Chris Wittwer

I would like to thank everyone who has supported and shared the website over the past decade.
However, I feel now is the time to start living my life.

Over the past 10 years, I have spent thousands of hours uploading and
writing reports, answering emails and supporting victims of CSA. It has
been an emotional roller-coaster and very overwhelming.
Initially what started as just naming someone local, actually turned into something colossal and truly ground breaking.

When I first started, child abuse was a subject that was rarely in the
news nor really covered online. There were no ‘paedo hunters’ in those
days nor was there as much awareness as there is now.
pushed me on through the years. Spending hours every single day working
on the database, sometimes even on xmas day, because abuse does not take
a day off!
Ive been stalked, attacked, harassed and targeted
online, but that was to be expected, as I had named over 47,000
convicted child abusers or paedophiles. However it was who that directed
the abuse which was most shocking – not paedos but OTHER campaigners –
jealous of what I had achieved.
The database has now received
over 38 million hits and has been mentioned in the national press over
20 times this year alone. Many investigations that I personally did
resulted in offenders being caught or returned to prison.
My only
aim was to give survivors a voice and I believe I did that, with over
1,300 reports that have never been in the press which I wrote myself
that could be shared to finally expose those that had escaped publicity.

I feel now, however that I must close this chapter of my life and move
on, so I can restart my life which I have put on hold for the past 10
years due to the campaign I had maintained.
As many of you know,
I was molested when I was a small boy and It has been a struggle to
deal with my own issues whilst reading and interacting with other
survivors who want to share their personal life stories with me.

I hope that child abuse awareness will continue to move forward in a
positive way and that it can be highlighted in the press to save
children from going through the same horrible torment.
Thanks to
all the amazing and wonderful people that I have met over the years due
to the campaign and all the people that I can now call friends.


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