year. I very much doubt that
    a child, any child would have the the resource of support or strength
    of character to actively accuse anyone, of these crimes to themselves.
    Makes me wonder…… sorry no, ….. fetch the bucket …..

  9. The world famous maudesley psychiatric hospital in london some years ago commisioned the cummins report
    this proved beyond doubt the links between homosexuality and sex with
    young boys, something the government have been denying recently, you
    cannot repeal the law on homosexuality without putting boys at massive
    risk, the UKcolumn says boys have been sodomised on an industrial scale,
    and the BBC and government aided and abbetted these crimes

  10. Ok just one question
    is Cliff Richarda pervert or not ?
    if he is a christian he will tell the truth on this
    and thanks to truthseeker for exposing him a while back

  11. I hear from my brother who is a part
    time journalist on the trashy sun newspaper that Cliff has been
    offereda safe haven in israel if things get too hot for him
    but read this about how an israeli sniper bragged of killing 13 palestinian children for fun

  12. Interesting isn’t it that Brucie’s
    support for his mates (Ralph, Max, Tarby, Hall, Kitty, Davidson, Starr
    et, al) is deafeningly absent, coupled with the fact that he’s popped
    off our screens…

  13. cliff was signed up by his original
    manager as at that time most agents were homosexual perverts, so they
    only signed boys who went along with this, but cliffs backing group the
    shadows did not like what cliff was and as one had become a JW
    ( jehovah witness ) and told church elders about cliff and his manager at debauched parties at DJ allan freemans place,
    they told him the shadows had to break with cliff, so they split, since then a book about the golden days of pop,
    the 50s and 60s was the subject of a court case as it named cliff as
    one on the biggest perverts on the scene, remember it was the time of
    the homosexuall exploitation of young lads by DJs, the book was scrapped
    and never appeared ina revised form.

    • Very interesting, because I was a
      Cliff and The Shadows fan as a lad and now we’re aware of all this
      negative stuff the split makes sense, especially as Hank and Bruce were
      ones for the ladies.

      I have to say, too, that the nasty way Richards treated Jet Harris
      just before he died also fits in with Richards being the piece of work
      that he is.

      • As a kid, my favorite time of year
        was summer, and I loved all half decent songs about summer…but, for some
        odd reason I never took to Richard’s song ‘Summer Holiday’.

        I think i now know why…subconscious knowing.

  14. Anyone know how I can e-mail stuff
    to Coleman? I have information and documentary evidence (including Court
    records and a photo) about a celebrity who has been written about on
    this site possibly being involved in a conspiracy to murder. It’s
    important material that needs to publicised.

  15. on looking round the net i found this piece
    BTW pissdrinking is called water sports and the mass murderer dennis nilsen was a socialist piss drinker too
    and he named several high ranking commie pissdrinkers which police conveniently ignored
    remeber edward heath wasa cuprofiliac, a shit eater.

  16. Geri Myland
    JULY 7, 2014 AT 10:34 AM REPLY
    “Better to be thought a Rapist than a Pedarast”? Could be a risky
    strategy that may explain the recent reports of the alleged Rape of a 19
    year old WOMAN in 1967……..?
    It may be the last “Roll of the Dice” for a certain former Tory Minister from Thatchers Government…….
    Probably not I fear, for the MSM (Main Stream Media) will continue to be
    hit over the head with Super Injunctions & ” D NOTICES” !!!!!
    Now correct me if I’m wrong…….but isn’t the definition of a D Notice ” a
    REQUEST to withold information where National Security may be
    My point is this : the difference between a REQUEST and an ORDER bears some scrutiny perhaps?
    When will people realise that the whole Celebrity Paedophile frenzy is merely a diversion to sate the publics thirst for blood….
    The “Powers That Be” (by which I mean the REAL Powers) have used
    BLACKMAIL to control Government/ Business for as long as anyone can
    It’s simply this decades ago Adultery was enough to get the job done,
    then Homosexuality followed by ever increasing levels of debauchery
    (even Murder)!!
    The placement of ” FLAWED PEOPLE ” (with certain weaknesses and or
    Perversions) into KEY positions within the structure of any Government
    be it left or right enables COMPLETE CONTROL

  17. The thing that strikes me is, if as
    CR says, he has been aware of these rumours circulating for years on the
    internet, why has he not sued blogs and other sites like this? It isn’t
    as if he couldn’t afford it surely?! HMM…Keep up the good work!

  18. the queen mothers butler Paul Kidd who was linked to the homosexual rings of Sydney Cooke and sir Anthony Blunt
    said that he suspected the queens mother of being involved in jewish ritual sacrifice involving stolen children.
    An ex intell officer i forget which one said that Raol Doal based his
    child catcher story on real events, he was said to be involved in
    unpleasant occult stuff in W W II

  19. Scene: Party for showbiz types, and the enablers (Lackeys) / facilitators (Producers / Directors)

    INT. Dimly lit large room replete with shadows, smoke and dodgy-looking geezers.

    Z-List Barmaid (to P. Panstiff): What can I get ya, luvvie?

    P. Panstiff: Hey, yah, mine’s a half-pint with a chocolate curl on the side!

    Z-List Barmaid: eh?

    Facilitator (standing nearby): Oy! Don’t vorry, m’dear, leave zis von to me…

    Turns, beckons to P. Panstiff: PP, m’dear, come zis vay.

    P. Panstiff: oh yah, ab-so-lutely, dahling!

    They head off into the shadows…


    …IS NEAR!

    Believe it!

    pax verbum

  20. Sorry, this is not directly related to this post, but it is indirectly related..

    So how about that then? The founding member of PIE (1974) was also
    non other Britain’s leading knowledge (expert) on children’s homes for
    the Government!

    A bit like Enoch Powell being the rock bed of Race Relations…

  21. And how right he was !! the true
    breaking down of cultures!! through the total sell out of human nature.
    Their will be no winners in this fight. We have been stitched up by the
    engineers at the top. Socially, Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually.

    • Agreed, looking at them I can’t
      shake what Peter Truong and Mark Newton did to their adopted child. It’s
      this plain sight thing, it seems to give some people jollies,

  22. OK that’s it. The common denominator
    between all these abusers, murderers and psychopaths is religion. Now
    it’s got to point of children being used. abused and killed by assorted
    paragons of their respective faiths for centuries, enough is enough.
    Any god worth her salt would weep buckets and declare failure now, and I agree.

  23. The public would have respected
    Cliff Richard much more if he had bene honest, all he had to say is look
    I am a pervert but just listen to my music, but no he hid behind this
    Christianity thing, hes probably a Jew anyway but its now time he came
    clean and told us the truth.

    Is he a pervert or not ?
    Speak now Cliff

  24. mossad admit they did the london 7/7 bombing
    the threat that if Greville Janner is prosecuted mossad will bomb london
    should not scare anyone, but all jews should now be asked to leave

  25. Parky really should have done his
    research. Firstly, on Cliff and secondly on Ali. Trying to sell
    multiculturalism to a black nationalist or anyone who loves their own
    people and culture was NEVER going to be easy. I’m with Ali on this one.

  26. does anyone know what is happening with the private reopening of the deepcut barracks homosexual murders ?
    where 5 recruited soldiers refused to become bumboys for two homosexual senior officers

  27. The Sun newspaper has shelved the
    story of a young lad called Steven Turner who is now 58 years old who
    says Cliff Richard told him he would be killed if he ever spoke about
    Cliff abusing him.

  28. Its not just christianisty and
    jehovah witnesses who are full of homosexuals just now, i was for some
    years involved in spiritualism in north london, the spiritualist
    newspaper the psychic news was promoting only homosexual mediums,
    heteros were heavily discriminated against, the psychic news editor was
    tony ortzen whose real name was tony miller had convictions for
    sexually interfering with young boys, now the spiritualist newspaper
    went bankrupt because all the homosexual staff were using newspaper
    funds to hold sex parties in a brighton hotel, where boys were bussed
    in for drugs alcohol and sex,
    some churches like the walthamstow one actually had a sign up which said
    if you dont support homosexual mediums dont come here, the caretaker
    keith hudson also had convictions against boys, now margaret who has
    been in spiritualism for 60 years got hold of the sex offenders register
    and noted all the mediums names on it and there was a lot
    so she formed the “clean up spiritualism campaign” which falied as all
    the mediums almost to a man were homosexual abusers, ike catholic
    preists. The newspaper collapsed and went bankrupt when stories of
    these parties got out many people left the churches, the spiritualist
    newspaper started up again and they promised to clean out all the
    perverts but they did not do so

    • Spiritualists are dealers in evil
      spirits – The Devil’s own. They have direct contact with demons in the
      demonic realm (The Devil’s followers). Spiritual mediums use their evil
      craft to con and deceive people when they are at their lowest usually
      after the loss of a loved one.

      Dead people are dead, they know nothing, hear nothing, see nothing,
      smell nothing, taste nothing, feel nothing, they’re not suffering, nor
      do they feel any pain and they’re certainly not watching us – they’re
      dead and will not know life again until the resurrection.

      The fact that mediums are pro sodomy does not surprise me in the least, but thanks for your informative comment.

      • My grandmothers were Spiritualists
        and one was a medium. You are way off the mark with your comments.
        Even if you don’t like mediums, read up on the work done by researchers
        such as Carol Bowman and Ian Stevenson or books on those who have had
        NDEs. You personal beliefs are just that; they don’t necessarily
        reflect what others believe.

      • Everything I have said is true and
        from first hand experience having been duped as a younger man, so please
        don’t tell me that black is white. Unfortunately that makes your
        grandmothers servants of the Devil whether knowingly or unknowingly.

  29. Some years back my first job was at the Granada, Walthamstow where I met backstage both Cliff Richard and Marty Wilde.

    Marty warned Cliff to stay away from the young boy fans, and I did
    not see what happend next but Marty Wilde punched Cliff hard in the
    face, Cliff came over sobbing to have his face attended to and make-up
    put on to hide the injury so he could go on stage.

  30. why harass cliff ricahrd ? the
    somerset MP david laws admitted using rent boys and even keeping a
    bumboy in his flat paid for by the taxpaper, and the Lib/dem party said
    it was ok
    so maybe Peter Tatchell is right and one day all men will have nice little bumboys ?

  31. cliff richard robin gibb freddie
    mercury boy george elton john and george michael all got away with
    perversion and young boys for years yet read this
    it shows how some people are let free and others picked up and punished for normal sex

    • You say that Freddy, the two Georges
      and Elton “got away with “perversion” and “Young boys” as if it was
      illegal, and it’s not. OK, Elton may have allowed one or two underage
      rent boys under his radar, but there was never any hint of co-ercion or
      bad treatment, so I don’t know what your point is. Mercury, Elton John,
      and George Michael weren’t exactly “out” as far as their public were
      concerned, but in their private lives they were openly gay. Cliff, on
      the other hand, was living the complete lie. Mixing with some of
      show-businesses most ruthless purveyers of illicit flesh, young kids
      from care homes, he didn’t even mix with other R&R people, none of
      whom would have been bothered particularly if his tastes were
      “acceptable” (Non-co-ercive, and/or consensual) within his peer group.
      And remember, his peers were people like Savile, Glitter, Elton, and in
      those days, there was less peer pressure over things like that, because
      they were pretty much ALL at it. (24/7 Gay sex, Drugs, Parties, and
      debauchery) but Cliff was always aloof from that whole scene. His public
      image implied he was better than that, because Jesus! and Billy Graham,
      and he smiled ALL the time,. (Like a Fox eating shit out of a wire
      brush) and was seen to attend Royal Garden Parties, and top BBC
      Functions. So whatever he WAS up to, he didn’t want even the most
      hedonistic of gay, drugged up household names finding out. I say Tar and
      feather the bastard anyway.

  32. The Jewess Bamber said a lot of things but a man I worked closely with over some years was in WWii in bomb disposal.

    He said when the armies came across a concentration camp in Germany they would stop and in would go bomb disposal men.

    They were the very first into the camps to check there were no booby
    traps, he said they had to check each room put a chalk mark on the door
    blow a whistle and come out. he said there were no gas ovens for people I
    will say that again, he said there were no gas ovens for people, only
    small bread ovens which at the wars end were enlarged and the stories
    made up about gas chambers.

    The allies were afriad their war crimes may come out so wanted an
    excuse, he said there were not many Jews there but plenty of others, yet
    the Jews bang on about this all the time as if they were the only
    people that mattered, dont forget 150,000 Jews supported Hitler and only
    those against Germany were interred.

  33. The comments about spirit mediums are inaccurate.

    In 1936 the Church of England held a long secret investigation into
    spiritualism, and the churches expert on the occult Archbishop Cosmo
    Gordon Lang was going to issue a statement saying that mediumship could
    be brought into the C of E, but in 1939 war was called by Winston

    Churchill then press ganged the archbishop and several others including mediums into his war effort.

    Churchill was called by Aleister Crowley as “intrinsically evil and a very scary man indeed “.

    The occult author Dennis Wheatley wrote in his book “they used dark forces”; allegories to Churchill’s black magic experiments.

    • @ Brian Hilliard

      “The comments about spirit mediums are inaccurate.”

      Not so, they are very accurate and if the Church of England was in
      favour of them, that only proves my point. Ironically, it was a C of E
      minister that warned me off them in the beginning when I was involved. I
      should have heeded his advice but failed to do so and learnt through
      first hand experience.

  34. A chap I knew who was religious went after a round of golf to Cliff Richard’s home with a couple of others.

    He said there was a Bible on the coffee table and when he looked at
    it it had never been opened, he said they went back about 6-7 months
    later and he again checked this Bible and again it had never been
    opened, not once.

    Of course hes a pervert, how can he deny it ?

  35. All I want to know is, when are the
    Police going to insist he returns here to be questioned, or are they
    afraid of the repercussions from his ‘friends in high places’?

  36. I am really struggling to understand
    why Cliff hasn’t made his way back to the UK to deal with this issue,
    instead we have read a number of reports about him withdrawing from
    events he has been invited to, yet he has still not come back. If it was
    my house being raided and the whole world knew about it, I think I
    would make the 2 hour plane journey home to come and sort things out.

  37. It seems that he has paid a visit to South Yorks Police. From the BBC News website:

    South Yorkshire Police confirmed it had spoken to a 73-year-old man.

    A police spokesman said: “The man was interviewed under caution but
    was not arrested. He entered South Yorkshire Police premises by

    A spokesman for Sir Cliff said: “Today Sir Cliff Richard voluntarily
    met with and was interviewed by members of South Yorkshire Police. He
    was not arrested or charged.

    “He co-operated fully with officers and answered the questions put to him.

    “Other than restating that this allegation is completely false and
    that he will continue to co-operate fully with the police, it would not
    be appropriate for Sir Cliff to say anything further at this time.”

  38. Cliff has a computer just like everyone else…and he reads this stuff also…along with other similar postings.

    Therefore he knows his good pals, the “royals” are without doubt murderous satan worshiping pedophiles.

    The appropriate thing to do would be to publicly denounce their sorry
    asses, renounce his “knighthood” and toss their awards and associated
    documents into the Thames…with a camera crew in tow.

    BUT…he hasn’t taken that appropriate action, now has he ?

    Hell…if I were to find out a family member was a pedophile, I would immediately disassociate myself from them.

    Lack of action is sometimes a tacit admission of guilt…and i would say this is one of those times.

    Well, Cliff ???

    *taps foot*

  39. Cliff has stated himself that he
    does not use a computer. John does the computer work for him. After all
    he is from on older generation. Cliff is a good Christian. Nothing to
    suggest otherwise other than hearsay and bullshit.

    • Savile didn’t use a computer either,
      and he still managed a fifty year long spree of rape, Royal
      connections, paedophilia, Necrophilia, co-ercion, procuring children and
      still spent every Christmas, with the Queen at Balmoral, and every
      Boxing Day with his very good friends, the Thatchers. Oh, and he was
      pretty chummy with Sir Cliff too. So I say Tar and Feather the bastard
      anyway. He’s certainly a wrongcock. .

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