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WILDCAT Former Lib Dem councillor found with “stomach churning” child abuse images spared prison after breaching order


Former Lib Dem councillor found with “stomach churning” child abuse images spared prison after breaching order

Former Lib Dem councillor found with “stomach churning” child abuse images spared prison after breaching order 30 Jun 2016

Derek Osbourne, 63, walked free despite accessing pornography which breached his Sexual Harm Prevention Order

Derek Osbourne was jailed in 2013 for possessing 3,000 depraved images

A former Liberal Democrat council leader
who was jailed for a ‘stomach-churning’ stash of child abuse images
today walked free despite flouting an internet ban.

Derek Osbourne, 63, was caged for two years in 2013 after he was caught with more than 3,000 child abuse images.

The depraved stash – including the most
serious level four and five child abuse images – was unearthed when
police raided his home in New Malden, Surrey, in June 2013.

Osbourne, a former Kensington Borough
Council leader, confessed to his crimes when his wife and two teenage
daughters were ‘out of earshot’.

The married-father-of-two was handed a
Sexual Harm Prevention Order that barred him from accessing any online
groups, message boards, or instant messaging software that contained
‘images, movies, or discussion about pornography of any kind’.

But he breached the order on multiple
occasions between 24 April and 8 November 2015 by accessing and
discussing adult pornography on a gaming site and apps including Tumblr
and Chat Random.

Southwark Crown Court heard that Osbourne has not committed any offences relating to child abuse images since his release.

Today, he walked free from court despite the breach of the order.

Prosecutor Beverley Akinbile said: “On
the 10 May the defendant was committed for sentence from South West
Magistrates’ Court for three charges of a breach of a Sexual Harm
Prevention Order.

“There’s a programme on the defendant’s
computer which allowed them to monitor any inappropriate use – that
programme would capture information in a snapshot and indicate if there
were any concerns.

“The police were informed that there were concerns and they attended the address of the defendant and seized his computer.”

Southwark Crown CourtHe was spared prison despite breaching his order

Their investigation revealed that
Osbourne had had three sessions on adult gaming sites that contained
images of real and virtual adult porn on 24 April 2015.

He then had 10 discussions on Tumblr and
Chat Random involving adult pornography, and accessed three
pornographic images and a movie between 28 September and 8 November

Although none of the breaches involved
child abuse images, Judge Alistair McCreath noted: “He has no control
over the content that he will view, listen to, or engage in discussion

When Judge McCreath jailed him in 2013, he decried Osbourne’s ‘appalling’ images of child abuse.

He said: “Those images are of real children suffering real abuse, not some electronic construct.

“All of these children were subjected to
abuse of some kind or another, some of it truly appalling. It is
stomach-turning, some of the children were as young as three.

“Of course you didn’t perpetrate that abuse yourself, but you and others like you are complicit.

“Without people like you to look it, there would be no point in creating the images.”

Osbourne had created a blog to discuss his desires for a ‘deviant sexual lifestyle’ which also involved violence against women.

Using the alias ‘Dave Strider’ the
pervert appeared in Yahoo chatrooms and forums as well as setting up
fantasy Facebook profiles to share his sick stash.

Tumblr logoOne of the sites he accessed to discuss porn was Tumblr

Judge McCreath today acknowledged that
Osbourne has paid for therapy to try and curb his porn addiction and has
not accessed or collected any child abuse images since his release.

He said: “The risk of course is you go
into a chat room where people talk in this kind of way and there is no
telling where the conversation will go.”

Referring to a report from his
therapist, Judge McCreath said: “It tells me that he has accessed, at
his own expense and his own initiative, therapy from her which has had
the affect of reducing the risk of further child offences to a
significant degree.

“That’s important because it shows determination on his part to address the risk.”

He imposed a four-month suspended sentence after Osbourne admitted three counts of breaching his Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Judge McCreath warned: “Make no mistake,
had this been a second appearance before me for breach of this order
you would have gone to prison without the option.”

Osbourne was first elected to Kingston
Council in 1986 before serving as Lib Dem leader of the council between
1994 and 1997 before another decade-long stint from 2003.

His 27-year career was left in tatters following his 2013 resignation from the council.

Osbourne, of Burlington Road, New Malden, Kingston upon Thames, was handed a four month sentence suspended for 12 months.

Paedo dad who pretended to be teenage girl to ‘groom’ his own SON jailed for 10 years 

British leader of international paedophile ring which preyed upon young infants jailed for 85 years

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WILDCAT Scottish child abuse inquiry witnesses ‘deserve answers’

Scottish child abuse inquiry witnesses ‘deserve answers’

Professor Lamb – on the right – was one of three members of the inquiry panel
(Links in blue, my opinion in purple all else quoted from source)

Scottish child abuse inquiry witnesses ‘deserve answers’ 29 June 2016

credibility of the Scottish government’s child abuse inquiry is at risk
after a key panel member resigned, an abuse survivors group has said.

Psychology professor Michael Lamb stood down on Tuesday over what he claimed were “repeated” threats” to the inquiry’s independence.

Helen Holland, from In Care Survivors, said those who had already given evidence deserved answers quickly.

The Scottish government has rejected Prof Lamb’s comments.

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry – which
concerns historical allegations in Scotland – will examine the extent
of abuse of children in care, and identify any systemic failures.

It launched a formal call for evidence in March, but has already heard from some seriously ill or very elderly survivors.

Ms Holland told BBC Radio
Scotland that she would like to hear in what way the professor felt the
inquiry process was being hindered.

“I have been
wracking my brains to find out what gain there would be in him making a
statement like that if there wasn’t any truth in it and there is no
answer to that,”
she said. “Until
Prof Lamb is interviewed himself and we are able to identify exactly in
what way the government were seen to be hindering the inquiry then
that’s something that definitely needs to be done.”

Inquiry ‘doomed’

Ms Holland said she had co-ordinated a lot of survivors to give evidence to the inquiry.

“They have already given their statements and they deserve answers, they deserve answers quickly, I
was really surprised that the chairperson herself didn’t come forward
and make a statement yesterday on the back of this and I think that
needs to happen for the inquiry to gain credibility.”

Prof Lamb was one of three members of
the panel, alongside chairwoman Susan O’Brien QC and Glenn Houston. He
said the project had “noble and worthy goals”, but that it was ultimately “doomed”

Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry leafletThe child abuse inquiry put out a call for potential witnesses to come forward in March

In a letter to Education Secretary John Swinney, he said:

“It has become
increasingly clear over the last nine months that the panel cannot act
independently and that the Scottish government intends to continue
interfering in ways large and small, directly and indirectly.
interference threatens to prevent the inquiry from investigating
thoroughly and taking robust evidence of the highest quality.
threats to the inquiry’s independence have undermined the panel’s
freedom and have doomed the inquiry before the first witness has been

Prof Lamb also accused the Scottish government of delaying or preventing the appointment of “crucial” members of staff.

A spokesperson for the Scottish government said on Tuesday:

“We entirely reject Prof Lamb’s comments about the Scottish government. The
Scottish government has a clear obligation to fulfil its
responsibilities within the requirements of The Inquiries Act 2005 and
other relevant legislation. Our primary focus remains on supporting the
successful operation of the independent statutory inquiry.
Ministers are grateful to Prof Lamb for his work.”


I am not surprised he has quit.. Fair play to him.. He has shown he has INTEGRITY & will not be included in the cover up & he had the balls to say it like it REALLY IS.


“The Scottish government has rejected Prof Lamb’s comments.”







What ya thinkin?

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Mum’s horror after stillborn daughter’s ashes are found in funeral parlour cupboard 13 years after her death

JULIE MORRISON was told little Erin was too small for her to be given
her ashes in 2003 – but they were found by Dame Elish Angiolini two
weeks ago during her inquiry into the baby ashes scandal.


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