We were happy to leave poor Sheva Burton alone until
she came to our page and attacked us.
So we did some digging around….
Ohhh, what a tangled web we weave Sheva….
Or should we call you Susan?
Susan Melrose Perhaps?
Sheva/Susan, whatever, is HELLBENT on proving
Ella’s children are liars, except of course when they gave the retractions
while in police custody.
She attacks anyone who writes about the Hampstead cover-up.
Yet she posts supportive comments on MK Ultra 666 videos
with many Dearman sock accounts as well as this video where
Sabine McNeill broke down crying
On Google+, she has many of Dearman’s sock accounts
in her circle.
Why would she spend so much time fighting for Dearman?
Maybe because she herself is a witch…
Here’s a sample of her harrassment from our WordPress mail box
in response to Sabine re-blogging one of our posts on her web-site;
“How Fking dare you ? Sabine McNeill, how
many cases have you actually helped or done any good to? How dare you
create such a matrix of false sites, to suck up victims, to bleed them
of energy, time, money, and hope.? And how dare you keep causing so much
cybercrime, harrassment, bullying, but most of all child abuse, by
releasing those video’s, as is proven, and by blaming Anons’ those who i
know of, are not at all pleased about that, and i am surprised you are
thick enough to try and repeat it. And I was fully shown in members, at
the same time making my feelings bout the case very clear, just as i
made my feelings about the hollie hoax meeting, years ago, when you were
screaming about tatoos, on hollies vagina!!, Before that meeting,
Belinda wrote threatening emails to everyone involved, and also intruded
into survivor groups, that she had never shown any support to, to warn
them that i was a paedo supporter then !!!!! So much for free speech eh ?
The Hampstead trolls are all on the side of the hoax, and those who
planned it, and are relentlessly determined to continue with, so many
fake, sock accounts, so many threats, and curses, bullying, stalking,
just as happened from the hollie hoax teams, before……… Those trying to
stop this internet menace, including your menacing internet fake
presence, use fake id’s mostly, for their safety, from the nutters, that
don’t mind making children frightened in their homes, because you
encourage nutters to let leash whatever they feel is deserved.
Have you not noticed that Abe has turned on you and Belinda, months ago ?
Did you not take any notice, when Kellie said you had helped her to
lose her children, not save them ????
I also confronted Angela Power Disney, months ago, about the harm being
caused, as well as the torture and abuse dealt the children, by Abe, to
make them tell these made up stories…..All dismissed, by her as a few
slaps, instead of the truth.
I have challenged all of you openly, in my true id online, for ages, and
contributed some comments, to support the Evidence Based Hoaxtead
Research site, as well as, challenging on some youtube, and other
threads, groups, to recieve an immediated, disgusting, hatefilled,
threatening, dangerous, hail of comments, and other potentially
threatening false accusations………..
I hope you are very happy to know that this has all been reported and i will also be taking legal advice.
Plenty of witnesses to much of my work, as well as to the fact, that
both you and Belinda and others have actually met me years ago………”
Lovely isn’t she?!?!
We haven’t attacked her on her pages but she has left comments on our
Facebook page and now here.
You are the aggressor, not us
and we have reported you and your comments to FB & WordPress.
Because she attacks victims, she seems highly unstable
and she thinks children lie about sexual abuse.
How do we know?
We don’t.
She is abusive when commenting, she strikes hard
and violently, just like a typical abuser.
Are you an abuser Sheva/Susan, whatever?
You are covering up for paedophiles, how do you sleep at night?
Probably the meds…
Whatever your reasons, honestly, we wish you
no harm, just stop bothering us.
We’re not connected with MacKenzie Friends who seems
to be your main focus of hoaxes, we are not a threat to you for any reason.
This is the last time we here at DDH will ever waste time on you
and your hate.
The truth is coming and you are on the wrong side!
We wish you only peace and vibrant health Sue!

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