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Hysterical! The first person to go
public with the information regarding the Sheriff’s sister was the BBC’s
Mark Daly! Legend has it that he got a ‘bollocking from upstairs’ for
even wasting the train fare on going down to talk to Robert Green! But
he looked at the case as part of a wider investigation. – It was a
particularly ‘high vacuum rabbit hole’ into which he was sucked! That
was the point where the individual who had actually been promoting the
hoax and had actually got it into some of the trash-rags did a J-Turn
and Belinda McKenzie was parachuted in. The dates are checkable, but I
recall this being mid-2010?

I find it quite interesting that she (now) dismisses the Hollie Greig
fiasco as a hoax, which largely it is, partly on the basis of there
being people named that didn’t exist and places that didn’t exist. Isn’t
this also the case with the Hampstead Hoax? i.e. There is no evidence
that many of the places actually exist? Police Officers were named that
don’t exist? – Baby skin shoes? Made at the local ‘Mr Minnit’ type
establishment? Now, as it happens I do like a well-turned heel and
know how difficult it is to get a good hand-made pair of shoes properly
soled and heeled; those are dying skills. – To get a pair made?

I can pretty-much guarantee that no high street chain-store ‘cobbler’
has either the skill or equipment to actually make a pair of bespoke
shoes. And even the top-class shoemakers are incapable of preparing
their own leather, a whole other craft which is equally complex. For me
and most of my colleagues the hoax fell apart at the first viewing of
that pervert Christie’s abusive videos of the children. But it’s not
remotely difficult to corroborate the impossibility of these allegations
such is their aburdity. And it is really very clear that the Police
investigated thoroughly to check if there was even the slightest element
of truth in this childishly-fantastical tale. So, I’m afraid that as
well as knowing nothing about lighting, sound, or programme structure;
Mel Ve demonstrates easily here that she knows nothing about doing the
basic legwork….. Or for that matter keeping records. – Basic stuff for a

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Baby boy critical as pair arrested for ‘attempted murder’

Baby boy critical as pair arrested for ‘attempted murder’

A 20-year-old woman and 26-year-old man from Gloucester are in police custody.

A man and woman have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder of a three-month-old baby.
were raised after the baby boy was taken to Gloucestershire Royal
Hospital with serious injuries and police were called.

Police have sealed off a house in Gloucester

Police have sealed off a house in Gloucester

ITV West Country

A 20-year-old woman and a 26-year-old man, both from
Gloucester, have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and
remain in custody.
The baby is in a critical – but stable – condition in Bristol Children’s Hospital.

A baby boy, aged three-months-old,
was brought to the hospital with serious injuries. He now remains in a
critical but stable condition at Bristol Children’s Hospital. A
20-year-old woman and a 26-year-old man, both from Gloucester, have been
arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. They remain in custody for
questioning. A scene guard is in place on Archdeacon Street in
Gloucester in connection with the case. We wish to reassure the local
community that this is thought to be an isolated and contained
incident, with no wider risk to the public


Neighbours have spoken of their shock

Neighbours have spoken of their shock

ITV West Country

A neighbour of the sealed off property, who did not wish to be named said they were first alerted to the incident by paramedics.

I knew something was wrong when I saw
an ambulance and a paramedic car outside at about 10am. Then
later there was police blue tape around the front garden and a lot of
officers coming and going.

Nextdoor neighbour

The three-month-old remains in a critical but stable condition at Bristol Children's Hospital Credit: ITV West Country

The three-month-old remains in a critical
but stable condition at Bristol Children’s Hospital Credit: ITV West

ITV West Country

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Queen’s former chaplain is jailed for ‘terrifying’ sex assaults on schoolgirl

Canon Dr Stephen Palmer had promised to help the 17-year-old with her religious education exams but instead abused her six times

Solent News
The Queen's former chaplain, Canon Dr Stephen Palmer, has been jailed for 39 months after sexually assaulting a young churchgoer
Prevert: The Queen’s former chaplain, Canon Dr Stephen Palmer, has been jailed for sexually assaulting a young churchgoer
The Queen’s former chaplain has been jailed for “terrifying” sex assaults on a schoolgirl.
Canon Dr Stephen Palmer had promised to help the 17-year-old with her religious education exams.

instead he assaulted the girl six times after enticing her to his home
while his wife was taking their two young children to school.
Palmer, now 68, touched the teenager intimately as she sat in his study.
On the final occasion, the girl feared she would be raped, Portsmouth crown court heard.
His victim, now 57, said in a statement: “I couldn’t cope with what had happened.
“I have tried to commit suicide. I have suffered from on-going nightmares over the years.
“Stephen Palmer was a man of the church and someone that people looked up to and trusted.
“What happened to me has affected me greatly.
found it hard to trust anyone from the church and have never been able
to return. You think of people involved in the church as being caring
and trustworthy but this was not my experience.
“I feel sad that, despite my strong beliefs , I was unable to practice my beliefs.”
given the title of Honorary Chaplain to the Queen in 2008 and who
retired from the post a year later, carried out the attacks between 1975
and 1976 when he was in his late 20s.
He was working as an assistant curate at a church in Hampshire, where he ran a youth group.
Recorder Nigel Lickley QC, jailing him for 39 months today, said: “One member of the group was a young 17-year-old.
“She was starting her A-levels and her father asked you to give her additional tuition. You went to her home.

Queen Elizabeth II arrives in the Parade Ring as she attends Ladies Day on day 3 of Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse on June 18, 2015 in Ascot, England
Appiontment: Palmer was given the title of Honorary Chaplain to the Queen in 2008

“Then, she attended your home on a number of occasions,
usually in the morning at 9am when your wife took your children to
school. There was a degree of planning.
“On the first occasion, after doing some work, you sat next to her and used your hand to touch her.
the final occasion, you followed her and pushed her up the stairs and
pressed up against her. She thought she was going to be raped. It must
have been a terrifying experience.
“You told her there was
‘nothing she could do about it’ as ‘no one would believe her’. She went
to university where she developed a drug and alcohol problem. She has
suffered over the years from what you have done.
“The victim’s church life was very important to her but the trust she had was destroyed by you.
“This case demonstrates a breach of trust. She came to you for tuition and she was abused.”
Royal Navy veteran Palmer, of Fintry, Aberdeen, was convicted in May of six counts of indecent assault.

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NON SHOCKER Sex trafficking survivor says police were among hundreds of abusers

Sex trafficking survivor says police were among hundreds of abusers

Former victim wants to help other exploited kids

DENVER – She survived years of abuse and exploitation at the hands of sex traffickers and now she’s telling her story.
Dillow-Crisp told an audience at the Colorado State Capitol, during
Human Trafficking Awareness and Advocacy Day, that her victimization
began when she was a child.
“I was a little girl and was
sexually abused by family members,” she said. “I had to pose for
pornographers and was sold to countless men on a daily basis.”
The young woman said she was trafficked domestically in Canada, where she grew up, and in the United States.
She couldn’t go to police because they were some of her abusers.
was gang raping,” she said. “The police officer who handcuffed me and
raped me, told me I would be put in jail if I opened my voice.”
Dillow-Crisp said it got worse.
had somebody very close to me tortured and she eventually died in front
of my eyes,” she said with emotions rising. “This stuff happens and I’m
here to tell you the reality of its existence.”
Colorado Attorney
General Cynthia Coffman told the audience that most people think human
trafficking happens on the other side of the world, not here in
“We know differently,” Coffman said.
The attorney general said Colorado has seen an increase in trafficking numbers and that geography plays a role.
Special Agent in Charge of the FBI office in Colorado, Thomas
Ravenelle, said they’ve been working with other agencies and local law
enforcement groups for eight years to arrest people involved in human
“The Innocence Lost Task Force recovered 18 children
in a one week period, who were being exploited through prostitution,” he
said. “In the hands of their abusers, they’re subjected to numerous
assaults, illicit drugs and continued abuse, including sex trafficking.”
added, “It’s not an issue we can arrest and prosecute our way out of.
It’s only through a multi-disciplined approach involving investigations,
prosecution, victim advocacy, treatment and professional care, parents
and communities as a whole where we can make a difference.”
Paso County District Attorney David Thompson said, “Human Trafficking
has been called modern day slavery. Unfortunately for its horrified
victims, that shocking term and the historical image it refers to is not
an exaggeration.”
Dillow-Crisp remembers escaping that life the first time.
took a plane ride to Colorado and experienced freedom for the first
time,” Dillow-Crisp said. “I remember seeing the tumble weeds on the
ground and experiencing the sun touching my arms. But it didn’t last.”
She said her visa was only for six months and then she had to go back to Canada.
met a woman who claimed she wanted to help,” she said. “It was at
church, at a pancake breakfast, she said, ‘Jessa, I see sexual abuse in
your eyes.’ I thought I had found a friend.”
Dillow-Crisp said that “friend” forced her back into prostitution.
the 2010 Winter Olympics, it was not fun and games for me,” she said.
“I ended up being exploited. I ended up being sold to hundreds of
The young woman said it was a “Divine Miracle” that she’s here today.
said that thanks to her mentors, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the
FBI and local police – she now has a passion for justice.
Dillow-Crisp says freedom means a lot to her.
She quoted Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, “with freedom comes responsibility.”
responsibility that I feel is to be a face for hundreds of individuals
here in Colorado, including men, women and children, who are being
abused and exploited right now.”
The young women said she no longer feels like a victim.
“I’m a victor,” she said.
said she’s speaking out because she wants others to do the same thing,
to be able to recognize human trafficking, and to do whatever they can
to stop it.

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UK child abuse probe uncovers 30 MILLION indecent images as over 500 potential online victims identified

Nearly 80 people have been charged so far with crimes including
rape, sharing indecent images of kids, sexual extortion and grooming

More than 500 children have been identified as potential victims of online sex abuse following a major UK police probe.

Operation Lattise, carried out over six weeks by Police Scotland, uncovered a shocking 30 million indecent images of youngsters.

It has led to the arrests of 77 people so far on charges including
rape , sharing indecent images of children, sexual extortion and

Among the 523 children identified as ‘victims or potential victims’ are kids as young as three, the force revealed today.

A total of 122 of the cases have been referred to child protection services.

The operation was conducted between June 6 and July 15, and involved 134 investigations.

More than 390 charges have been brought so far and many of the investigations are ongoing.

The operation drew together resources from across Police Scotland,
including prevention, investigation, local policing and specialist

Assistant Chief Constable Malcolm Graham said: “Online child sexual
abuse is a national threat, the reality is it is happening now, not only
in Scotland but across the world, to children of all ages, from infants
to teenagers.

“Operation Lattise was about shining a light on the scale of this
issue, it was focused activity to tackle the many forms of online child
sexual abuse by identifying those who pose a risk to children online
and, more importantly, identifying victims of online sexual abuse and
exploitation, as well as preventing more youngsters becoming victims.

Revealed: The shocking figures

  • 523 victims or potential victims identified
  • 83 suspected perpetrators’ houses searched
  • 77 people arrested and 390 charges brought so far
  • 30 million sexual images recovered
  • More than 100,000 chat logs assessed
  • 122 children referred for the purposes of child protection
  • 547 seized devices examined

“Let me make it clear: child sexual abuse and exploitation, which can
range from sharing images depicting the rape, sexual torture or assault
of a child to grooming or sexually extorting a child, takes place
solely because of decisions made on the part of the abuser.

“Online child sexual abuse is not a victimless crime: children, from
toddlers to teenagers, are being sexually abused and exploited now in
Scotland and when an image or video clip is shared or viewed, they are
being re-victimised.

“Police Scotland is committed to keeping children safe and the
protection of children was absolutely at the heart of Operation Lattise.

“All children have a right to protection against abuse, exploitation,
neglect and violence. We will continue to work with our partners to
protect and promote the wellbeing of all children.

“Our commitment to tackling this horrific threat will continue.”

Early years minister Mark McDonald said: “Children and young people
should be able to enjoy and learn from the internet, but we also want
them to stay in control and know what to do and who to go to if they
feel at risk.

“Keeping children safe is a priority for both Police Scotland and the
Scottish Government, so although there are many positive aspects to the
online world I recognise, there are also risks we have to be aware of.

“The outcomes of the operation will help to inform our child
protection improvement programme, where child internet safety and
tackling child sexual exploitation is a priority.”

NSPCC Scotland policy and public affairs manager Joanna Barrett said:
“We are increasingly concerned about the harm caused to children
through online activity.

“Too many children are exposed to dangerous and harmful content
through the internet or are subjected to online harassment, grooming and
sexual exploitation.

“We recently highlighted how the internet is playing an increasing
role in the sexual abuse of younger children in Scotland, with a 60%
rise recorded over a year in the number of indecent communications
offences carried out by adults against children aged under 13.

“It is vital we learn more about the nature and scale of this
offending in Scotland, and its impact on children and young people.”

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