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The Catholic Church Admitted in Writing to Satanic Ritual Sacrifice by Melbourne Priest

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The Catholic Church Admitted in Writing to Satanic Ritual Sacrifice by Melbourne Priest

“The most extraordinary thing about today’s allegations of murders
during satanic rituals involving a Melbourne priest is not that they’ve
been made, but that the Catholic Church admitted in writing that it
accepted they were substantially true.”

So opens an article about my experiences written by journalist, Gary
Hughes, which appeared on the News Corp website on the 26th of May 2006.
(link provided below)

The story was also covered in most of the Murdoch capital city daily newspapers. But it disappeared from sight the next day.

There was no follow up in the media apart from an article written by
myself and published on the News Corp site three days later on 29th of
May (also linked below).

Now, nearly ten years later…

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COLEMAN The BBC and the Paedophile Ring

The BBC and the Paedophile Ring

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If you thought for one minute that the BBC is, in anyway, as it appears to be, you’re very sadly mistaken.

Behind the comforting British TV façade, lies a paedophile network ,so vast and sordid it literally beggars belief.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Jimmy Savile was a lone pervert stalking the broadcast centre.

He wasn’t.

Savile was, in fact, working as a VIP pimp, procuring
children to be abused and often murdered, by Royalty, Government and
showbiz entertainers.

He managed to hoodwink the British public for over 50 years due to
his close links to Prince Philip, the Secret Services and Margaret
Thatcher, who were themselves up to their necks in filth of the highest

In 2013, reports emerged of a paedophile ring on the set of Eastenders:

Police are investigating allegations of a paedophile ring operating around the set of the popular BBC soap EastEnders.

Police say that former members of the show’s staff may have abused
their jobs to groom vulnerable underage youngsters, who flock to the set
hoping to catch a glimpse of its stars.

Arrests are said to be imminent, according to the Sun.

“Police are shocked at what they have unearthed,” a source told the
tabloid. “Arrests are very likely. This is bigger than anyone imagined.

“A lot of work has been done over the last few months. Top police
bosses have been shocked at what they have unearthed so far and are
determined to finish the job.”

A team of detectives is investigating a group of adults who worked on
the show in the 1980s and 1990s. The suspects are believed to have
attempted to groom young autograph-hunters who hang around the entrance
to the set.

Parts of the set in Elstree, Hertfordshire, are believed to have been
searched, and the movements of people linked to the show over a 20-year
period investigated.

A six-person Special Operations unit has been formed for the
investigation, indicating the seriousness of the allegations, the
newspaper reported.”

Strangely, there have been no updates from the police since.

In September 2013, a brave victim of murderous BBC
paedophile, Jimmy Savile, came forward to tell how he was raped by a
group of wealthy men after being kidnapped from a swimming pool.

The Mirror led on the story:

” An anguished man has told how legendary Top  of the Pops DJ Alan Freeman joined with evil  pal Jimmy Savile to launch a brutal sex attack on him when he was a  schoolboy.

The traumatised victim claims he was just 11 when German film actor
Victor  Beaumont lured him to his plush London flat where the BBC stars
raped him.

Only now has the man found the courage to report his shocking allegations to  officers from Scotland Yard’s  Operation Yewtree .

Speaking out for the first time since being interviewed by
detectives, he  claimed Freeman and Savile “showed me no pity and
arrogantly thought they could  get away with anything”.

“Fluff” Freeman – famous in the 1960s for his catchphrases
“Greetings, Pop  Pickers” and “Not ’Arf” – is the latest on a growing
list of stars named in the  massive sex crimes investigation.

It raises further concerns about a paedophile network that flourished at the  heart of the BBC.

There have been many mysterious ‘suicides’ and ‘deaths’ at the BBC over the past 30 years.

Some of those have included:

Kristian Dibgy, Natasha Collins, Mark Speight, Kevin Greening and Jill Dando, to name but a few.

Without a shadow of a doubt, these high-profile presenters met their
end because they had knowledge of the sordid child-raping activities
taking place at the BBC.

In a strange twist, BBC children’s presenter Mark Speight was implicated in the death of his girlfriend Natasha Collins in 2008.

He subsequently disappeared and was found hanging in a disused section of Paddington Station.

We now know Rolf Harris has been arrested by officers from Operation Yewtree., investigating a paedophile ring at the BBC.

It transpires that Mark Speight had done a lot of work with Rolf Harris.

At Mark’s memorial, Rolf made an emotional and tearful address:

It was joyful to work with Mark.

‘I realise now that I never told him how much I appreciated his programmes.

‘You realise you should always tell people what you think, you
should tell them you love them because it might suddenly be too late

Rolf sang Sun Arise, backed by a band complete with didgeridoos.

He also did his version of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven.”

We know Mark Speight did volunteer work for Childline and was one of their spokesmen and a high-profile campaigner.

Some say Childline is a “front” organisation used to filter out callers who may have been abused by VIP’s.

The coroner who held the inquiry into the deaths of Mark Speight and Natahsa Collins was Paul Knapman.

Knapman was responsible for many high-profile inquests during his 30-year tenure including the following:

He was heavily criticised for his bizarre and gruesome handling of the Marchioness riverboat inquest in 1989:

Chris Pond MP raised serious and urgent questions relating to the conduct of Westminster coroner, Paul Knapman.

He sought to highlight the shocking treatment of families of victims of the Marchioness boat tragedy by the creepy coroner.

For some unexplained reason, Knapman horrifically allowed the
victims hands to be cut off and their body parts and tissues to be
removed without permission and treated concerned family members with
utter contempt.”

Knapman was up to his old tricks again when he claimed that BBC DJ,
Kevin Greening, had killed himself in a gay bondage session that went

The murder of Jill Dando has remained conveniently ‘unsolved ‘ for the past 16 years.

Since 1998, we’ve heard various theories about possible motives for
the murder including the involvement of the Serbian mafia or a revenge
attack for her work on Crimewatch.

Were these theories merely red herrings, planted to throw investigators off track?

Most certainly, yes.

You see the brutal murder of Jill Dando was not carried out by a lone-stalker or Serbian warlord.

The brutal murder of Jill Dando was linked to a VIP paedophile ring which was operating within the BBC and beyond.

The brutal murder of Jill Dando was ordered by the highest echelons
of British society once it became clear that she had evidence of the
ring and was about to expose it.

Jill’s close friend and confidante, Cliff Richard, has
himself been named as a visitor to the notorious boy-brothel Elm Guest
House, where vulnerable children were trafficked from local care homes
to be abused by filthy VIPs

Cliff was interviewed at length by detectives investigating the murder of Jill on several occasions.

Why was he such an important ‘ witness’ ?

Jill’s fiance, Alan Farthing, came face-to-face with Jill’s killer but conveniently forgot to tell the police.

Alan has since risen through the ranks of the medical profession and
is now the doctor responsible for the birth of Kate and William’s new

Was his promotion linked to Jill’s murder?

Jill’s colleague on Crimewatch, Nick Ross, recently said he’d watch child-porn given half the chance.

Nick is married to Sarah Caplan the cousin of Esther Rantzen, who is also implicated in the Savile scandal.

Caplan and Rantzen founded Childline which appears to be a ‘front’
organisation used to filter out callers who may have been the victims of
VIP child-abuse.

Nick Ross founded the ‘front’ Crimestopper’s helpline.

This helpline conveniently stopped working following an appeal for witnesses to Jill’s murder.

There were many procedural ‘mistakes‘ made by the Met Police during their investigations.”

The latest ‘suicide’ to take place was that of BBC driver and friend of Savile, David Smith.

The Mirror reported on the harrowing stories of boys who had been abused by Smith:

A child sex victim of a driver who chauffeured BBC stars has told
detectives he was abused by a paedophile ring linked to the pervert.

Jason Little, 42, said he was assaulted in the world famous Television Centre by David Smith during a number of visits with the convicted abuser.

Jason said Smith got him a BBC pass and introduced him to scores of stars, including fellow paedophile Jimmy Savile.

A coroner ruled yesterday that Smith, 67, took a fatal overdose after
becoming the first person to be charged as part of Operation Yewtree –
the investigation sparked by the Savile scandal.

Jason and his childhood pal Lee Sullivan, 41 – also abused by Smith –
have chosen to become the first victims to waive their anonymity in an
effort to give hope to others.

Both accused the BBC of covering up Smith’s abuse after the corporation refused to admit he ever worked for them.

Jason said: “It makes me sick that the BBC won’t admit it. They haven’t even bothered to speak to me about Smith.”

Lee added: “He has cheated me of justice by killing himself.”

Did Smith kill himself or was he murdered to prevent him giving damaging evidence about the BBC at his trial?

We may never know.

But one thing we do know is this.

The clock is ticking on Britain’s dirty secrets.

And that includes the murderous and paedophilic BBC.

It’s only a matter of time before the whole sickening, shower of filth implodes before our very eyes.


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21 thoughts on “The BBC and the Paedophile Ring

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  2. Jimy savile had bouncers who kept
    out straight DJs from the musical events, my uncle who was one of the
    bouncers said they warned the BBC that savile was after the young boys
    in the mid 60s and they ignored it, but what is more sinister is the
    number of abused kids who phoned childline and were ignored, an
    intellinge freind of mine said Esther Ranzten was there to monitor who
    was doing what and keep a lid on the goings on, Peter mandelson is
    director of the NSPCC and he aslo kepta tight lid on things but it was
    Margeret Hodge childrens minister who had all the abuse documents
    arrive on her desk,
    at least two dozen from what i saw, and she also did nothing, all this
    along with the BBC colluded to keep it quiet, now the BBC is run by jews
    and each of these people named are jews, the child abuse, often called
    “boy nobbing ” as it was mainly boys affected, so this can only be a
    Mossad operation, and my intell pal said they did the same in the USA
    with the Heide Fleissman affair

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  4. There was a well known large shop
    in East Londons Lea Bridge rd, right by the lights at the crossroads
    oposite and a bit nearer to hackney was the jailhouse club, it played
    rock N roll music and was frequented by bikers rockers and teddy boys.
    One evening a well known DJ came to the jailhouse rock club and asked some young tennage lads to come back toa party.
    I knew several of thes eboys, Barry Benton ginger ray and eddy harrison, so they went back to a party at the shop which was
    owned by BBC DJ Allan Freeman, they said there were only show biz men
    and young boys there and they suddenly realised this was not a normal
    party and one of the boys Barry benton, noticed the drink they were
    given was spiked as they were going woozy, the lads smacked Allan
    freeman in the face giving him a black eye, and threw another man down
    the stairs.
    They reported to police when freeman was exosed as a supplier of boys,
    that a list of names was on the kitchen wall, where visitors had to sign
    in. We understand from the later owners of the shop that police came
    and shone ultra violet light
    onto the emulsion so that the names underneath would all show up, some were household names in the acting and music wworlds.

    • I knew Barry Benton, RIP and I also
      remember this. Rockers or bikers are one thing but pedophiles is/was not
      in their makeup. I also remember being at the late night flick show
      with girlfriends and when we came out we stood around opposite the pics
      outside the record shop. Police came and moved us on, we said we wanted
      to see someone famous as we heard from the record shop down Walthamstow
      market that late night parties went on here. Plod laughed and said, you
      really don’t want to go to these parties and besides your not what their
      looking for and laughed. I guess they were right, we were a couple of
      girls and kinda took the hint to move on.

      The general consensus was that Leyton cops knew all about the goings
      on until the shop was raided in later years over the Jeremy Thorpe

      BTW. The record shop in the high street would send teenagers to this
      shop -can’t say for certain that it was only boys they sent there. But
      they were certainly connected to it.

  5. Ted Heath use to Handcuff young
    boy’s hands behind there back, then put a plastic bag over there head
    whilst having sex with them, this is what’s known as a Royal Shafting..
    The clue is in the name, the victim obviously dies of suffocation

  6. Arrests of famous people are often
    more carefully carried out, so an arrest normally suggests there is a
    wealth of evidence against the arrested and a conviction is likely

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  12. Unfortunately, it is not only BBC or
    UK VIP, it is in most of the free western democracies,e.g. Dutroux in
    Belgium & if you dig you will find it in more free western
    democracies ???

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Cardinal Pell testimony brings sex abuse to Vatican’s doorstep

Decision not to return to Australia has had consequence of bringing uncomfortable questions to Rome

Cardinal George Pell gives evidence to the royal commission.

Cardinal George Pell gives evidence to the royal commission.
Photograph: Lukas Coch/EPA
The Vatican used to be impermeable to horrific stories of child
sexual abuse by priests – and complicit in attempts to whitewash the
perpetrators’ reputations. It was a place where men such as Cardinal Bernard Law,
who became a pariah within the US Catholic church after it became clear
that decades of sexual abuse had been covered up within his
archdiocese, could go for a comfortable retirement and to escape glaring
media attention or, even worse, possible investigation.

But an unexpected confluence of extraordinary events has changed all that this week. The film Spotlight,
the tale of the Boston Globe’s dogged investigation into clerical
sexual abuse, won Hollywood’s most coveted prize of the Oscar for best

More importantly, hours before the Oscar win was announced, one of
the most senior officials within the Vatican hierarchy, Cardinal George
Pell of Australia, admitted under oath for the first time that he had
heard that an Australian Catholic schoolteacher may have engaged in
“paedophilia activity”, but never followed up on the “one or two
fleeting references” he heard about the “misbehaviour”. The teacher in
question, Edward Dowlan, a Christian Brother, was later convicted of abusing 20 boys and is serving a six-year prison sentence.

Pell, in an appearance by videolink before the Australian royal commission into institutional responses to sexual child abuse
that began at 10pm in Rome and ended at 2am, sounded contrite as he
testified, often using short sentences. He called the church’s response
to clerical sexual abuse of children by one serial offender, Gerald Ridsdale, “a catastrophe” for his victims but also for the church.

It was a topic that may have come up in an exchange Pell had with
Pope Francis, hours before his second night of questioning was due to
begin. The Vatican did not respond to requests about what the two

The testimony via videolink was arranged by the royal commission
after Pell had said he could not travel to Australia because of a heart


Current Time 0:00
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Cardinal George Pell says royal commission ‘putting words into my mouth’

A Vatican official acknowledged that Pell had probably not foreseen
that he would still have to testify in a public forum even though he
remained in Rome: a banqueting hall in the Hotel Quirinale that included
nearly 70 journalists, and 15 survivors of sexual abuse who made the
journey from Australia.

The decision by Pell not to go to Australia and face intense media
scrutiny there had an unintended consequence: uncomfortable questions
about criminal sexual acts that do not often get a hearing in Italy –
about priests kissing boys, swimming together naked, taking showers
together – have been heard on the Vatican’s doorstep.

Robert Mickens, a veteran Vatican journalist, said: “This is in the
pope’s yard right now, and that has never happened. Historically, yes,
this is something really big.

“It was clear Pell was going to be very sullen; he had short answers
and sounded repentant and ‘Gosh, I didn’t understand’. But there was an
admission, finally, that he heard the rumours. Before, he was saying
this was all brand new to him.”

Mickens said he believed that Pell was purposely “playing the kind of almost sorry old man who was beaten up a little bit”.

“That is a difficult act for George,” Mickens said. “Whether the
commission buys it or not … certainly here in Rome he looks like the
object of a witch hunt.”

One of the unusual results of Pell staying in Rome to testify is that it meant that a host of vaticanisti
(expert Vatican reporters) were compelled to observe and report on the
hearing, although most – especially Italian journalists – have not
usually covered specific stories about clerical sexual abuse.

In one of the most revealing moments of Pell’s testimony, he
acknowledged that it was unusual at the time that Ridsdale, a paedophile
priest whom Pell knew and lived with for about 10 months and was later
revealed to be a serial rapist of children, took big groups of boys with
him away on camping trips.

“To the extent I thought about it, I thought with a big group of 45
boys that would prevent wrongdoing, or it was a useful precaution,” Pell

When Gail Furness SC,
the barrister assisting the royal commission, pressed him on that
point, and asked whether “wrongdoing” was on his mind, he said: “Not
particularly. I just thought it would have been imprudent to do

When asked again, whether it was “imprudent” because a boy who was
alone on a camping trip with a priest could be abused, Pell responded:
“That is certainly correct, and it was also capable of provoking gossip
that might or might not be justified.”

The big question now is not only how Pell will fare under the next
few days of questioning, but whether renewed focus on clerical abuse and
the church’s handling of the problem will also receive more attention
from the pope.

The Vatican has faced recent criticism on a number of sex
abuse-related issues, including questions about its policy on reporting
suspected cases – the church said it followed local laws but not all
laws required such reports – and it does not appear to have made
progress in establishing a special tribunal that it announced it would
set up last year to investigate senior clergy who are accused of
covering up abuse.

“I’m not here to defend the indefensible,” Pell said. “The church has made enormous mistakes, but is working to remedy them.”

Just how hard it is working to that end is a question Pope Francis will find it hard to ignore, observers say.

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The cop who stirred the hornets’ nest

Image copyright
Phil Coomes

McKelvey, head of the crime squad in Newham, east London, vividly
recalls the moment he believed a contract had been taken out to kill him
and two of his officers.

“I remember literally going cold, a moment of sheer terror. Then a sort of controlled panic sets in,” he says.
was 2007 and Detective Chief Inspector McKelvey had spent the best part
of his 25-year career with the Metropolitan police fighting organised
crime in north and east London.
As McKelvey was interviewing a
petty criminal, information was offered up that a well-known hitman had
been contracted for £1m to kill three police officers.
This was
not the first time officers had received intelligence that a huge
contract had been taken out against individuals on their patch. But they
had no idea who the targets were, or when the killings would happen.

Image caption

Intelligence suggested a hitman was targeting officers at Stratford police station

Now Dave McKelvey was being told that an assassin
with a sub-machine gun had been sitting in a car outside McKelvey’s
police station in Stratford for two weeks. The hitman was waiting for
his chance to follow a particular car – one McKelvey believed belonged
to an officer on his crime team.
“I immediately left and put a phone call in to his supervisor, who I knew was with him, and just said get him out.”
And the other two targets?
“It was clear one of them was me,” he says.

Find out more

Panorama’s Cops, Criminals, Corruption: The Inside Story, a special hour-long programme, is broadcast on BBC One on Monday 29 February at 20:30. You can catch up via the iPlayer.

headed up a small team of young, enterprising detectives. They were
taking on serious cases – big drug seizures, kidnappings, murders – and
they were getting results not usually known for a borough outfit.
basically became a small cell operating against organised crime
completely outside the system – outside the specialist departments,
outside Soca [Serious Organised Crime Agency],” says McKelvey. “I know
from the feedback that it caused chaos among the criminal network
because they didn’t know what was going on. We were taking out major
criminals all the time and they couldn’t work out who it was and why.”
among some officers, McKelvey was described as a “Gene Hunt on speed” –
a reference to the old-style cop character in science fiction police
drama Life on Mars and its sequel, Ashes to Ashes. McKelvey shrugs it

“I didn’t go to work for the money. I went to work
because I loved it. If there was a job on, I was the one who was the
first person across the pavement. I was the one who put the door in,” he
But McKelvey believes corrupt officers in the pay of an organised crime group instigated his downfall.
routine raid in 2006 set off a chain of events that put him on a
collision course with organised crime. And, he believes it ended up with
the £1m contract being taken out against him.
It began at a scrap yard in the Docklands area of east London.
started as a small job. It was a search warrant for stolen metal at a
scrap yard,” he says. But it was something found at another address
nearby which was to yield a bigger haul.

Image caption

Millions of pounds worth of stolen goods were found at this premises

“We started searching this premises across the road
which consisted of 42 big containers. As soon as we started opening up
the containers we realised very quickly, it was an Aladdin’s cave of
stolen goods,” says McKelvey.
“It was the spoils of 18 different
lorry thefts, plus a commercial burglary. There was a load of
counterfeit goods in there as well. I think it took us about five or six
days to search the premises.”
Three men were arrested and around £2m worth of stolen goods seized.
intelligence from a source in the criminal underworld told McKelvey
that he was now locking horns with an organised crime gang.
suddenly realised that all that work we’d been doing, there was an
organised crime group who were sitting above it all looking down at what
we were doing. We thought they were standalone pieces of work. In
reality it was all being directed from above.”
McKelvey got his team together.
put locks on the doors and I sat them all down and I explained to them
that we were now investigating the biggest crime family in the UK.”
intelligence linked the three arrested men to an organised crime group
called the Hunt Syndicate. The man at the top was an East End
businessman called David Hunt, who has a reputation for extreme
McKelvey warned his team of young detectives.
will get potentially followed. They will undoubtedly make allegations
against you. There is nothing these people will not do against you.”

Image caption

Dave McKelvey’s raid upset London’s biggest organised criminal group

What he didn’t know was that the crime group had been corrupting police officers for more than a decade.
to McKelvey, an informant at the heart of the Hunt Syndicate had been
passing information back to the Met. Inexplicably, it seemed nobody was
acting on it.
Several years earlier, a murder squad detective was
handling this informant. Today he doesn’t want to be named, but the
detective says he was passing all the intelligence on to a squad that
was targeting organised crime. But that squad, he says, denied receiving
the information.
“When it reached the operational team it was not
being actioned. They were saying they hadn’t received the information,”
he says. “My suspicions were then that certain people were being
“That team of officers I believe were corrupt and were
actually in league with the [organised crime groups] they were supposed
to have been targeting,” he says.

Those “corrupt” officers were not connected with the officers who went on to investigate McKelvey himself.
Back in east London, McKelvey was building the case against the three men arrested at the scrap yard.
thought we’d hit the jackpot, we’d identified the principal handlers,
we’d got the people who were actually handling the stolen goods,” he
Then McKelvey heard about the threat to the police officers’ lives. But he says it wasn’t taken seriously by his superiors.
are set policies to deal with threat to life situations,” he says.
“They didn’t do anything, they did absolutely nothing.”
The hit was never carried out but the threat continued to hang over McKelvey and his team.
Hunt says the intelligence about the hit was “plainly not credible”. He
says that he has never been arrested or questioned about any alleged
contract to kill. He also says he was not suspected of involvement with
the stolen goods.
The trial of the three men, however, did not go ahead even though McKelvey says the evidence against them was overwhelming.
It collapsed when an anti-corruption detective sent a dossier to prosecutors raising concerns about McKelvey and his team.
remember at the time just thinking I’m being fitted up,” says McKelvey.
“You just had nowhere to go, you just, you didn’t know who to trust,
you didn’t know who to believe.”

Image caption

Albert Patrick says it was difficult to see what McKelvey had been accused of

The corruption investigation into McKelvey, which
went on for two years, was subsequently found to have been fatally
flawed. Former Detective Chief Superintendent Albert Patrick was asked
to review the allegations against McKelvey.
Patrick says it was
difficult to work out exactly what McKelvey was being accused of. He
says it was being alleged McKelvey had “an unhealthy relationship with
the people he was actually looking at and arresting”.
However, he couldn’t conclude whether corruption had played a part in the investigation of McKelvey.
was exonerated, but his career was over. The detective who had racked
up 60 commendations left the force in 2010 suffering a breakdown.
accepting he had no hard evidence, to this day he believes his
investigation into organised crime had been deliberately derailed.

Image copyright
Getty Images

Image caption

A secret Met report in 2002 detailed corruption among some detectives

Since leaving the force, McKelvey has seen evidence that organised crime could have deliberately compromised his investigations.
2002 a secret Met report called Tiberius had clearly warned that some
officers were in the pay of crime groups – including the Hunt Syndicate.
which concentrated on north and east London, concluded that: “Organised
crime is currently able to infiltrate the Metropolitan Police Service
at will.”
It found murder investigations had been compromised,
and that eight major crime syndicates had corrupted a total of 22 former
and 34 serving police officers.
The report was so secret only the
Met’s most senior officers got to see it. Front line detectives like
McKelvey, were left in the dark. The Met says it won’t comment on his
They do say organised crime remains their single biggest
threat. There are now approximately 6,000 organised crime groups in the
“We are an organisation that probably deals with more
organised crime group investigations than any other that you are likely
to find, certainly in this country,” says Martin Hewitt, a senior police
officer with responsibility for professionalism and anti-corruption.
are absolutely alive to the threat that organised crime groups pose and
absolutely alive to the fact that any decent sensible organised crime
group will be trying to corrupt police officers.”
The Met also
says it has changed the way it works to make it harder for organised
crime to ensnare police officers in corruption.
McKelvey sued the Met. In January, he received a substantial payout and an apology from his former employers.
He now lives with round-the-clock police protection.
Panorama’s Cops, Criminals, Corruption: The Inside Story, a special hour-long programme, is broadcast on BBC One on Monday 29 February at 20:30. You can catch up via the iPlayer.
Subscribe to the BBC News Magazine’s email newsletter to get articles sent to your inbox.

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